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Discover Different Learning Styles & How to Use Them in Your Studies

People are using several ways to process information. All these methods have a great impact on their level of understanding, processing information, and applying new knowledge. Due to this reason, learning styles play a significant role in our lives.

That’s why it is essential to identify your learning style and how to use it in your studies as well. No doubt identifying your learning style enhances the quality of your performance. All of us have different unique preferences and styles.

When we learn something as per our learning style then we can understand material quickly and easily. Moreover, we can retain new knowledge for a long time. All this leads to high confidence, better performance, high energy, and motivation level.

In addition to this, learning style identification is crucial in a competitive market and fast-paced workplace as well. In such an environment, the employees need to learn new skills and upgrade their knowledge regularly. This knowledge can help organizations to arrange more successful training programs.

We all know that students are in the process of continuously learning new things and skills. They need to learn new things as per their learning styles. Unfortunately, we are still using the same method of teaching and learning for all. That’s why we are here to provide you with some valuable information about learning styles and how students can use them in their studies. Let’s explore the topic in some more detail.

Learning Styles & How to Identify the Learning Style of Anyone

There are various kinds of learning styles and some people use more than one style to learn. People have their own preference to gain new knowledge. Let’s explore these styles one by one to gain more clarity about this useful topic.

Visual Learning

In this style, people use visual representations to learn such as diagrams, videos, graphs, images, and other such things. All visual learners can learn quickly when new knowledge is accompanied by visual information. The teaching style of such kind of students must involve visual signs to enhance their quality of performance.

Auditory Learning Style

Some people use auditory information to learn new things. Furthermore, they listen and repeat information by themselves and enhance their knowledge. That’s why for such types of learners listening is important to process new information effectively. Students can get advantage from the audio notes and pod-casts.

Tactile Learning Style

Another interesting learning style is tactile learning. All tactile learners prefer to learn through their sense of touch. They are used to handle materials and objects to process new information. Students with this kind of learning ability can’t perform well through other techniques and styles.

Kinesthetic Learning Style

People with kinesthetic learning prefer physical exercise and real-life encounters. They learn very fast when they are engaged in some practical tasks. It is one of the best styles among other learning styles. In short, their learning must involve movement and touch. Therefore, their teaching style must involve some physical activities.

Social Learning Style

People with social learning preferences like to study in groups. Moreover, they acquire new knowledge quickly during social interaction. They dislike studying alone or learning something in an isolated environment. Additionally, they need discussions and communication with others to explore topics in depth. They learn fast with others. Even they like to stay in the group.

girl reading book

There are various other styles of learning that people are using to store new information easily. That’s why it is essential to use that specific style to gain new knowledge to store new information. Some students can use a combination of different styles to perform well in their studies.

How to Identify Learning Style

It’s an important question that how to identify anyone’s learning style. If we don’t know about student’s learning styles then we can’t help them to study effectively. Don’t worry; various techniques can help you to identify the learning styles of people.


Observation is a method that goes well for collecting any type of information. We can use this technique in this case as well. You can observe the performance of a student in several learning activities.


There is a need to focus on the student and how he is learning or retaining information. For example, a student collecting notes during a lecture is a writing and reading learner. No doubt observing a student’s learning behavior can provide you a lot of information about his learning preference.


Another effective method to collect information about their learning styles is an interview. You can conduct various interviews to ask about their learning experiences as well as learning preferences. Moreover, you can ask questions about their favorite learning style. All this can help you to get an insight into their style of learning.

Questionnaire & Survey

Research always helps us to collect authentic information effectively. You can use survey methods to know their style of storing information. The survey questionnaire can include questions about their preferred learning activity or method to receive information.

Self Assessment Technique

Furthermore, the students can use self-assessments to find out their learning style to perform best in their studies. They can use self-assessment quizzes and other activities to find out their style of learning. Once they find it, it will support them to learn easily within less time. Moreover, it will also help students to gain knowledge with less effort as well.

How to Use Different Learning Styles in Studies

Students having different kinds of learning styles should use different techniques to process new information. All methods are not for everyone. Everyone has his preference as we mentioned above.

When students learn as per their learning style then they will never forget that information. That’s why there is a need to use own learning style for acquiring new knowledge for better understanding.

In addition to this, students can use different methods or techniques in their studies to learn effectively. Various kinds of methods can help students acquire knowledge according to their learning style without facing any problem.

Visual Learners

We all know that visual learners need visual representation to remember information better. That’s why for visual learners mind maps, color codes, and various other visual tools are beneficial for effective learning.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners need listening information to learn and to keep it in their minds. Students can use audiobooks, podcasts, and discussions in their studies. No doubt, group conversations related to difficult topics and subjects can also help students in their learning.

Auditory learning

Kinesthetic Learners

Students having kinesthetic learning styles need physical activity to understand better. Due to this reason, such students always prefer real-life activities to gain knowledge. Students having kinesthetic learning styles can use experiments, role-playing techniques, and practical tasks in their studies.

Social Learners

Social learners always prefer to collaborate with others to acquire new knowledge. Furthermore, they like to share ideas, discuss difficult topics, and learn from other people. That’s why students with social learning can remember things better when they are working or discussing things with their peers.

Tactile Learners

All tactile learners learn through their sense of touch as we mentioned above. Students having tactile learning styles like to build models and are interested in arts. Moreover, these students can benefit from simulations, role-playing, and kind of physical activities to understand the difficult topics of their studies.

Learning styles play a significant role in the life of one student. We used to say that students are not paying attention to their studies or getting low grades and much more.

Did we ever think about the style of teaching or giving information to that student? No, we always blame students for their low-grade performance. Now, it’s time to change the perspective of seeing things. No doubt, when we give information as per the student’s preferred learning style then he will perform beyond our expectations.

Final Verdict

No one can deny that acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills is a difficult task. We didn’t try to explore the reason behind this difficulty of learning new things in our lives. All of us have different mindsets and styles to gain new knowledge. We use unintentionally different ways and techniques to memorize things effectively. If we focus on these techniques then we come to know that these are associated with our learning preferences.

People have different learning styles to process the latest information and to store it. Students also use different methods to learn different topics. However, we use the same teaching method for all students. Due to this reason, some students are unable to grow and they always get low marks. There is a need to explore student’s learning preferences and provide them with opportunities to learn in their style.



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