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Different Cool iPhone Hacks That Can Make Life Easy

Your iPhone is your daily companion in every task. There is no doubt that it is with you from morning till night. You are using it for work purposes as well as for relaxation. You know that your phone can do anything for you. Are you sure about using the full potential of your iPhone? Not sure? It means that you are unaware of the fact that Different Cool iPhone Hacks can make your life better.

These cool and effective hacks can make iPhone use more effective and easier. We all know that some tips and tricks can make complex things easy. Similarly, these hacks have the potential to make you pro in iPhone use.

People will be surprised after seeing your high level of convenience doing tasks through your iPhone. Let’s move towards those amazing hacks that are super cool and useful for doing routine tasks.

Different Cool iPhone Hacks

No one can deny the fact that the word “hack” belongs to some unusual way of doing things. Moreover, these cool hacks also bring some ease to your mobile use. After knowing these small but useful things you will become an expert in doing various task through iPhone.

Measure App’s Spirit Level

You are using your measure app just for measuring items. No guys, it can do much more for you. Just you need to level up. You need to activate the level known as spirit level or bubble level. Now, you can use it to know how much anything is perpendicular or parallel to the ground. Due to this reason, it can help you to hang your paintings or picture evenly on walls.

No Need of Safari Anymore

We must say that Different Cool iPhone Hacks are always ready to save our time. If you want to search for something then no need to open Safari. Just swipe left and write whatever you want to search. You will get results directly on the page.

Fast Charging

Our phone battery always shows signals of low battery whenever we are in a hurry. Don’t worry we have a solution now.

Fast Charging of iPhone

When you need to charge your mobile faster than turn-on airplane mode. It will temporarily stop other activities on your phone such as different apps or GPS, etc.

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Storage Space Problem

Do you need some extra storage space for your new pics? We have a quick fit idea for you. This is one of the Different Cool iPhone Hacks. Just you have to hold the “power” button. An option to slide and power off the phone appears. Now, hold down the “home” button. This action will clean RAM and you can enjoy some free space instantly.

Hand-Free Pictures

Your iPhone is ready to give you some more relaxation. There is no need to have an empty hand to click a good photo. Due to the feature of the iPhone voice command, your phone will click your photo without any problem.

Follow the following steps:

  • Open the settings
  • Go to Accessibility
  • Click the “Voice control” option
  • Now ask Siri to open the camera
  • Smile now
  • Your iPhone can click your picture

In addition to this, your Apple watch can also click photos through the remote camera app. You can click it through the shutter button.

Shake Hand to Erase Text

Just think your message is too long. No issue at all. You need to erase messages instantly by shaking your phone. Click “undo typing”.

Do you wish to get back your message? Choose “redo typing” to reappear messages. In addition to this, you can use your 3 fingers to swipe left to erase written messages. Moreover, you can swipe right to get your message back.

Make a Call Through One Button

In addition to other things, the Different Cool iPhone Hacks can help you to call the last dialed number instantly. Just you need to open your keypad and tap the green option. This action will call your last dialed number instantly.

Take Pictures & Record Video At the same Time

Wanna click pic but don’t want to stop recording your video? Don’t worry you can click pic by tapping the shutter button. You can find this button just next to the button of the video.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that the quality of a picture taken during the video is not of high quality. Due to the use of a video camera, the quality of your image will suffer. It will not be as good as your all images.

Take Pictures When Storage is Full

Yes, it’s true guys. You can take pictures even with full storage. There is only a need to click the photo smartly. Moreover, you should use any app such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc to take pictures. An important thing that you have to do is to select the option “save to camera roll” instead of posting it directly.

One Hand Keyboard

No one can deny that we like to type with our one hand when we are doing something else too.

One Hand Keyboard

You need to select a one-hand keyboard. Furthermore, this feature can help you in your multitasking. Follow the following steps:

  • Open the phone settings
  • Choose the option “general”
  • Select “Keyboard”
  • Tap “one hand keyboard”
  • You can choose right and left-hand keyboard as your preference

Moreover, you can change these settings anytime and you can again use your normal keyboard.


Nowadays people are crazy about their mobile phones. You will see them always busy with their phone. Moreover, these phones become their companion everywhere. When they wake up, the first thing they will see is their phone. On the other side, the last thing they will see before sleeping is their phone.

Some mobiles like iPhones are popular due to their fantastic features and efficient working skills. People are getting various benefits from their iPhones. However, still they don’t know that Different Cool iPhone Hacks can transform their lives as well. These hacks help them to use the full potential of their iPhones.



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