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Facts About Eye Color | A Truth Behind Our Eye Color

The eyes are the most beautiful and sensitive part of our body. Several things contribute to creating your appearance. Your eyes play a significant role in making you stand out of the crowd.

People mostly say that they first notice the eyes of anyone. On the other side, poets are filling dairies to praise the beauty of eyes through their poetry. In addition to this, some people believe that eye color is connected with certain personality traits.

Some unique facts about eye color tell us that there is much more out there about your eye color. Your eye color is not only responsible for your appearance and eye pigmentation but also signifies your ancestors.

Some eye colors are very rare and some are quite common. Moreover, it represents your race and ancestral origin as well. In addition to this, sometimes the eyes also tell a lot about your Physical health.

No doubt a colorful world of eye colors is very unique and full of interesting things. Let’s explore this world in more depth to know some amazing facts about it.

Facts About Eye Color

We have different eye colors such as blue, brown, hazel, black, green as well as gray. Do you know why you have colored eyes? An amount of melanin in your iris is behind this mystery of eye colors. Due to the presence of pigments in the fiber of the iris, it appears colored.

Melanin also protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays. They are extremely sensitive to light and also protect from sun damage. People having light-colored eyes can suffer more from macular degeneration.

People Having Brown Eyes Having Fast Reaction Time

No doubt it’s a myth but maybe for some people, it can be a fact. People having brown eyes have fast reaction times during sports like baseball, boxing, and football.

Furthermore, the people having blue eyes have more interest in self-paced sports such as golf, etc. However, there is a need for research in this field to prove this theory scientifically.

Change In Eye Color with Age

Another amazing fact among other facts about eye color includes changes in eye color with age. However, most people have one eye color for their whole life. There is only 15% of people from different races can experience changes in eye color with their age.

On the other hand, some eye diseases such as pigmentary glaucoma and Horner’s syndrome. Due to Hornor’s syndrome, the strings of nerves face damage and become unable to dilate the pupil. People suffering from Hornor disease have a lighter iris.

The pigmentary glaucoma makes the iris to become very dark. In addition to this, the eye medicine for pigmentary glaucoma can cause your eye color to become dark as well.

Babies Have Blue Eyes

Babies are born with blue eyes. Despite the races or parental traits most of the babies all around the world have blue eyes when they are born. The reason behind this color is the lack of melanin in their iris.

When babies grow the level of melanin in their iris also increases with their development.

Babies Have Blue Eyes

That’s why the eye color of children changes during their first three years of life.

Light Eyes Are Light Sensitive

Do you know if you have light eyes then you are at risk of light sensitivity? People who have eyes with light colors such as green and blue have more chances to develop photophobia. Due to a lack of melanin in their eyes, they have less protection against UV rays and fluorescent light.

Green Eyes Are Rare & Brown Eyes Are Common

According to the facts about eye color, the green eyes are the rarest eyes of the world. On the other hand, the most common color of the eyes is brown.

Connection of Eye Color with Vision

Another fantastic fact you should know about eye color is its connection with your vision. Due to dark eyes, people can able to see better. Moreover, they have less chance of developing photosensitivity.

Connection of Eye Color with Vision

On the other side, people having eyes with light color are unable to see perfectly during sunlight. It happens due to less level of melanin.

All People with Blue Eyes Have Single Ancestor

People say that all blue-eyed people have the same single ancestor. All early human beings have brown eyes. The first person with blue eyes was born 10,000 years ago in Europe.

He was suffering from a genetic mutation. All people having blue eyes even today have genetic mutation at the same spot at a chromosomal level.

Impossible to Predict the Eye Color of a Baby

Do you know that the eye color of parents has no connection with the baby’s eye color? You can’t predict the eye color of your baby on the basis of your and your partner’s eye color. For example, Prince William has blue eyes and his wife has green eyes. But they have two sons with brown eyes and a blue-eyed daughter.

Did You Hear This? Fun Facts About Eye Color

Some facts about eye color are also very interesting and give us amazing information.

Fun Facts About Eye Color

Few amazing fun facts are given below:

  • A vivid imagination is associated with people having blue eyes.
  • People with hazel eyes have passionate souls
  • Brown eyes are full of excitement. On the other side, they also behave very calmly in certain situations
  • People having green eyes are enjoying sharp minds.

There are many more fun facts about the eye colors of human beings. All of them are not true and they are just for fun. But maybe they are true who knows? Furthermore, in this world of eye color, various important things need serious consideration.

The Bottom Lines

The eyes are the most important and sensitive body part. Therefore, no matter what color your eyes have, you need to take care of them. In addition to this, you need to visit a doctor for some regular eye check-ups. Despite all the facts about eye color, all eyes are special and beautiful in their own way.



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