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Facts About AI That Are Stunning & Amazing

We are living in a digital era. Technology is improving day by day. Artificial intelligence is another blessing of our latest technology. AI is now a part of our modern lives. Artificial intelligence replacing the traditional methodologies of the workplace.

Ai no doubt enhancing and transforming the industrial businesses. Therefore, we must know the Facts About AI.  All industries including automobile, healthcare, agriculture, education as well as media are getting benefits from AI. Artificial intelligence enhances the work efficiency of companies and also reduces costs.

If you also know about it and use it to enhance your business then some facts can grab your attention. Here are some marvelous facts about AI that are interesting and surprising to you.

Facts About AI

AI is a mesmerizing technology that is ruling nearly the whole world. Every business and every field is taking advantage of artificial intelligence. It’s time to immerse in the amazing facts of AI.

AI Is Not New

We are thinking that AI is a new technology. No, it is not true. AI has been present in this world since the 1950s. During those days, AI was only solving mathematical problems or playing chess. Nowadays, it is ruling over the whole world.

Feminine Touch

Did you ever think that most virtual assistants have female voices? All Cortana, Alexa, Siri as well as Google virtual assistants have feminine touch. There are some psychological as well as practical reasons behind it.

First of all, a female voice has a high pitch and more clarity. Males’ voices are not that much clear and also lack a high pitch level. All these things become the cause of better interaction between artificial intelligence systems and their users.

AI is inhancing industrial businesses

Secondly, there is a significant factor of likeability and usefulness. We can’t deny that female voices attract people’s minds. Also, people find female voices comfortable and warm. That’s why customer experience is also positive.

Furthermore, the facts about AI say that mostly men are working in the field of artificial intelligence. There are only twenty-two percent of females are present in this field. However, most virtual assistants have female voices.

Even, if you analyze this field critically then you will find that most robots are also females. Don’t know why? But still, it is an interesting fact.

AI & Creativity

We all know that people can create beautiful pieces of art. We all have our favorite painters, artists, singers, etc. AI is a good artist too. Yes, it can write stories, paint pictures as well as make songs. Any doubt? Ok. You need to explore Google’s deep dream and Edmond Belamy’s portrait. AI helps to make them.

AI and creativity

Believe me, AI is a multitalented artist. It has a wide range of styles and talents. Moreover, it can create superb pieces of arts and crafts as well. There is no doubt that the field of art is taking an exciting and new turn due to the unique touch of AI.

Self-Healing Power

Another amazing fact among other facts about AI is self-healing power. Indeed, it is a marvel of AI innovation. They have an excellent combination of advanced material and artificial intelligence that can repair themselves after damage.

Furthermore, these robots have algorithms that will help them to identify malfunction or damage. After the identification of any damage, they can repair themselves through this knowledge.

This concept of self-healing and self-repairing comes from the human body’s ability to heal. This self-repairing ability lets them fix malfunction problems or repair physical damage without any external help.

Disease Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence can analyze medical photos and detect signs of any disease. Due to this reason, the AI is helping in early diagnosis of diseases and treatment as well.

Reduce Energy Consumption

The facts about AI say that companies are using artificial intelligence to reduce their consumption of energy. AI is helping human beings to reduce carbon footprints. On the other hand, it is also helpful to reduce energy costs. No one can deny that AI is helping industries to work efficiently at low cost.

Natural Disaster Predictions

Natural disasters in the old times were really dangerous. Moreover, people lost their lives and wealth due to these unexpected natural disasters. The reason behind these heavy losses is the unawareness of the people.

AI can pedict Natural Disasters

They don’t know when a natural disaster will come. Nowadays with the help of artificial intelligence, we can predict natural disasters. AI algorithms can analyze weather patterns and predict about coming earthquakes and hurricanes. It is a great thing. No doubt it can save people’s lives.

Individuals are Unaware of AI Platforms

People are using various kinds of technical platforms daily. However, they don’t know that they are interacting with artificial intelligence. AI interact with them in such a common and regular way that they fail to identify AI.

Chatbots Are Market Winners

According to the facts about AI, chatbots are winning in the market of sales and customer service. The companies are making a profit due to their 24/7 presence and providing accurate information to the customers.

All these things enhance sales of the company’s products. AI bots are more efficient in solving the customer’s issue. In addition to this, AI chatbots are available anytime. Overall, the company’s growth rate is increasing day by day.


Everything has good and bad points. That’s why there is also one bad fact about AI. AI is responsible for enhancing the rate of unemployment as well. No doubt, the job market in different fields is suffering due to the presence of AI.

People don’t want to hire human resources when they have artificial intelligence. AI is cost-effective. In addition to this, there are no demands for bonuses and holidays. Furthermore, AI is always available to serve you.

Final Words

AI is an amazing technology. Moreover, it has life transformation ability. AI simplifies difficult tasks and performs them within seconds. Overall, the AI is making our lives easy. In addition to this, artificial intelligence is supporting businesses to work more efficiently. These are only a few facts about AI. There is much more out there to explore about this amazing AI field.



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