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Sweden Ice Hotel Facts | Why Ice Hotel Is Very Special?

Are you planning a trip to get an unforgettable experience? Nothing is better than the Ice Hotel in Sweden. You can visit it during winter and enjoy your stay in a hotel made from ice. Yes, Ice Hotel is 100% made from ice and snow. There are various Sweden ice hotel facts that you should know before going there.

You can find this amazing and unique ice hotel in northern Sweden. Furthermore, you will be amazed to know that they rebuilt this hotel every year with ice. In 1990, the Sweden Ice Hotel opened first time and after this every year they rebuilt it.

No doubt it will be interesting for you to know that the whole hotel melts during spring. Due to this reason, Mother Nature helps them by giving generous loans of ice to rebuild it. In the spring, the loan returned to its owner the Torne River. Every part of the Ice Hotel melts and is gone. Every year they built it from zero with more facilities for their customers.

Crazy Sweden Ice Hotel Facts

Everyone who visits or stays there can make remarkable memories. Indeed, it is an astounding place. You will feel yourself somewhere in the wonderland. The whole ice hotel is purely made up of ice blocks. In addition to this, the glasses of the bar are also made from ice.

Springtime is a harvesting time of ice from the frozen Torne River. They store these big ice blocks in warehouses that have huge space for hundreds of tons of ice or thirty tons of snow.

Ice Hotel Rooms

If you are worrying about sleeping in ice rooms then there is no need to worry at all. All rooms are safe and hold temperatures of minus eight degrees Celsius. Moreover, you will get ice block beds. All beds have wooden bases below the thick mattress. Additionally, a reindeer skin cover hides the whole mattress and gives you a soft and warm surface to sleep on.

Sleeping in Ice Hotel Rooms

Furthermore, the hotel staff provide you with sleeping bags to sleep in. You have to sleep inside a warm and cozy sleeping bag. Just you need to follow all the instructions given by the hotel staff. Therefore, all rooms are super comfortable to get a peaceful sleep.

Ice Hotel Bathrooms

Another interesting fact among other Sweden ice hotel facts is the absence of an attached bathroom. Even deluxe suits don’t have attached bathrooms. You will find a bathroom in the hallway.

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Hotel Room Amenities

If you are thinking that your ice hotel room will be the same as other hotel rooms then it’s wrong. You need to correct your misconception.

Hotel Room Amenities

There are no charger points or power points in your room. Due to this reason, you need to charge your mobile in the common hotel sitting area.

Ice Hotel Morning

Everyone who stays at this ice hotel appreciates the hotel. They sleep so peacefully inside a cozy sleeping bag that can tolerate temperatures up to minus fifty degrees. After a peaceful and quiet night, a bright morning welcomes you.

Ice Hotel morning welcomes you

The hotel staff will wake you up during the morning with hot lingonberry juice. After this, you will get ready to have a yummy and tasty breakfast.  After this, you can start your amazing day activities.

Some Unique Sweden Ice Hotel Facts

We discussed some general Sweden Ice Hotel facts to provide you with information. However, there are some important things that you should know about this ice hotel in Sweden.

  • Hotel staff will tell you to book only one night’s stay in this ice hotel. If you like it then also you have to book a warm hotel for yourself. The Hotel staff will allow you an alternate night stay in an ice hotel with a night stay in a warm hotel.
  • All bathroom amenities are not made from ice.
  • Furthermore, you will get glasses and plates of ice there in the Ice Hotel.
  • Another interesting or little irritating fact is about the absence of typical hotel room amenities.
  • Moreover, it’s important to bring the right clothes with you. It is necessary to wear the proper clothes to stay warm.
  • In addition to other interesting Sweden ice hotel facts, there is another shocking news for you. You can’t enter your bedroom in the evening because the hotel is open for sightseers.
  • People are not sleeping directly on ice there in this ice hotel. They will get thick mattresses over ice blocks with reindeer skin cover to sleep peacefully.
  • Rooms are cold, but not that much cold. There is no need to worry about the coldness of bedrooms. They have a proper arrangement for you.
  • Ice Hotel is not permanent. Every year you will find new changes and new room designs.
  • It is open for a whole year for their customers and even for sightseers as well.
  • However, it is important to visit it in the winter season to get maximum benefit from your trip.

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Final Verdict

People always try to find a place that is amazing and unique for their adventurous trip. No doubt the Sweden Ice Hotel is the best place to make some unique memories. All hotel amenities are made from ice and snow. Moreover, you will get crockery of ice in its bar.

Amazing Sweden Ice Hotel

People find it extraordinarily astounding to stay, eat, and drink on the ice. In this magical world of ice, people find everything mysterious and full of wonders. That’s why they get an enchanted and fairy-tale-like experience after visiting it. If you are planning your next trip, then must visit this wonderland of Sweden ice hotel.

In this article, we tried to share some Sweden Ice Hotel facts that will help you to know more about this unique hotel. We hope you will enjoy and make some unforgettable memories during your stay.



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