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Facts About Brain Power | Your Hidden Power

The brain is the master of our body. Our body receives all commands to perform all functions from our brain. If brain functioning faces any problem, then our whole body can’t able to perform well. Moreover, different parts of the brain control different parts of the human body. The brain is a source of endless power.

According to the facts about brain power, a brain can process a huge amount of information within seconds. Due to this reason, we can perform even complex activities such as driving, swimming as well as hiking perfectly. Even, we can do our normal life activities such as speaking, reading, and much more things unconsciously.

Let’s delve into our brain to find some exciting things about this power station of the human body. Indeed, it is worth exploring the topic to know more about brain power.

Best Facts About Brain Power

The brain has the power of various computers and can process complex information within no time. After processing information, it provides us with perfect commands to perform accordingly. There is no doubt that without the brain our body is unable to perform even the simplest task like moving hands. That’s why facts about the brain highlight its limitless power.

Brain Power

Our Brain can perform tasks that even several highly advanced computers together can’t perform. Moreover, our brains can beat modern technology easily. As a rough guess, human memory can hold data of about 2.5 million gigabytes. Well, it is just a rough guess, our memory has much more ability.

According to some research, the hippocampus of the people who need to store more information is quite large. For example, taxi drivers need to remember routes that’s why they have large hippocampus.

In addition to this, memory is a process of constant development. You can develop your memory or make it better through several brain exercises. Due to these exercises and training, you can also enhance the capacity of your memory as per facts about brain power. Thus, you can train your brain to live a proper lifestyle.

No Pain for Brain

Do you know that the brain doesn’t feel any pain? Yes, your brain always remains painless in every situation even during brain surgery. A reason behind this fact is the absence of pain receptor within the brain. In addition to the brain, your liver also lacks pain receptors.

No Pain for Brain

Now, you will ask what about brain freeze? See my friend, it is not a sense of pain. Brain freeze is a sense of extreme discomfort that comes from the restriction of arteries and veins.

Brain Talk Too Much

Have you ever wondered why doing meditation is difficult? Because it’s very difficult for the brain to shut up. Even, a person has more than seventy thousand thoughts per day. In addition to this, research also shows that the brain has 10-minute span of attention. Moreover, the brain requires constant stimulation that’s why you need time to become a master in meditation.

Mediation plays an important role and is helpful to keep our brains quiet for a few minutes. In addition to this, meditation is also very good for physical as well as mental health. You should develop a habit of meditation for at least 15 minutes daily.

Brains Are Different Like Fingerprints

Brains are the same when you are seeing them from a distance. When you study their anatomy then you will find that everyone has a unique brain just like fingerprints. All fingerprints look the same, but no two people have the same fingerprints in this whole world. The brain also has a similar case.

Furthermore, some changes will occur in your brain on the basis of your learning and experiencing the surrounding world. Everyone has a unique brain which is why mental health professionals face difficulty in treating people. They always use different techniques for different individuals. Also, sometimes they make amendments to their techniques to help their clients.

MRI Can Reveal Your Secret

It is one of the most exciting and amazing facts about brain power. Do you know MRI has the power to reveal your secret? You are thinking now which secret it can reveal? What do you think is the biggest secret of your life? There is no need to worry the answer is “Love”.

Yes, guys MRI scans can catch you easily, if you are in love. The scan will show high brain activity in the areas of emotion, reward, and motivation as well. Even, the brain activity of people who are in love or people who faced a break-up recently are not the same.

Brain Never Rest

We used to say that when we sleep our brains are also resting during this time. However, it is a false concept because the brain never rests. Moreover, when you are dreaming during sleep, the brain functioning takes place in different portions continuously. In addition to this, the brain is also controlling you not to act out physically under the influence of dreams in reality.

Brain Never Rest

On the other side, the brain also lowers your body temperature, heart rate as well as breathing rate. According to the facts about brain power the electrical activity of the brain also fluctuates as per your sleep phases.

After waking up from sleep, there is a chance of forgetting 90% of your dream. It is important to get a good peaceful night sleep to store information better as well as perform well in life.


The brain is controlling the whole human body. There is no doubt that without the brain nothing is possible for the body. Moreover, it is a source of power and can process complex information within seconds. That’s why we can respond to any environmental stimuli quickly.

However, we are unaware of its real power. Our brains can even beat modern technology without any issues. That’s why these facts about brain power try to give you some knowledge to understand your brain. You can also enhance your brain ability through training and practice.




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