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Amazing Facts About Human Feet | You Don’t Know About Feet

The brain is the master of the body. Eyes are beautiful and windows of soul. Every story revolves around the heart. Similarly, other human body parts get immense attention from people. However, human feet always face negligence. Most people don’t know facts about human feet that they need to know.

These are unsung heroes who work so hard and remain unknown to people. Even, during a day they complete around eight thousand to ten thousand steps. Also, people do not consider human feet as glamorous as eyes. However, it’s not true. These guys are equally important just like other parts of your body.

Due to this reason, we bring some interesting yet astonishing facts about this unknown but important participant of our lives. Let’s explore this topic in a little more depth to know some significant things that we should know about human feet.

Best Facts About Human Feet

There is no doubt that each and every part of our body plays a vital role in our survival. Human feet also contribute significantly to this process. Even, they are highly important for us because without feet we can’t walk or move from one place to another. Despite all these facts, they are not much under discussion. Also, people do not consider them as a sign of beauty just like eyes.

Feet Have Most Bones

An adult human body contains a total of 206 bones. Most of the bones of our body are found in our feet and hands. Moreover, there are 26 bones in each foot. It means that your pair of feet contain a total of 52 bones. If you are good in mathematics then you can calculate that is 25 percent of the total body bones.

Most Weight Bearer

We all know that our whole body weight is on our feet when we stand, walk, or run. That’s why it is the more weight-bearer part of the human body. Due to the presence of above 100 muscles, 33 joints, and ligaments, they can do this job without creating any issues.

Most Ticklish Feet

One of the interesting facts about human feet is regarding tickles. The feet are the most ticklish part of the human body. Due to the presence of more than 8000 nerves, this phenomenon is happening. Tickle is not bad; it is a good sign that all nerves in your feet are working properly.

feet are ticklish part of body

Furthermore, if anyone’s feet are not responding to the tickle it means there is some nerve damage there. So, next time when someone teases you by tickling don’t get angry at all. Enjoy it your feet are healthy.

Sweat Glands

You should change your socks soon to save others from bad smells. Why we are saying this to you? Wait, we have a reason behind our statement. Human feet have about 250,000 sweat glands. Due to this reason, your feet soon start sweating.

That’s why it is very important to change socks because it is important to maintain your physical health and a lifesaving tip for the people around you.

Feet Are Amazing

According to the facts about human feet, they can do remarkable things without showing any problem. People with missing hands or arms can do incredible things through their feet. Furthermore, they use their feet to perform their daily life activities such as cooking, combing hair, and much more.

In addition to this, some people learned to perform special tasks as well. They use their feet to drive, shoot, and paint, as well as for playing golf and doing calligraphy work.

Largest & Smallest Feet in the World

Do you know who is the Guinness world record winner due to the largest & smallest feet in the whole world? No? Ok, we will upgrade your general knowledge. The answer for the largest feet is Brahim Takioulla. He comes from Morocco and his feet are 1 foot 3 inches long.

It is the longest feet in the whole world. Moreover, he needs a large amount of money to prepare a customized pair of shoes for him. Due to this great shoe size, it’s impossible to find a suitable shoe in general shoe shops.

Furthermore, the smallest feet in the whole world belong to Jyoti Amge. She belongs to Nagpur, India. Her feet are only 3.72 inches long. That’s why she has the smallest feet at the age of 19 in the whole world. Both these guys are facing severe problems in their lives due to their feet size.

Women Face More Feet Issues

Men and women are different in many aspects. In the case of feet, the things remain the same. Women face more foot issues as compared to men. Due to their high heels, they place themselves in pain. Moreover, they used to place extra pressure on their toes and strain on their arch.

In addition to this, they will never leave wearing heels no matter what is happening with their feet. Women think they look more gorgeous and beautiful after wearing heels.


One of the strange facts about human feet also describes a phobia related to human feet. People suffering from this phobia don’t like to read about feet and talk about feet. In addition to this, they even don’t like to touch their feet as well.

Pedophobia: Phobia related to Feet

Furthermore, people can suffer from more infections in severe cases of this phobia. The reason behind this is their inability to wash their feet properly and remove socks or put on socks on time. All these things lead to severe foot diseases as well as infections.


Human feet are the most significant part of the human body. Feet bear total body weight and helpful to stand and move from one place to another. On the other side, these are more neglectable parts as well.

People are not recognizing their contribution to their life. These facts about human feet tried their best to bring some important things about feet under the limelight. There is a need to care your feet properly and focus on their cleaning on time.



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