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Amazing Random Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Our world is full of amazing facts that will blow your mind within seconds. These facts are some random pieces of knowledge that can easily astonish us. There is no doubt that these are very interesting and grab your attention as well. Furthermore, these facts are not only interesting but also answer your various questions as well. Some of them will leave you in a state of thinking for hours.

In addition to this, some of them will show you the other side of the picture. You will think that until now you perceive it in a wrong way. We all like to know things that are new and exciting for us. If you are also in search of such exciting pieces of knowledge then you landed at the right place. Here are some unique and strange facts about the world that surrounds you.

Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Some facts are not only amazing but also mind-blowing for you. Let’s discuss them one by one to reveal their secrets.


Which country comes to your mind after reading the word pyramids? Egypt? Yes, whenever we hear about pyramid, the only country that comes to our mind is Egypt. However, it’s not true that the pyramid only belongs to Egypt. Sudan has more pyramids as compared to Egypt. The thing is we don’t know this fact. We know that pyramids are in Egypt because they are very famous.

Dust At Your Home

Cleaning the house is a difficult task. Right? Don’t worry you are not the only one in this case. We all find it difficult to clean house. Do you know that you are the main cause of this dust? Seem weird? It is scary but it’s true.

Human skin sheds two hundred million skin cells. In addition to this, a daily hair fall also adds some extra volume of dust here. Therefore, you are a major contributor of dust at your home as well.

Cornea of Eye

All parts and organs of our body have blood veins and arteries. On the other hand, even the smallest part of the body also has minute capillaries for blood supply. These are common information that we all know.

However, the cornea in your eye is the only place in your whole body that lacks blood vessels. This is one one of the Amazing facts that will blow your mind Yes, there is no presence of any type of capillaries here in the cornea. Shocking? Yes, it is.

First Animated Film

We all like animated movies but we don’t know much about their origin. Moreover, we don’t know which country has a Guinness world record because it made the first animated movie in the whole world. Argentina is the first country that made the first animated movie in the whole world. It was a political satire with the name EL Apostol.

Only Person With 2 Nobel Prizes

Marie Curie is the only person in the whole world who got two Nobel prizes based on her marvelous efforts.

Marie Curie got two Nobel prizes

She won Nobel prizes in both complex fields of science such as chemistry and physics.

Solar Eclipse Ends War

One of the amazing facts that blows your mind is the contribution of solar eclipses to ending war. Yes, the battle of Halys ends when a solar eclipse occurs. It was the first event in history when a solar eclipse occurred.

Peach Tree

Atlanta has seventy-one streets and each street has the name “peach tree” in it. They are using it in honor of the Civil War battle of the peach tree. That’s why there is a chance you can lost your way there if you are new.

Gmail: A Free Mail Service

Gmail was present in this world even before the Google webmail service was launched. Garfield’s website’s free email service was named G-mail. However, you will not find any traces of that Garfield’s mail in the present day.

Ice Cream Headache

Do you know about the scientific term of ice cream headache? We are sure you don’t know it. A sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia is a scientific term that refers to ice cream headaches. Also, we know what you are thinking after knowing this long scientific name. You are saying that ice cream headache word is good for you. Right?

Ants Misinterpret the Scent of Other Aunts

Sometimes ants suffer a lot because they misinterpret the scent of other aunts. Once they go off-trail, all others will follow. Therefore, they move in circles for a long time, and in the end, they die because of starvation.

Statue of Nikola

Indeed, you will find this fact one of the most amazing facts that can blow your mind. In Silicon Valley, there is a statue of Nikola Tesla. Moreover, it is famous for providing free WI-FI.

Statue of Nikola

In addition to this, is time capsule is also present there. In the year 2043, a time capsule will open. What will happen after the opening of that time capsule? God knows better. You have to wait till 2043.

Championship of Mobile Phone Throwing

Finland holds a championship competition every year. There is no doubt that the competition is unique. In this competition, the participants throw away their mobile phones.

Furthermore, they decide the winner based on distance and the best technique of throwing mobile. isn’t it one of the Amazing facts that will blow your mind Tom Philipp Reinhardt set a record with a 136.75m distance.

Wasting Food Is Illegal

We all know that washing food is not a good thing. However, it is an illegal act only in the French supermarkets. Moreover, they have clear guidelines from the government to donate the food to charity before it expires. On the other hand, if food expires then they have to compost their food items. They can’t throw them in the trash.

In addition to this, the government also instructs them to send unsold food items to food banks. This instruction is an alternate guideline for the time when they fail to donate it to any homeless. Indeed, it is the best thing that the French government is doing for their people.

Color Change of Reindeer’s Eyes

Do you know that reindeer’s eyes can change color? Their eyes change color as a sign of adaptation to the different levels of light. Usually, their eyes change from gold to blue color. Furthermore, they also detect wild predators due to this ability and escape at the time of danger.

No Shaking of Polaroid Photo from Now

Do you shake or wave a Polaroid picture soon after taking it? If yes, then you should stop doing it right now. It is one of the amazing facts that will blow your mind. This shaking or waving of the photo can damage your picture. Furthermore, it causes the separation of certain portions of the film. Due to this reason, the blob formation takes place on film.

Tin Food Idea

In 1810, Peter Durand was the first person who gave this superb idea of canned food preservation. Later, King George III granted a patent to Peter.

Tin Food Idea

No doubt, the world is enjoying endless benefits of tin-preserved food on different occasions.

New Parents & Sleepless Nights

If you are a new parent then you know how many nights pass without sleep? Due to their newborn babies, they only take four to five hours of sleep during the night. Additionally, several nights pass without one hour of sleep. The parents remain busy fulfilling the demands of newborn babies. Therefore, their newborn baby can easily cut down their 59% rest time without any problem.

Abraham Lincoln

No one is here who doesn’t know about this famous personality of history. However, you don’t the fact that he was a champion of wrestling as well. Surprised? Yes, he won several medals and awards due to his inspiring performance in the ring.

Bathwater Stay Warm For Longtime

You also observe that bathwater remains warm for longer periods as compared to other water. Bubbles are behind this warmth of bathwater. No doubt these bubbles have excellent ability to insulate water and it will remain warm.Additionally, these bubbles preserve the heat loss into the air. In this case, they reduce heat loss as well. That’s why your bathwater remains warm.

Goat’s Eye Vision is Great in Night

Another great fact among other amazing facts that will blow your mind is about the goat’s eye pupil. Its shape is rectangular that’s why goat can see around 320 degrees. Due to this reason, they have great night vision as well. This ability also helps them to escape at the time of danger.

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Double Rainbow

Some of us claim that we saw a double rainbow. Even, in some cultures various myths are associated with a double rainbow. However, a second rainbow is only a mirror image of the first one.

Double Rainbow

In addition to this, sometimes the reflection of the sun is also the reason behind the occurrence of a double rainbow.

Request for Non-existed Books

This is absolutely a strange fact. We read various kinds of novels. In addition to this, we are seeing several movies whose stories revolve around any book or any book that has a special role in it.

Do you imagine people ask librarians or bookstores for these books? Yes, it’s true people find them so fascinating and they want to read them in reality too.

However, the reality is those books do not exist in real life. These books are only part of those stories or creations of the writer’s mind nothing else. Well, you can count this fact in the list of amazing facts that will blow your mind.

Dogs are Smart

Indeed, all dogs are really smart and able to understand even more than 250 hand gestures. Moreover, they can also understand words and expressions as well. On the other side, the dogs have an excellent sense of smell. Likewise, they set the example of loyalty. Overall, the dogs are smartest creatures and are beneficial for humans too.

Don’t Watch Horror Movies

If you are a big fan of horror movies then you should stop watching those movies right now. Why? There is a reason behind this restriction that such movies initiate emotions of fear that can curdle your blood.

On the other hand, this phenomenon is also life-saving in the dangerous situation. Due to this phenomenon, your body is preparing you for blood loss. However, while watching horror movies you are not at risk so there is no need to feel fear. Those movies are not such scary.

Wait, can you tell us why the curtain behind you is moving there is no air in the room?

Banana is a Berry

We are sure that after reading this you become shocked. Right? Let us tell you the reason behind the fact that a banana is a berry. Your favorite fruit banana can able to meet all the botanical requirements that confirm it as a berry.

Banana is a Berry

That’s why you can call a banana a berry easily. Well, this fact is not going to change the taste of the fruit. You can still enjoy the same taste of berry banana or banana berry whatever you like to call it.

Elephants Comfort Other Elephants

Human beings are selfish but not all of them. But you know many of such selfish humans around you as well. At the time of support or in any stressful situation you find yourself alone. Agree or not? However, the elephants are better than us. They support each other and comfort each other during any stressful condition.

They come close to other elephants and touch their trunks to the trunk of another elephant to calm him or support him. However, when any person is in trouble then he will not find any hand at his shoulder. Most of the people are alone during their time of problem.

Are You Tsundoku?

Another fact from the list of amazing facts that will blow your mind is about one strange term. The term “Tsundoku” is used to describe those intelligent guys in our society who have piles of unread books. Moreover, those books remain in their homes and will transfer to other generations in the same unread condition. This term originated as slang during the Meiji era.

No Ripe Avocado on Tree

Avocados will not ripen on their trees. They will remain in unripe condition till the time you separate them from their tree. The reason behind this is the inhibitor that is present in the stem of the Avocado tree. Isn’t it interesting to know that any fruit needs to be separated from its tree to ripen?

Are You a Star of a Reality Show?

Do you think sometimes that you are a star of any reality show? Yes? Or No? There is a mental state that is Truman syndrome. During this mental state, people can believe they are the star of any reality show. Moreover, they are suffering from the delusion that the camera is on them also.

Underground Temperature-Controlled Vault

The LEGO owned this temperature-controlled vault. Do you know that this vault is unique? It contains every single piece of Lego, sets, parts everything ever printed in the whole history. The entry and visit fee of this amazing vault will cost you near about thirty-one dollars.

Black Cats Are Not Bad

Another stunning fact of the amazing fact that will blow your mind is about black cats. Usually, people believe that black cats bring bad luck to them. However, this is not true. All creatures are good and they only deserve love from human beings. Moreover, the English Midlands residents bring black cats to bless their newly married couples.

Black Cats Are Not Bad

Additionally, the Japanese people believe that black cats are very lucky for single women. There is no such thing as black cats bringing bad luck. We must take care of these poor creatures and act with kindness to them as well.

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Monochromatic Painting

Bob Ross is famous for his creation of monochromatic paintings. Furthermore, they use one color like gray for creating paintings for color-blind people. In addition to this, Bob Ross’s point of view is also inspiring. He believes that even color-blind people have the right to amuse themselves with art and creativity.

Sleep is Cleaning Activity

When a person sleeps. This activity will clean your brain. A cerebrospinal fluid flow increases this activity of cleaning. Due to this fluid, the cells remove their harmful elements from the brain.

Some Cats Are Allergic To Humans

One of the amazing facts that will blow your mind is quite astonishing. You know many people who claim to be allergic to pets. Due to this reason, they are unable to bring any pets at home. Now it is interesting for you to know that some cats also have allergies from humans. Moreover, some pets have extreme allergies to humans.

Fingerprints of Identical Twins

Most identical twins are the same that’s why usually they confuse us. They are photocopies of each other. However, their fingerprint is not the same. Isn’t it strange that no two people in the whole world have the same fingerprints?

Giraffes Are More in Danger

Giraffes are more in danger than human beings. Why? Because there are more chances to suffer from lightning strikes than humans. Fatal strikes of lighting can cause the death of various giraffes.

The brain is Eating Itself

Amazing facts that will blow your mind include details about your brain. Do you know that your brain is eating itself? Feeling scared? Don’t worry there is no need to worry at all. All large cells consume smaller ones and this eating habit of cells causes their removal from the system. The process is known as phagocytosis. It is not harmful and also helps in the gray matter preserving.

Animals Experience Time Differently

Do you know that the time experience of animals is slower than humans? Surprised? Yes, the animals perceive the movement around them slowly. The world is moving slowly for animals.

Animals Experience Time Differently

The reason behind this is the slow information processing function of their brains. Our human brain is extremely powerful in processing information. Therefore, we can respond to environmental stimuli very quickly.

Water is Not Wet

According to the scientists, the wetness is the ability of any liquid to make contact with solid surfaces. Therefore, the water itself is not wet. Although, it can make you wet.

Chicken Without Head

Do you ever see a chicken without a head? Scary? Indeed, seeing a live chicken without a head is a scary scene that we see in some horror movies. In 1940, the chicken in the USA survived for about eighteen hours even though its jugular vein and brainstem were cut. It was only the case in the history. Otherwise, normally chicken dies within minutes.

Wearing A Tie Can Reduce Blood Flow

Do you think that your tie can reduce the blood flow toward the brain? It’s true that when you wear a tie then it decreases the 7.5 percent blood flow.

Wearing A Tie Can Reduce Blood Flow

In addition to this, it increases the eye pressure as well.

Longest Lived Cat

In the whole world, the longest-lived cat died at the age of thirty-eight and three days. That’s why this cat made a record due to its longest survival.

Sun Also Makes A Sound

Sun also makes a sound but we are unable to hear this sound. It creates sounds through the pressure waves. However, the wavelength of these waves is far from us. Therefore, we can’t hear these sounds.

Tallest Mountain Is Not Mount Everest

One of the amazing facts that blows your mind is that Mount Everest is not the tallest mountain in the world. In Hawaii, there are two volcanoes that are taller than Mount Everest.  However, their major length is underwater that’s why people will not consider them the world’s tallest mountains.


Our world has several things that are extraordinarily inspiring as well as astonishing. Some amazing facts that will blow your mind will help you to understand this strange world even better. All things are not exactly what we are perceiving them. They have a sometimes strange hidden aspect of what we are unaware. There is a need to gain knowledge about this strange world as much as we can. It will help us to adjust better to our surroundings.




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