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Surprising Facts About Thomas Hobbes | Hidden Truth

A well-known political theorist and philosopher is famous for his theory of social contract and extraordinary work on human nature. Even, several people of the modern age are readers of his famous book “Leviathan”. This book contains his remarkable work and findings about human nature.

In addition to this, he also emphasizes the need for a strong government in all countries. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of avoiding a “war of all against all”. No one can deny that his philosophical thoughts and theories have a long-lasting impact on the philosophical world.

Some surprising facts about Thomas Hobbes shed light on his ideas, personal life, and his major contribution to philosophy. Moreover, these facts will also enhance your level of human nature understanding and knowledge. Let’s begin the journey to explore the exciting aspects of Thomas Hobbes’s work as well as his personal life.

Facts About Thomas Hobbes

There is no doubt that some facts about the famous philosopher Thomas Hobbes are still unknown to the world. People need to know about his influential theories and his immense contribution to providing complex human nature ideas. Additionally, these facts will also give some glimpse into his personal life as well.

Unrestrained Childhood

In 1588, he was born prematurely in Westport, England. Due to the absence of his father during early childhood, he was under his mother’s influence. Later he was under the care of his uncle. That’s why you will find a great impact of his early life experiences on his philosophical and political concepts.

Passionate Traveler

Thomas Hobbes was a passionate traveler. He travels a lot and discusses his ideas with various intellectual minds and philosophers of that time. Indeed, This is one of the Surprising Facts About Thomas Hobbes.

Additionally, during his travels, he explores different cultures and ideologies as well. Moreover, he developed his political concepts due to his experience of exploring different norms, cultures, values, and laws.

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Absolute Monarchy

All philosophers or intellectual minds know that one of his controversial ideas is about absolute monarchy. According to Thomas, a strong monarch can only control people and maintain peace and order. Furthermore, he also said that a monarch has the power to keep the aggression and selfishness of the people under control. That’s why there is always a need for a strong and wise monarch.


Surprising facts about Thomas Hobbes also point out the human nature of working on a self-interest basis. They are only concerned with fulfilling their wishes and desires.

Thomas Hobbes Emphasized on Self-InterestHuman beings are also interested in attaining power to rule over the world. Therefore, he emphasized the significance of the central authority to control all people of the society.

State of Nature

The famous book “Leviathan” contains the most influential work of Thomas Hobbes. In this book, he also provides the world with the marvelous concept of the “state of nature”. He also explained that it is a state or situation in which there is no societal structure and government to control individuals. Moreover, there is a chance that this state can lead to war or any other conflict.

Political Philosophy

You will find that his major work is about politics and government. He gave various concepts that are influencing the field of political philosophy till today. Thomas Hobbes’s political concepts serve as a foundation of modern-age political ideas. In addition to this, his work also influences the authoritarian and democratic systems as well.

Even, today political theorists and philosophers are bringing their super ideas under discussion to understand various things. Moreover, the “De Cive,” “Leviathan,” as well as “Behemoth” are full of incredible ideas and mind-blowing concepts.

Natural Law Concept

His concept of natural law is all about human self-interest and self-preservation instincts. Additionally, he said that it is good that human beings have the freedom to work on the basis of self-interest. However, it’s not good that they start interfering in the lives of others and destroy their rights. It is one of the main surprising facts about Thomas Hobbes that he explores human nature in very depth.

Theory of Social Contract

Thomas Hobbes also described that human beings can leave their few rights in exchange for some other benefits. His theory of social contract is all about the human nature of getting benefits from the government. Even, they give up their several rights in exchange offer of getting the benefit of stability and protection from the government.

Thomas Hobbes As a Materialist

He explained all phenomena on the basis of the physical interaction of matter. In addition to this, his concepts are a clear rejection of metaphysical and religious ideas. He enhances the understanding of this world scientifically.

Catholic Church Restrictions

One of the surprising Facts About Thomas Hobbes is about the Catholic Church’s restrictions on him.

Catholic Church Restrictions

Due to his controversial ideas and concepts about religion, he faced serious restrictions from the church. The Catholic Church was not in favor of his thoughts. Therefore, the church perceived his theories as a dangerous step against religious teaching and authority.

A Spectacular Legacy

No one can deny the fact that Thomas Hobbes left a marvelous legacy for future generations. Even today his theories and political ideas are influencing political discussions. Moreover, his concepts of the role of government, power as well as human nature are real gems of the political system. People are taking benefit from these concepts for analyzing the system of today’s politics.

The Bottom Lines

Thomas Hobbes a well-known name in the world of philosophy. Even, the modern age philosophers are taking guidance from their incredible work. Some of his theories and concepts are also influencing the modern-era political structure. His influential and remarkable work helps a lot to understand human nature and the political system.

Some surprising facts about Thomas Hobbes also bring their controversial concepts under the limelight. His concepts were against religious ideas and focused on the scientific understanding of the human world. Therefore, he faced high criticism as well.



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