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Amazing Facts About Earth | Everything About Our Home

A beautiful planet, the Earth is home of various species. Our Earth has very special qualities while most of the other planets of the universe don’t have them. In addition to this, our planet is the only planet with living organisms. One of the most amazing facts about Earth is that the climate and conditions of the Earth are sustainable for human life.

Nowadays our planet is facing several environmental challenges. We need to do something to save our planet because it is a major source of food, air, and water for us. Moreover, we can’t live without the earth. The most significant thing in our life is our home, the Earth. Furthermore, nowadays we know much more than the scientists of ancient times.

However, the amazing facts about Earth bring something new for us every time. Various truths about this marvelous planet are unknown to us. Let’s delve into our planet to learn some extraordinary facts that will open new doors of knowledge for us.

Amazing Facts About Earth

Earth is our home and we all used to say that we love our planet. But we don’t know much about it. Even, several human activities such as pollution, industrial chemicals, and much more things are destroying it. However, we are not paying attention to it. In addition to this, we are also not aware of several things about this amazing planet.


Our Earth is generating more than forty terawatts of heat. According to the research, more than half of this heat is coming from radioactive decay. This decay is happening in the core of the Earth. Scientists found this fact after the measurement of the antineutrino particles that are coming from the core of the Earth.

In addition to this, the U.S Geological Survey also confirms that breakdown of the certain radioactive elements is responsible for this heat. Additionally, our earth is vibrant and living planet due to the decay of these elements such as potassium, uranium as well as thorium.

Increase Sea Level

We are going to have a 2-foot increase in sea level at the end of this century. This can be dangerous for those island nations that are living at low levels.

Increase in Sea Level

In addition to this, shallow beaches and land areas will also face serious threats due to this rise.

Billions of Years Old

One of the amazing facts about Earth includes information about the age of our beloved planet. Researchers and scientists use meteorites and the oldest rocks of the Earth to calculate its age. According to the National Center for Science Education, our planet is more than 4.54 billion years old.

Gravity Is Not Uniform

You know that our Earth is not a perfect sphere in shape and is also bumpy. Due to this reason, the ice drift, water flow, and the tectonic plates’ movement below the crust cause changes in gravity. We call these changes gravity anomalies. Therefore, you can find different levels of gravity at different spots of the Earth.

Calm Before Storm

It is a common phrase that we use during our daily life conversations. We used to think that this phrase was only a tale that belonged to our old ancestor’s stereotypic thoughts. However, it’s wrong, it exists in actuality.

Calm Before Storm

Storms use moist warm air as their fuel and leave behind areas with low pressure. Some air moves upwards due to strong upward drafts. This air removes hot air and pushes it aside. However, the descending air is stable and warmer. It covers the region as a blanket and people feel extra calm before the actual storm. Therefore, the calm before the storm is true.

Name of Our Planet

One of the amazing facts about Earth also belongs to its name. Do you ever think where its name comes from? No? Don’t worry we don’t know also. Even, no one knows who gave this planet the name “Earth”. Our Earth’s history lacks the name of the person who gave it a name.

The term Earth belongs to high Germanic and old English. Moreover, it is the only planet in the universe whose name is not after a Roman or Greek god or goddess.


Earthquakes usually happen below four hundred miles of the Earth’s surface. Due to this reason, you can feel it from the other side of this planet as well. When in 2013 an earthquake hit the Kuril Islands then Australians also felt that earthquake.

Billions of Microbes

Do you know that one teaspoon of soil can have billions of microbes? Yes, our soil is indeed rich with several microbes. That’s why biologists and scientists have this kind of opinions related to the soil.

Huge Number of Viruses

The amazing facts about Earth are also a little bit scary. According to this fact, the Earth has more than ten million individual viruses. Shocked? It’s scary but true. No one can do anything in this case.

Huge Number of Viruses on Earth

There is only a need to increase your immunity system through a healthy diet and try to protect yourself from infections.

Warm Center

Another interesting thing about Earth is its high temperature at its center. Moreover, the countries near the equator of the earth have more high temperatures. On the other hand, the countries away from the equator have cold temperatures. Furthermore, the temperature of the exact center of the earth is just like the sun’s temperature.


Earth is our homeland and also various other species are sharing this planet with us. It is the only planet that has conditions or climates favorable for life. Moreover, our Earth also fulfilling our needs and requirements. It has marvelous landscapes as well. Therefore, the amazing facts about Earth always highlight its contribution to our lives.

However, the point of thinking here is what we are doing for it. We are just trying to spoil it as much as we can. Even, we forget that the destruction of this planet will end our lives. Think about this and try to save it by planting more trees and reducing industrial waste and pollution.








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