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10 Easy Ways To Be A Better Listener | Tips That Can Change Life

Are you a good listener? If yes then it’s great, However, if no then you must develop active listening skills. No doubt, listening is a substantial skill in all fields of life. Sometimes we think that we are good listeners, but we are not as good as we think in reality.

When you listen actively then it is a kind of reward to someone talking to you. In addition to this, you can also get more information due to properly listening. Therefore, it is important to be a better listener for all of us no matter what we are doing.

There are 10 easy ways to be a better listener. All these ways will provide you with some tips that will help you to become a master of this skill. Let’s have a look at these beneficial tips to improve your listening skills.

10 Easy Ways To Be A Better Listener

Listening involves paying good attention to the speaker. People who find clues that a person is not listening properly then they will not share information. This lack of attention towards them reduces their interest in talking to you. Therefore, listening is an important skill that will help you in almost every situation in life.

1. Eye Contact

During face-to-face conversation, eye contact plays a vital role. Moreover, keep in mind that too much eye contact is a sign of intimation, and too less is ignorance. That’s why try to give a sign that you are in. Additionally, try to break eye contact after every few seconds.

On the other hand, try to see their eyes for a few seconds then see their mouth for a few seconds. Continuous staring is not good. After a few seconds change your eye location, you can see upwards or to side way and then again maintain eye contact with them.

However, don’t look downwards because it is a sign that you want to close this conversation with them. Additionally, your postures must be open as well. Avoid crossing legs and arms to prevent signals of defense or lack of interest.

2. Non-Verbal Cues

Another significant skill is to become able to listen to non-verbal cues as well. It is one of the best 10 easy ways to be a better listener. All gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice give you more information than spoken words. Due to this reason, try to find out what a person is saying in reality.

listen to non-verbal cues

Try to see are their arms are crossed, they are smiling or rubbing eyes, and other body language. These body language cues can provide you best clue about a person’s reality. Even, you can get some clues from individual tone of voice and their way of talking. Furthermore, You should also the facts about How To Read People a little bit.

3. No Interruptions

A significant way to become a good listener is to avoid interrupting anyone during communication. It is a clear sign that you are giving importance to yourself only. Additionally, when you interrupt them then it means you have no time to listen to them.

Therefore, it is essential to slow down and give the other person time to complete. A small pause also doesn’t mean to take a start. Let other people speak to understand their meaning completely. Start talking when they finish expressing themselves.

4. No Planning

Another important thing is to avoid planning what to say after they become silent. You can’t plan or actively listen at the same time. Moreover, your mind can’t able to pay full attention to both tasks. Therefore, first, listen effectively then think during a little communication gap and start talking.

5. Avoid Judgements

One of the effective ways among the other 10 easy ways to be a better listener is judgment avoidance. When you become emotional and plan to judge words then you will not listen. Furthermore, also try to avoid jumping to conclusions. Just listen to what is being said. Speak when you get a chance to express your opinion.

6. Give Signs

You need to show signs that you are listening to them with full attention. Due to this reason, you should smile or nod your head as well as make little noises like “hmm”, “yes”, “uh huh”, etc.

Give Signs to be a better listener

Don’t ever see your watch or play with fingernails or hairs all these things will show your lack of interest in communication.

7. Repeat Their Words

Another mind-blowing tip that will keep your focus on their words is the repetition of words. Try to repeat their words in your head this will enhance your focus on them. Additionally, this practice will also divert your mind from all other distractions in the room.

8. Don’t Impose Opinion

No doubt supportive ears are much more important than giving advice. People usually want to share their pains or how they are feeling at that moment. Additionally, they are telling you about their problems or how their life is going.

Furthermore, most of the time they have their solutions. They just need to share with someone. So, if you want to share something ask “Can I give a suggestion”.

9.  Ask Questions

10 Easy Ways to Become a Better Listener also tells you to ask relevant questions. When you ask something then it means that you are listening to them effectively. You can ask “Do you want to say this…” or “Did you mean….”? Additionally, you can use open-ended questions as well to learn much more information.

10. Summarize

Last but not least point of this beneficial list of tips that make you an efficient listener is summarizing the conversation. It is your skill to provide a speaker with a summary that you understand what he told u.

summarize the conversation.

Moreover, it will give the impression that you were listening to him with full concentration.


Listening is a great skill that makes you able to develop strong connections with people around you. Additionally, it will help you in your professional life as well. These 10 easy ways to be a better listener will train you to become a master in skill. If you follow all these tips then surely you will see better results in your social network. Just you need some practice then you become a perfect listener indeed.



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