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12 Ways your smartphone is making your life worse

If you told someone fifty years later that the world’s most changing invention of the near future will be phoned in your pocket that you could bring around, they would probably look at you like you were nuts. But the way we live in thousands of different ways has been dramatically reshaped by true cell phones and the data networks that have evolved with them.

Remember when slashers who cut phone lines were used in horror movies, leaving their victims with no way to call for help? Can you recall unfolding complicated paper maps and trying to find where on the road you were? Do you remember racking your brain to think of the actor who played a robot in one show? Thanks to the tiny computers still in, none of these situations are much of a concern anymore.

But great responsibility comes with great strength, and scientists are beginning to realize that spending so much time staring at our phones does some harm to our physical, social, emotional, and intellectual lives. Tech addiction is true, as it turns out, and there are a few important reasons why you may want to give your phone a break for a while.

12 Ways your smartphone is making your life worse
12 ways your smartphone is making your life worse

In some ways, the smartphone has changed our lives for the better, but it also has its disadvantages, as well. Some research has found, for instance, that smartphone use may lead to sleep problems and depression.

“Here are a few specifics and a few points about the negative impacts that smartphones may have on human lives”.

Your smartphone will help you keep in contact with family and friends around the world, meet partners in dating and marriage, and lead you when we are lost, but there are disadvantages as well. There are ways in which your smartphone makes things harder.

12 ways your smartphone is making your life worse

Sleep issues

Research has found that, as Business Insider previously reported, using your smartphone before bed will make it harder to fall asleep due to the blue light it emits.

Not only does the bright light emitted by digital devices affect our sleep, but we are also distracted and entertained by social media activity.12 Ways your smartphone is making your life worse

Ruining relationships

Smartphones may also affect quixotic relationships between people. At some point, it’s probably happened to you the person you’re on a date with looks more at their phone than at you.

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It is harmful to send a message that the phone is more important than the partner.  When a partner feels rejected or unappreciated, they will ultimately choose someone else who values their business.

12 Ways your smartphone is making your life worseSome couples spend more time involved with their phones than with their significant others, which can take a toll on intimacy. As humans, we send and receive knowledge through our five senses, so we need to feel the comfort of the embrace of our lover, we need to smell the flowers, and we emotionally benefit from spending physical time in real-life circumstances with loved ones.

A thought on friendship

It is typically a general thing in the Human life routine for example, when two friends become meet and one of them uses his/her phone very much then the other says him choose me or your phone.

12 Ways your smartphone is making your life worseBecause of their smartphones, friends forego manners and acceptable social etiquette. Every time we get a push notification, the dopamine hits we get might be to blame, so much so that many of us have persuaded ourselves that our push notices could be very important than who or what is around us.

Negative influence on Parenting

A few of experiment has shown that they are not completely present when parents are on their smartphones when with their kids, which, according to Transpersonal Psychology, can lead to a host of emotional problems in children.

When they receive affection from their parents, children feel loved, otherwise, they would feel emotionally abandoned. What’s worse is when parents are physically present, but they are distracted elsewhere by their attention. Compared to their contacts on social media networks, the message children get is that they are not an important part of their parents’ lives.

Replacement of communication and conflict

Many individuals now opt to hold in-depth discussions and disputes via phone messaging rather than in person, from terminating relationships to having heated debates.

In many ways, digital communication is changing the comfort levels of our lives with direct and honest communication and conflict resolution. Doing so would undoubtedly harm our relationships, as critical conversations should be held in person and at least over the phone to avoid misunderstandings.

People connected to their phones all the time

In the smartphone age, people often expect you to be linked 24 hours digitally and to get back to them instantly, particularly with receipts read by email and social media.  This is not realistic, however, and can trigger issues when one group has the mentality of easy access and the other does not.

12 Ways your smartphone is making your life worsePlatforms for social media are designed to enable more time for digital engagement. In the end, however, we alone decide whether or not we’re going to be ‘hooked’ into this mentality.

Self-worth on social media likes

You probably know someone who likes to boast about the number of likes they got from a social media post. On social media sites, people prefer to equate themselves to others. It’s not safe, conversely, to base self-worth on social media likes.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

It’s easy to get caught up in looking at online pictures of people and get drawn into the idea of FOMO.

The notion of making a good impression or comparing oneself to others is not a new idea; however, the emotional impact has been magnified these days with all the social media channels at our disposal, undoubtedly, one cannot help but equate their lives to the lives shown online, even if pictures and events shared might be exaggerated or embellished.

Learning and comprehension

With a smartphone in your pocket anywhere you go, instead of carrying around a newspaper, magazine, or book, it’s easy to opt for reading on your smartphone.

Despite the ease, some research shows that you might want to fully reconsider the reading material for ditching the paper. One research, for instance, found that students learned more from printing textbooks than from screens.

Preventive cardinal exposure is a nontoxic activity, and this involves the types of reading you do on your mobile. Furthermore, doing so would help minimize the harmful impact of over-exposure on social media networks to negative posts and news stories.

How to make friends in real life

People is moving forward away from to make the real friends in their life because they use a smartphone and many social online platforms providing the connection services between people no matter where they are from that’s why people are forgetting how to make friends in their real life.

Some studies have shown that we’re spending less time in the presence of each other because we have already socialized because of online connectivity.

12 Ways your smartphone is making your life worseNot ideal for the brains

Mental laziness can be promoted by smartphones. Such as, you might just use your phone calculator instead of doing math in your head or with pen and paper, say when you split a restaurant bill with friends. But research shows that, as Business Insider previously mentioned, smartphone use can slow down the thought process.

The mental health

Also, the high use of smartphones can contribute to depression. For example, the more they used Facebook, the more their well-being deteriorated, according to researchers who studied college students. I am personally suggesting you to, putting away smartphones as much as possible, and doing so can be very helpful to your mental health.

Final verdict

Here our thoughts on how a smartphone is making your life worse.

Let us give your thoughts on this aspect.



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