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Facts About Intelligence That Are Thought-Provoking

A fascinating and interesting mental characteristic is known as intelligence. Do you know what intelligence does for you? You can’t even imagine how many tasks it is performing for you. Due to your intelligence, you can learn, understand, and adjust to new situations as well as you become a master at adjusting to new situations.

In addition to this, it also helps you enhance your level of understanding and use abstract concepts to develop new things. Everyone has his intellectual abilities. Furthermore, the intelligence also helps people to become successful in the society.

Intelligence is a topic of debate among various psychologists and scientists. They all have different opinions about it. That’s why the facts about intelligence are always thought-provoking and fascinating for people.

Moreover, these facts also enhance your knowledge about it as well as correct misconceptions about intelligence. Let’s dig into the topic in a little more depth to explore more about intelligence.

Facts About Intelligence

Intelligence is a characteristic of our neural system. In addition to this, our learning and experiences shape this characteristic regularly. Due to intelligence, a person becomes able to face any situation smartly.

Single Factor Can’t Determine Intelligence

Intelligence is a combination of various factors. A single factor can’t able to described perfectly. In addition to this, it involves our problem-solving skills, cognitive abilities, social adaptability as well as emotional intelligence.

Environmental & Genetic Factors

All genes and environmental factors have a great impact on our intelligence. The genetic factors that we inherit from our parents also play a significant role in intelligence. On the other hand, exposure to the outside world also impacts greatly intelligence.

No Fixation

According to the facts about intelligence, it is not static. It improves due to mental stimulation, training, and education.

Intelligence is not static

That’s why a person can increase the sharpness of their cognitive skills anytime with proper training and practice.

Intelligence is Not Only for Human Beings

Do you think that only human beings have intelligence? If yes, then it’s not true. There are several other species such as octopuses, chimpanzees, dolphins, etc also have intelligence. Due to their intelligence, these species are also good at problem-solving and cognitive skills.

Intelligence is Not Enough for Success

Your success not only depends upon your intelligence level. No doubt there are various other factors contributing to your achievements. Factors such as emotional intelligence, creativity, social skills, perseverance, and much more are responsible for personal growth and success.

Role of Emotional Intelligence

Furthermore, you need to understand that emotional intelligence contributes to overall intelligence significantly. Your ability to manage emotions and understand the situation is due to your emotional intelligence. Indeed, it plays a vital role in social interactions, personal relationships as well as your well-being.

Intellectual Gift

Some facts about intelligence also say that some people have intellectual gifts. It means they have some high level of intelligence in certain fields such as music, maths, art, etc. Moreover, these people have high levels of sharp cognitive skills.

Some people have Intellectual Gift

Lifelong Process

Intelligence is a life-long process of development. Your intelligence is developing continuously through learning. You can enhance your level of intelligence through learning new things, reading books, solving mind games, etc. All such activities will sharpen your mind and increase cognitive abilities.

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Complex Trait

No one can deny the fact that intelligence is a complex trait. That’s why it is a subject of exploration and ongoing research. All thinkers, psychologists as well as scientists are striving to understand the complexities of intelligence. Moreover, it has several implications in various aspects of our life.

Smart People Are Curious

People having high levels of intelligence are curious by nature. They always try to explore more. Additionally, they feel that their knowledge level is not high. That’s why they ask more questions and want to know more and more.

Sense of Humor

Another interesting thing about intelligent people is a good sense of humor. People with having humorous natures are more likely to have high intelligence levels.

No Conflict At  ALL

Some facts about intelligence say that people with high IQ levels are less contribute to conflicts. They are good observers but don’t like to debate or initiate conflicts.

Intelligence & Worry

Some facts also show that a high level of worry is associated with a high intellectual level. These people are always worried about everything. That’s why you will find intellectual people lost in their world of thoughts and worry.

IQ Tests

Intelligence Quotient, the IQ tests are also here to measure the level of a person’s intelligence. This test comprises of series of tests that will evaluate the cognitive skills of a person.

IQ Tests measure the level of intelligence

Furthermore, it includes all skills such as mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, verbal comprehension as well as logical reasoning.

Different Types

Some psychologists also try to say that intelligence is not a single concept. It comprises several different abilities as well. Several kinds of intelligence include musical, mathematical, logical, intrapersonal as well as interpersonal intelligence.

Can You Measure Intelligence Correctly?

Psychologists and scientists always try to measure intelligence through different tests such as IQ tests, etc. Furthermore, intelligence measurement is just a rough estimate of a person’s cognitive skills. However, intelligence is a complex mental trait to measure accurately. No one can say that he can measure intelligence without error accurately and perfectly.

Inherent Intelligence

If you have intelligent parents and grandparents then there is a chance that you are also an intelligent person. Some facts about intelligence also shed light on genetic influence over your intelligence. However, it develops with time as well as with experience.

Recovery from Failure

Another interesting thing about intelligent people is their recovery from failure. People having high intelligence levels perceive failure as a lesson. They learn from it change their plans and restart their journey again.

On the other hand, foolish people keep hurting themselves by thinking about failure again and again. Well, intelligence makes you able to view failure from another perspective and learn from mistakes.


If we say that habit of reading plays a vital role in our life then it is not wrong. Reading enhances our level of knowledge about everything. On the other hand, it also sharpens our mental abilities. No doubt, a habit of reading makes us intelligent as well.

Different Life Situations

Intelligence is not only your high level of knowledge. It is your way of dealing with different life situations. How you react in different situations signifies your intelligence. Due to the different experiences of life, your intelligence refines your way of dealing with various environmental stimuli.


In addition to other qualities, creative people have high intelligence levels as well. Creative thinkers are always in search of new things. They think differently and uniquely. That’s why they have more sharp cognitive skills.

Intelligence is Dangerous

On one side high level of intelligence is good for people. They can perform their life activities more effectively.

On the other side psychopaths usually are highly intellectual people. The serial killers plan their murders with one pattern smartly.

High Intelligence is Dangerous

Left-handed People Are More Smart

According to the facts about intelligence, intelligence will not vary on your use of the left hand or right hand. Moreover, it is nothing more than a myth that left-handed people are more intelligent than right-handed people.

This myth came into existence due to some famous left-handed people such as Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Michelangelo, etc. Indeed, there is no connection between the use of hand and intelligence.

No Connection Between Grades & Intelligence

People usually think that if their child is not achieving good grades then he is not a genius. It is a wrong attitude and thinking pattern. There is no connection between good grades and intelligence.

Furthermore, intelligence is not limited to one field maybe your child has some other talent. There is a need to encourage the hidden talent of your child to make him successful.

The Bottom Lines

No one can deny the fact that intelligence is a complex mental characteristic. It is a subject of continuous research and debate between psychologists and scientists as well. Even though they don’t understand completely. Several factors contribute to our intelligence. Moreover, both genetic and environmental factors influence a person’s level of intelligence.

In addition to this, intelligence level varies from one person to another. Intelligence is not fixed as well. It is a process of continuous development through learning and training. Due to this reason, understanding is very difficult.

All facts about intelligence tell us about its significance in our lives. Our life activities are solely dependent upon intelligence. Due to this trait, we make decisions and also enhance our growth rate.



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