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Facts About Dreams That You Don’t Know About Them

A world of dreams is magical and full of strange things. No one can deny that we can’t explain everything about dreams. Indeed, it is an endless world of mysteries and wonders. Dreaming is a fascinating experience in your life. Believe it or not, the facts about dreams are astonishing and mind-blowing.

There is a chance of happening strange events during your dreams. Every one of us dreams during our sleep. In addition to this, several artists say that they get the most unique ideas from their dreams. During ancient times, people thought that dreams were from their gods and had some message for them.

Overall, it is a vast topic, and there are different opinions about it. Psychologists believe that they are associated with our subconscious mind. On the other side, some spiritual people are connecting dreams with some sort of secret message from the universe.

Facts About Dreams

Dreams are full of signs and symbols. Sometimes our dreams bring us in some strange situation that is horrifying too. On the other hand, some dreams are happy and give us a sense of calmness and satisfaction. A wide variety of dreams are available in Dreamland.

Furthermore, the facts about dreams are also showing some bizarre and strange things. All these facts have something to tell us about our dreams. Let’s have a look.

Blind People Also Dream

People suffering from blindness after their birth can able to see pictures and images in their dreams.

Blind People Also Dream

However, people who are blind from their birth can’t able to see images. They experience different sounds, touch, smell, and emotions.

90% of Dreams Are Gone

Another interesting thing is when you wake up you forget 90% of your dreams. You just remember a 10% portion of your dream to tell someone. Sometimes, you find yourself saying “I saw something in a dream but was unable to remember what was it”

Women & Men Have Different Dreams

We all know that women and men are different from each other. Psychologists say that both have different psyches as well. In addition to this, they both also dream differently.

Everyone dreams as we mentioned above. However, the content of the dream matters a lot. Men and women dream about different things. Furthermore, they both experience different emotions during their dreams as per their dream situation.

Bad Dreams Are Common

One of the irritating facts about dreams is about negative dreams. Unfortunately, negative dreams are more common among people. Moreover, people experience extreme fear and threats during some dreams.

People suffering from trauma are more likely to have fearful dreams. Sometimes doctors use medicine to help them to sleep peacefully.

Brain Rational Part Shuts Down

Your dreams shut down your prefrontal cortex. It is responsible to help you to respond better towards environmental stimuli. Due to this reason, the dreams have nonsensical and strange qualities. Your brain’s rational activity is off during dreams.

Dreaming Makes You Motionless

People are motionless when they are dreaming about anything. There is a significant reason why your brain keeps you motionless during dreaming. Your brain is trying to prevent you from real-life movements.

You are walking, running, or doing something during your dream. If the brain does not control you then you will start doing the same in the physical world too. Just imagine you are beating someone during a dream or running towards any place. What if you start doing the same in reality too? Afraid? Yes, that’s why your brain is here to make you motionless during dreams.

On the other side, when your brain is weak and unable to control your movement then you will suffer from sleepwalking. You need treatment in such a situation because it can be risky for you as well as the people around you.Happy People Have Happy Dreams

We all know that facts about dreams tell us our own story in different ways. When we are suffering from any kind of stress or depression then we have bad dreams. In addition to this, if your physical health is not good or having some medical disease then also, we dream negative.

Dream About Familiar Faces

You always dream about those faces who come in contact with you in the real world. Now, you will say that we dream about strangers also.

You are right, we agree with you. Did you ever think about how many faces you daily see? Can you remember all the faces you see during travel, on TV, or during watching movies?

All those faces remain in our unconscious mind. Sometimes any face appears in your dreams and you feel it strange.

Unconscious Mind & Dreams

Do you know that it is one of the amazing facts about dreams? You can’t even imagine what is unconscious mind. Even, we don’t know what going on in our unconscious mind right now. Moreover, we know only those things that are part of our consciousness.

Unconscious Mind & Dreams

All our experiences, emotions, or real-life encounters are stored in our unconscious mind. We don’t know what we have in our unconsciousness. Even if we see someone or something for less than a second it is stored in it.

We all have endless storage of memories, emotions, and experiences there. When we sleep, the door of our unconscious mind opens and something appears in our dreams. However, people think they are seeing something new.

Spiritual Concept of Dream

People having a spiritual mindset say that dreams have some purpose and meaning. It doesn’t mean that all dreams have meaning. Furthermore, there are only a few unique and meaningful dreams out there. These dreams only have something to tell you about you or someone you love. Well, some people believe in this theory, and some do not. God knows better about all.

The Bottom Lines

Everyone dreams about anything. Dreamworld is full of exciting, strange, and bizarre experiences. Some are happy, and some are so frightening that we remain awake the rest of the night. All facts about dreams are also trying to tell us some extraordinary things about them. However, there is no scientific proof that dreams have some meaning or they are trying to tell us about the future.



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