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Ego Psychology Facts That You Don’t Know About It

No one can deny that when we hear the words “ego “or “egocentric” then we picture a person having a proud and hurtful attitude. You are also not wrong because we are using these words for such people generally.

However, in psychology, the concept of ego is the opposite of this negative concept. Furthermore, you need to know some ego psychology facts to understand it completely.  According to Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology “Ego is a major component of human personality and it is associated with “self “and “I”. In addition to this, the ego is another name for evaluation, planning, and acting logically in our life. It is a way of interacting with our social and physical world.

According to the psychoanalytic school of thought, there are three interacting agents in the psychic apparatus. Furthermore, the ego coexists with the Superego and Id. The super-ego works on ethical principles and the Id is purely a materialistic thing. It works on primitive drives.

Ego Psychology Facts

There is a need to understand that according to a psychological point of view the “Ego” is not a notorious and bad thing. Sigmund Freud said in the explanation of the dynamics of the mind that the ego” is a balance of Id and Super Ego.

However, in society, we are using the word “Ego” in the wrong way and for the wrong people. The issue is we are unaware of the Ego psychology facts that are different from the common ego concept.

Ego Psychology Facts

Furthermore, the Ego serves as an integrator of the inner and outer world as well. Psychology says that Ego is responsible for your behavioral consistency and continuity because it provides a personal point of view.

Moreover, it provides you an insight into how to react in the present situation based on your past experiences. In addition to all this, the Ego can change itself throughout your life. Several life circumstances can affect it.

Ego Is the Center of Your Consciousness

According to the findings and statement of Caral Jung, all personal acts of the conscious mind depend on the Ego. The ego signifies your conscious mind and is responsible for emotions, memories as well as thought patterns.

The ego gives you a sense of uniqueness through the individuation process. Caral Jung believes that Ego determines “who we are”.

The ego Is the Creator of the Self

There is no doubt that Ego will help you to create yourself. It will support you to become your true self through the process of individuation. Moreover, it will help you to understand yourself more deeply. Due to the Ego, you learn how to react and express your emotions.   Additionally, you become a logical and rational person. In this way, you will always think before reacting or giving a response to any environmental stimulus. That’s why you become the best version of yourself. This is one of many Ego Psychology Facts.
However, all this happens only if the working principle of your personality is Ego. As we mentioned above there are two other components of dynamics of your mind and personality.

Ego VS ID & Super Ego

Here is another significant thing that you should know about Ego as per psychological point of view. If we say that it is one of the basic facts among other Ego psychology facts then it is not wrong.

Ego and Id always fight with each other. According to the Psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud, the Id works on the pleasure principle and Ego goes with reality.

Ego VS ID & Super Ego

On the other hand, the Super Ego is extremely wise. It goes with the conscience and morality principle. Due to Super Ego, we have guilty feelings. The Super Ego is responsible for self-loathing, self-approach as well, and guilt for bad things happening in our lives.
Ego is a name of balance. Your Ego is always busy in debate with your Id and Super Ego to become rational and go with logic. Moreover, Ego is responsible for maintaining harmony and peace in your mind.

Ego Keeps Us Safe & Sane

It is another unknown fact about Ego that it keeps you safe. The ego always reminds you “What you should not do?” Due to this reason, you will gain awareness of what is good and what is bad for you. Ego helps you to stay away from bad things such as drugs, etc.
In addition to this, it will help you to think before you react in any situation. Due to Ego, you always analyze the situation and behave logically. Indeed, it keeps you safe and sane. It keeps you away from dangerous and risky things.

All Materialistic Desires & Ego Psychology Facts

It is very essential to clear this misconception that Ego is not responsible for your all-materialistic desires. ID is behind your pleasure-based wishes and desires. The ego is always a logical and rational component of the self.

Furthermore, the Ego has no connection with the proud, useless attitude or hurting behavior of people. Ego is a good thing, not a bad one. It’s Id and that bad guy is responsible for all mistakes. Ego psychology facts will give you a different view of Ego.

Ego Is Not Master in The House

If you are thinking that Ego is the real master of your consciousness then it’s not true. There is also a world of unconsciousness that sometimes becomes in-charge of our actions. According to Freud the other two masters Id and Super Ego took charge and Ego became poor.

Ego Is Not Master in The House
Therefore, there is a need to understand that all pleasure-based desires, hurting, or proud behavioral patterns are due to Id. On the other side, morality, ethics, and spirituality are because of the Super Ego.

Your Ego is a balance between them. All these ego psychology facts represent that the Ego is not connected with pride, attitude, and bad behavior of human beings.

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Final Words

Ego is not what you know about it through its definition given in various dictionaries. According to various psychologists and researchers, the Ego is your rational self and the logical component of your mind.                                                                                 The ego is responsible for your good, safe, and well-balanced behavior. We tried to correct your misconception through these Ego psychology facts. Hope, you understand Ego now clearly.

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