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Best Facts About the Bones | Some Interesting Truths

Every part of the human body is equally important. However, the most significant thing is a skeleton. The skeleton of a human being is made up of various kinds of bones. All these bones together make up the shape of the human body. In addition to this, the human skeleton provides support to the body. No doubt best facts about the bones can enhance the importance of bones in your eyes.

Bones are not only bones; they are playing a vital role in your life. Just imagine yourself without a skeleton just for one second. Scared? Yes, it’s scary to even imagine ourselves without a skeleton. Our whole body stands with the help of a skeleton. So, without bones, your whole body collapses. Don’t worry, your skeleton is with you forever. Let’s explore some facts that will astonish you.

Best Facts About The Bones

Our skeleton is very important to us as we mentioned above. All of these bones are essential to protect the internal organs of the human body. Another important fact is our negligence towards our bones. We remain unaware of the most important part of our body until we face an injury. Here are some facts that will open your eyes.

Alive Bones

Do you ever wonder whether our bones are alive or not? No doubt they are alive and living tissue made them. However, we always focus on their dry and hard outer structure. Another interesting thing about bones is their growth and regeneration. Furthermore, some cells always help bones to grow.

More Bones in Children

The best facts about the bones confirm the presence of more bones in children as compared to adults. Babies have nearly three hundred bones and cartilage. However, these flexible and soft cartilage fuse over time and form more hard bones through the ossification process.

Due to this reason, the bones in adults are in lower numbers than babies. After the age of twenty-five, your bones will remain the same size throughout your life.

Most Bones Are in Your Hand

Do you know that your hands have more bones as compared to your whole body? Your hands have more than twenty-seven bones in each hand. However, the bones of your hands are not massive and thick. They are small bones and have more joints that help them during movement.

Fragile Bones

Your toes have the most fragile bones. In addition to this, they are at high risk of breakage. Most people have a history of broken toe bone once in their whole lifespan. It’s not their fault. These bones are very fragile and easily break. You need to take care of your toe bones to prevent you from any bone injury.

Common Disease

Another fact will give you information about the most common disease of the bones. According to statements and opinions of various doctors all around the world, osteoporosis is a common disease. Due to this disease, a person will suffer from reduced bone mass and the structure of the bones also declines over time.

osteoporosis is a common disease

In addition to this, a patient with osteoporosis is at high risk of bone injury. Even during minor accidents that patient can suffer from bone injury.

Bones Types

Your body contains two types of bones. However, you only know about hard and dense bone commonly known as cortical bone. These are structure bones.

On the other hand, there are some spongy and soft bones also present in your body. Usually, the large bones contain these soft ones such as in the skull, ribs as well as in your pelvic area. These bones are not hard like cortical bone. But these bones are also protective ones.

Spongy Tissue Inside Bones

The best facts about the bones are also about the most significant thing which is bone marrow. Do you know what is bone marrow and why it is important for you? No? Let us tell you about its significance in your life.

Bone marrow is a home of stem cells. Furthermore, these stem cells are responsible for the production of several significant cells of the body such as blood cells, heart cells, and bone cells. That’s why bone marrow is playing a vital role in your life.

Smallest Bone

The smallest bone of the whole body is present in your ear. Moreover, these stapes bones with the help of hammer bone are helpful in the translation of sounds you are hearing throughout your day. These bones convert those sounds into waves and in this way, your brain understands them and provides you with proper command.

Longest Bone

Your leg contains the longest bone of your body. Its name is the femur and it is a hard bone that continues from hip to knee.

Femur: The Longest Bone

Moreover, it is the strongest bone as well. Do you even think how much weight it is handling all around the day? Don’t worry, it is a super strong bone and will never let you fall.

Daily Use

One of the best facts about the bones is about their constant daily use. They are hard and strong enough to bear all the weight of your body. In addition to this, these bones are highly resilient as well. No doubt their robust nature never lets you feel any issue during walking and running except if you suffer from any bone disease or injury.

The Bottom Lines

An adult body contains 206 bones in total. Well, kids have more bones and cartilage but over time they defuse and form hard bones. Moreover, our skeleton is the major support system of the body.

Due to our skeleton, we can balance, walk and run. Some best facts about the bones are there to shed light on the significance of bones in our lives.

However, during our whole life, we don’t pay attention to them. It is essential to take care of our bones too. A healthy calcium-rich diet can help bones to stay strong and healthy. Thus, you can enjoy a good Physical Health.



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