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Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support Service

We are living in an era of the latest technology. Modern technology transformed our world into a digital world. No doubt, the internet is the best invention of today’s technology, which not only brings people from all around the world close like neighbors but also makes routine tasks easier.

Online Shopping with the best Amazon Customer Support Service

People are doing most of their tasks from the comfort of their homes. They are working or doing online shopping while sitting on their comfy couches at their homes. People become busier day by day, they have no time to spend in the markets for selecting their desired products or things.

Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support | A Best Online Market Place

The world-famous best online store for shopping is Amazon, Inc., or simply Amazon, was founded in 1996 and currently trades on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker AMZN. Furthermore, an efficient Amazon customer support service is there to provide you best online shopping experience.

The Amazon Company’s Actual Location is likely the corporation most closely associated with the E-Commerce phenomenon in many respects. The company, situated in Seattle, WA, has evolved from a bookseller to a virtual Walmart of the Internet, selling a wide range of products including home items, cookware, toys, furniture, games, tools, hardware, and much more.

Amazon Division as per their Business

Amazon is divided into three parts: North America, Amazon Web Services, and International.

Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support ServiceNorth American

The North American segment sells products directly to customers through websites like,, and, as well as subscription services like Amazon Prime and Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Moreover, worldwide Amazon customer support service is available anytime for their respective customers.

Amazon Web Services

Developer tools, enterprise applications, and database migration services are among the products and services offered by Amazon Web Services to businesses, academic institutions, and government agencies.

The International Division

The International division distributes products directly to consumers and allows North American purchasers to import goods from other continents (Reuters, 2008). In addition to this, customers are also satisfied with their products and their worldwide excellent services.

Role of Amazon Offices in their Business

Amazon, based in Seattle, Washington, has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, making it easier to get products to customers quickly. Amazon sources millions of products from vendors, but it also has a program that lets small businesses sell products.


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Amazon Programs for Small Businesses

Furthermore, these small businesses have consumer orders delivered by Amazon’s distribution center staff. Participants in this program pay Amazon a fee that covers selection, packaging, and shipping; they also handle Amazon customer support service and refunds, giving sellers more time to produce new products or acquire wholesale supplies (Amazon Services, 2013).

Customer Service

Customer service is “important to being profitable in the company,” according to Gibson (2011, p. 4) because business owners cannot exist without clients eager to spend money on products and services. Customer service, in its broadest sense, is a set of operations that support a customer before, during, and after a purchase.

Significant Area of Amazon’s Operations

Customer service is an essential area of operations for Amazon since it influences customer loyalty and profitability; if the company does not give good service, customers will go to other shops.

Excellent Amazon Customer Support Service

Excellent Amazon customer service, according to Gillani, Lodhi, Irfan, and Mehmood (2016, p. 3983), is a competitive advantage because customers are more inclined to buy from companies that treat them well and go out of their way to “delight” them rather than simply satisfy them.

Customer Acquisition Costs

It’s also more expensive to acquire new consumers than it is to keep serving existing customers, with an average customer acquisition cost of $10 for merchants (Safko, 2013). Amazon has the chance to cut customer acquisition costs, inspire loyalty among existing customers, and expand its business in the market.

Essential Ways to Improve Amazon Customer Support Service

There are many ways for Amazon to improve customer service, but three of them are more significant other which include integrating customer focus throughout all departments, enhancing customer-service scripts, and involving employees in the process of improving customer service across the company.

Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support ServiceIntegrating Customer Focus

Integrating customer focus across all departments has the potential to improve Amazon’s ability to meet customer needs, attract new customers, and inspire loyalty among existing customers.

Enhancing Amazon Customer Support Service Scripts

Improving customer-service scripts allows Amazon to standardize service interactions. Amazon can improve customer happiness, lower client acquisition costs, establish strong customer connections, and increase profitability by strengthening the company’s training program.

Employees Involvement

Involving employees allows Amazon to uncover some of the most common misunderstandings. Although implementing these solutions is likely to be expensive, the potential advantages outweigh the expenses.

Business strategies applied for internet activity

Amazon adopts the following business strategies

Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support ServiceSmart Innovation Strategy:

The company’s innovation strategy and Amazon customer support service are the primary causes for’s success thus far. started by selling DVDs and CDs in addition to books. The following year, they introduced the customer to the auction theme. Their objective was to give customers a better auction experience by protecting bidders from fraud, but this strategy did not work for the company.

B2C Model

The B2C (Business to Customer) model was used by Amazon. However, it shifted its strategy and went from a direct sales model to a sales and service model. Customers and other business groups were Amazon’s target groups under this paradigm.

Online Platform for Small Businesses allowed small businesses to use its web service and platform to sell their goods to customers. Each sale of a product from another store earned Amazon a commission. Amazon built an ecosystem in the market as a result of this service.

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon formed and developed partnerships with customers and business people through the “Amazon Associates Program.” The program’s main purpose was to attract new clients to increase sales. Instead, Amazon paid a commission to its associates. (ISCKIA and LESCOP).

Benefits of Associate Program and Amazon Customer Support Service

This allowed Amazon to expand its marketplace from a single product to a large category. In Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support Service business strategy, there was a shift in the model. It started as a cyber-book store, but as it grew and gained affiliates and associations with other retailers, as well as serving as a platform for customers, it evolved into a cyber-market.

Customer Relation Management Strategy:

When a consumer visits for the first time, the website presents a “Featured Product,” but when the customer returns, the recommender system automatically provides products based on the customer’s interests and personality. An essential aspect of’s strategy has been customer acquisition and retention.

Amazon Customer Support Service Gives Value To Customers

Amazon maintains sophisticated communication through its website, which automates the process of giving value to customers. (Sain and Jenkinson)

The three big ideas of Jeff Bezos are:

  1. Infinite inventory
  2. Customer care
  3. Lowest price with a high margin (FABERNOVEL).

Infinite Inventory

Customers may purchase books from Amazon when it first launched. However, it expanded its product line over time, from books to music, movies, cloud storage, games, and more. Amazon was initially selling a limited number of products. However, over time, it changes strategies for more benefit.

Customer Care

“If you provide a terrific experience, customers will tell their friends about it. “Word of mouth has a lot of power.” – Bezos, Jeffry P. Customers trusted Amazon because of exceptional Amazon Customer Support Service. They used to discuss it with others. This quickly spreads due to the increased traffic on the website.

High Margin, Lowest Price sells things at a much lower price than its competitors. One of’s key visions is built on a long-term strategy. This makes it easier for Amazon to take a low-profit risk in the future to flourish. A strategy of low prices attracts more customers and people to Amazon.

A Competitive Advantage

An estimate demonstrates how Amazon can become profitable by offering the lowest price. sells a product in an average of 33 days. Competitors such as Best Buy, on the other hand, took 70 days to sell the product. Amazon retains its best-selling products in-house and outsources the rest to third-party vendors. This offers the company a competitive advantage.

Marketing and Promotion Strategy:

Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support Service marketing strategy are to build a brand, increase customer traffic, and build customer loyalty. To achieve this, used a variety of advertising techniques along with the best Amazon Customer support service.

Advertising Sources of Amazon for their Business

The most prominent advertisement strategies include public relations activities, online advertising, and traditional advertising, which includes radio, television, and print media. Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support Service was the initial source of serving with a limited number of products. However, over time, it adjusted its strategies and now fits into every category.

Some Interesting Facts About Amazon Customer Support ServiceAffiliate Program: launched an affiliate program with customers and small business owners to increase customer traffic and sales. The associate program has around 200,000 websites signed up. No doubt, word of mouth is one of’s key success elements. Their business spreads from one person to another.

The Bottom Lines:

Indeed, you can buy everything from socks to furniture from this fantastic online store. No doubt, Amazon customer support service is the best among others. In addition to this, they have more chances to expand their market share in the retail business by following best practices in their customer care.



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