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5 things Samsung should do in 2023

Samsung had a rollercoaster of a year in 2023. It had something reasonable of genuine triumphs, for example, with the Galaxy S20 FE, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and the Galaxy A models. Nonetheless, here is the list of “5 things Samsung should do in 2021”, deals inside the fundamental Galaxy S20 line didn’t meet assumptions. The Galaxy Note arrangement isn’t pulling in solid numbers any longer.

In the case of nothing else, 2021 demonstrated Samsung is prepared to move away from putting 90% of its attention on the exceptional market. The greater part of its enormous successes rotated around its less expensive contributions. Whatever the explanation, however, the company is at last observing that not every person needs (or even needs) $1,000+ cell phones.

In 2023, Samsung needs to develop its budget-friendly successes. On the other side, it likewise needs to drive more enthusiastically into the foldable market, which it altogether overwhelms right now. There is a very parcel of things we want to see from Sammy in 2023.

5 things Samsung should do in 2023″

1. A larger focus on value

Samsung delivered smartphones in 2020 that were much better than the S20 FE, yet no other smartphone offers the Goldilocks proportion of significant worth and specs. That assisted the smartphone with turning into our absolute favorite of 2020.

5 things Samsung should do in 2023Furthermore, smartphones in Samsung’s other budget lines — most strikingly the Galaxy A, Galaxy M, and Galaxy F series played well. On the other hand, the enormous names in the Galaxy family — the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series — fared generally inadequately.

Samsung improves no matter how you look at it when it offers extraordinary gadgets at sensible costs. I know, I know — duh, isn’t that so? We as a whole would have had the option to foresee that would be the situation, yet Samsung can’t contend against it any longer. It has hard information to back it up.

Going into 2021, we trust Samsung can move its concentration considerably more to its worth contributions. Truly, we love our Galaxy S smartphones and we love the new Ultra series. Be that as it may, we are likewise battling monetarily and essentially can’t legitimize burning through $1,400 on a smartphone when an alternate handset offers all the highlights we care about at in a real sense a fourth of the cost.

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2. Better use cases for foldable phones

Samsung has just guaranteed a ton of foldable is in transit in 2021. A portion of those will even be more budget-friendly (however not cheap). Samsung can deliver all the foldable in the market yet it needs to make a superior showing of persuading us why we should need them.

When you eliminate the wow factor of “my smartphone can unfold“, what accomplishes something like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 truly offer? We comprehend that having a tablet-sized showcase available in your pocket is truly cool. That doesn’t change the way that the Android tablet market is suffocating because of an absence of help for tablet-sized presentations and tablet-centered applications.

In the event that Samsung truly needs us to purchase a foldable, it needs to reveal to us why we should need one. On the off chance that you head to Twitter (or even the remarks part of this article), you’ll no uncertainty discover individuals who will readily disclose to you why they love their foldable. The issue is that we need to hear that from Samsung. We need to see it in promotions, and we need to see it upheld with software and applications that demonstrate we don’t simply need a foldable — we need one.

On the off chance that Samsung needs to sell a lot of foldable smartphones in 2023, that should be its main concern. It needs to likewise be taking a stab at improving its current plans, more sturdy, and less expensive. We needn’t bother with a huge load of various foldable styles to browse, we need a couple that functions admirably and will last us a couple of years prior to breaking. At that point, and really at that time, will Samsung stand out enough to be noticed?

Considering there’s still basically no opposition in this space yet, this should be Samsung’s top core interest.

3. A slimmer One UI

In the event that you glance back at the historical backdrop of Samsung’s Android skins, you’ll discover bad impressions. Individuals hated TouchWiz. The organization sorted that out and made things smoother, more firm, and less silly with Samsung Experience. It was an improvement, yet at the same time not as pared down the same number of would have preferred. At that point, the creators cut back the excess, reigned in their desire, and satisfied a huge amount of people with One UI.

5 things Samsung should do in 2021

Do you notice a pattern there? The more Samsung manages its Android skins, the more individuals appear to like them. In truth, Samsung can’t return to the past and make One UI more like Pixel UI or Oxygen OS, however, it can proceed with the pattern of elegance to make a rich, smooth, and less-enlarged UI experience.

In 2021, we trust One UI 4.0 will take us nearer and nearer to the ideal Samsung-ified Android experience. We as a whole need total control over our smartphones and love realizing that we can would whatever we like to. Samsung has consistently been acceptable at conveying that. In any case, in case you will establish a pretty much everything strategy for your product experience, you would do well to be prepared to keep it perfect and coordinated. How about we trust Samsung remembers that in 2022?

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4. Compact (but still powerful) phones

Samsung verged on conveying the ideal smaller smartphone insight in 2019 with the Galaxy S10e. Out of the blue, it ended the “e” line soon after and went “all colossal constantly” in 2020. That probably won’t have been the best move. The Google Pixel 5a, the Pixel 5, the Apple iPhone SE, the iPhone 14, and even the Sony Xperia 5 IV demonstrated critics and consumers are searching for more minimal cell phones.

The issue is, obviously, outside the iPhone 13 and Xperia 5 IV, most minimized smartphones simply aren’t as amazing as their bigger partners. Samsung, more than some other Android producers, is in a prime situation to at last take care of that issue in 2022.

Supposedly, there won’t be a more modest adaptation of the Galaxy S22 series arriving in January, however, that doesn’t mean Samsung couldn’t push out a reduced form later on in the year. Whatever it does, Samsung can’t disregard the craving for smaller however incredible smartphones any longer.

5. Less Exynos, more Qualcomm

Samsung sells similar smartphones at similar costs in various pieces of the world and conveys unique preparation quality with those smartphones. In 2021, it’s the ideal opportunity for that to end — or at any rate, lessen.

We’ll recognize a job well done: Exynos processors are improving. In spite of the fact that we haven’t seen it at this point, rumors propose the coming Exynos 2100 — Samsung’s response to the forthcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 — will be very acceptable.

5 things Samsung should do in 2023We’ve heard bits of rumors that in any event, one 2021 smartphone from Samsung will see a Qualcomm processor all around the globe, paying little heed to the market. Unfortunately, that smartphone isn’t a Galaxy S20 gadget or comparative.

We trust 2021 presents us with a touch more attachment inside Samsung’s arrangement with regards to processors. Beyond a shadow of a doubt: Exynos processors will at present be a thing and individuals outside North America will be left with an Exynos 2100 rather than a Snapdragon 888. We simply trust Samsung shifts the equilibrium a bit towards Qualcomm one year from now so we can perhaps draw nearer to the day that a Samsung leader will land with a similar processor around the world.

You can tell us:” 5 things Samsung should do in 2023?”

We’ve mentioned to you what we need the most from Samsung in 2021. Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for you to advise us! In the survey underneath, pick the thing you need to see the most from Sammy one year from now. In case you’re feeling especially productive, you can go to the remarks and clarify why you feel that way.



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