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Types of Body Pain Linked To Emotions And Mental State

Do you know that soul, mind, and body are all interconnected with each other? That’s why it is not right to perceive them separately. Moreover, it is not true every time that our body pain is due to body’s problem or disease. Sometimes, it is connected with our emotions. No doubt, there are various types of body pain linked to emotions and mental state of an individual.

People usually connect physical pain with their bodies. They forget that their mind is also playing a vital role in it. Therefore, it is essential to understand this phenomenon that emotional trauma is causing physical disturbance.

Indeed, it is a tough job for medical and mental health professionals. It’s really hard to differentiate whether it is real body pain or emotional pain causing body problems. There is a need to examine a person from both aspects such as physical as well as psychological aspects.

Body Pain Linked to Emotions and mental state

No doubt your emotional disturbances can disturb your physical health. Likewise, an individual suffering from emotional trauma can also experience symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, fatigue, as well as pain in joints.

For instance, people having severe anxiety issues also suffer from panic attacks. These panic attacks include physical problems such as high palpitation, dry mouth, hand numbness, and breath shortening.

Let’s discuss some of the common physical problems that may come from your emotional pain. You will see that you are experiencing all these issues during your routine life. However, you are just considering it physically and not trying to sort out their psychological cause.

Head Pain

Headache is one of the types of body pain linked to emotions and mental state. No doubt that it is a common problem for every person nowadays. Have you ever thought about why this problem of headaches is increasing day by day? No? You must think about it.

Head Pain linked to Emotions

We are facing countless stressors during our whole working day. All these environmental stimuli that are full of tension have a negative impact on our bodies. Our minds remain busy fighting against several things during the day. Everything has a limit of tolerance. Our mind has also a limit. That’s why you suffer from headaches.

In such a case, you need to take some rest and relax your mind and body. Moreover, a hot bath and meditation can work well for you. If you are too tired and not willing to do these activities then just lying down in a comfortable poster is great.

Neck Pain

Do you have a pain in your neck? Or commonly you feel your neck is under severe stress condition even you will feel that it will break. If you guys are suffering from this problem then take some time and explore your inner world. This is also a type of body pain linked to emotions and mental state.

You are not forgiving others or holding grudges against someone. In addition to this, you have a negative mindset. You always find a negative thing in any situation or anything. Believe it or not, you can evaluate yourself then you will see that you are suffering from negativity.

A solution is you should try to see the positive in everything. Even a stop clock tells the right time two times a day. We can understand that it’s hard for you because your mind is habitual to see negative things.

Furthermore, you need to force your mind to see the positive even in little things. Let us explain to you with a very common example. When someone visits a wedding then you will focus on fireworks and you will talk about the negative impact of fireworks or their dangers. On the other side, if you praise the beauty of the ceremony or appreciate the menu then it will impact positively on your mind.

Shoulder Pain

We all are facing several problems in our lives. No one is on a bed of roses these days. Moreover, we all are going through emotional stress as well. That is why, We should cope with stress. However, it doesn’t mean that you take it too high to create physical problems. Also, think you are not the only one who has issues in life.

Shoulder Pain Linked to Emotions

If you guys carry a heavy emotional burden then shoulder pain is an obvious problem. Why carry that heavy burden on your delicate shoulders? Is it beneficial? Or did You decide to live with this burden till your last breath? No?

If you don’t want to live with it then move towards proactive problem solving. Try to find a solution or let go of the things that are disturbing you. Indeed, shoulder pain is one of the types of body pain linked to emotions and mental state.

Upper Back Pain

We are sure that you are feeling surprised after seeing how your body pains are revealing the truth about you. Furthermore, the body pains are opening your secrets and telling us what is going on in your emotional world.

We know that it is difficult to tolerate upper back pain because it is too hurting and disturbing. However, it signifies that you are not suffering from back pain you have a lack of emotional support. Shocked? See how your body itself gives signs that there is a hidden zone of problem.

There is a need to strengthen yourself emotionally. Try to join some NGO or do what you like to do. It’s time to connect people in a way you like. It doesn’t mean to talk or meet those people you hate in your life. However, try to meet people you love to talk with them or meet your friends. It’s time to restart your favorite activities.

Lower Back Pain

Do you feel pain in your lower back? Or your hand is always on your back? Then my dear friend worry about money is a real cause of your lower back pain. It’s time to do some financial management to sort out this problem. Furthermore, you should spend wisely.

Indeed, it’s a surprising situation that our body is telling us that we are suffering from emotional problems. Even, we don’t know about it at all. We are just thinking that we are suffering from common or random body pain. However, the reality is different indeed.

Elbow Pain

Another type of pain that is trying to gain your attention is pain in your elbows. No doubt, your stiff arms are trying to mention stiffness in your life also. This pain is a sign of rigidity and resistance you have against new change. Furthermore, some compromises and flexibility can sort out various problems in life.

Elbow Pain linked to Emotions

It’s good to adapt to new changes and things in your life. Change is a part of life and we all must accept this fact. There is no need to remain in one place, grab new opportunities, and enjoy life. Indeed, a versatile nature plays a significant role in improving your life. Just let go of things and grow in life.

Hands Pain

Hands are the most important part of our body. People are suffering from pain in their hands because of some reason. There may be a physical cause such as high cholesterol level or uric acid problem. However, there are high chances of emotional trauma.

In addition to this, they face this problem because they are not connecting with the people as they want. Therefore, you are suffering from loneliness and isolation. Your pain in your hands is raising your finger towards all these emotional issues.

A solution is very simple. You should try to build up new connections with the people you like. Moreover, you can make new friends and meet the type of people which you like most. After this, you will see that the pain in your hands will vanish automatically and without medication. Now you know about types of body pain linked to emotions and mental state. Indeed, it is good to know.

Knees Pain

Do you have a high ego? If yes then why worry about the pain in your knees? Undoubtedly, your knees are hurting you and telling you that you are also mortal. That’s why there is no need to be too stubborn in life. Be gentle and humble.

Knees Pain linked to Emotions

Now it’s time to lower your level of ego and stop pretending too pricy. Moreover, you can do some volunteering and help others. Treat others with kindness then you will feel your knees will stop punishing you.


Sometimes we suffer from different kinds of body pains. There may be some medical reason behind these pains. However, it is also important to check the psychological background of this pain as well.

Moreover, it will give insight into our lives and where we are suffering from emotional trauma. Several types of body pain linked to emotions and mental state indeed. Just we need to pay attention to ourselves. Furthermore, try to bring positivity into your life then you will see how your life changes.



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