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Interesting Facts About Venezuela | Land of Beauty & Wildlife

Venezuela is a fascinating country located in South America. Nature is very generous to Venezuela. That’s why it is home to a wide variety of wildlife and more than forty-three national parks. The charm of this country is not limited to wildlife, but also various remarkable waterfalls are also present there.

Additionally, you know that most pretty women belong to this country. Surprised? Yes, it is true. Later in this article, you will find out why we are saying this. Believe it or not, Venezuela is indeed a home of inspiring and stunning beauty. Are you curious to know more about this country of immense beauty and charm?

Let’s explore this land of loveliness and charm. There are several interesting facts about Venezuela are also here to surprise you. We will discuss them one by one to satisfy curious souls.

Interesting Facts About Venezuela

Venezuela is a home of immense natural resources and masterpieces of natural beauty. All these things make it a center of attention for all tourists from all round the world.

A Megadiverse Country

Venezuela is a megadiverse country and it is at number 17 among other megadiverse countries of this planet. On the other side, it stands at 7th position in the world because of its wide variety of wildlife species. It has the most amazing as well as rare wildlife species.

Due to this reason, it is a favorite country of wildlife and animal fans. In addition to animals, it is home to more than 21,000 species of plants. Moreover, 351 types of mammals, 341 species of reptiles, 1417 species of birds, and 315 kinds of amphibians are also living there.

Another interesting thing is the presence of the largest rodent in the world, Capybara. A capybara can grow up to 4.40ft in length.

Beauty Business

You were surprised why we said that most beautiful women belong to Venezuela. We know you are curious and eager to know it. Let’s reveal this mystery. We all know that in the whole world, there are four big pageants for beautiful women. These four titles include Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, and Miss International.

Can you imagine that Venezuela has seven Miss Universe titles? Shocked? Hold on guys, we have some more information to surprise you. In addition to seven Miss Universe titles, this country won 6 Miss World titles, 8 Miss International titles, as well as 2 Miss Earth titles are also there in this country.

That’s why it is the only country on this globe with most crowns. Now what? Planning a visit to Venezuela, right? Ok, at the end of this article, you will have many more reasons to visit this inspiring country.

Atmospheric Phenomenon

One of the interesting facts about Venezuela is about Lake Maracaibo. It is near about twenty to thirty-six million years old. Due to this reason, its name is also in the list of oldest lakes in the world. Moreover, it is famous because of its special quality. It has the most active lightning strike area on the Earth.

Scientists used to call this natural phenomenon with name Catatumbo lightning. It happens during powerful storms. In one powerful storm, this lake faces twenty-eight strikes per minute.

Angel Falls

Another piece of mesmerizing natural beauty is Angel Falls. It is also known as Salto Angel. Do you know it is the tallest and highest waterfall in this world? Venezuela is home to this interrupted waterfall of about 979 meters in height and 807 meters drop. It is present in the Canaima National Park.

Moreover, this park is the 6th biggest national park on the earth. Due to all these marvelous gems of nature, Venezuela is a worth visiting place. It has all the attractions to amuse your nature lover soul. It is one of the interesting facts about Venezuela.

Oil Reservoirs

Do you know that Venezuela has the largest oil reservoirs? Again shocked? Yes, Venezuela is indeed not only rich in natural beauty but also has an oil treasure. In addition to this, it is the only country all around the globe that has the biggest oil reservoir.

The gas prices there are not very high because of the oil resources. Now definitely you are thinking of visiting Venezuela. We told you till the end you will have several reasons for planning your next trip to this country.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Venezuela is rich in natural places and worth visiting sites. Furthermore, it has some places that are only present in this country. No country in the world can claim that it has a similar site on its land too. You can take the example of Angel Falls, Canaima National Park as well as Catatumbo Lightning.

Cataumbo lightning

Cataumbo lightning turns the area of the lake into the day. This lightning will remind you of new year’ eve fireworks. You can say it’s natural fireworks. On the other side, the cable car site is also present here. There are many more places are there to explore and enjoy there.

All these things and stunning places can make Venezuela more than just a country on the world’s map.

The Bottom Lines

Venezuela is the dearest country of Mother Nature. That’s why you can find marvelous and awe-inspiring beauties of nature here. On one side it is a rich source of oil reservoirs and on the other side, it has the world’s prettiest places.

These landscapes are worth-visiting places because of their beauty and charm. Moreover, all these places are unique in their plant and animal species. Once you enter this fascinating country then you can find yourself in some other world. A world full of wildlife, waterfalls, and amazing plants.

A variety of dense forests and mystical waterfalls can easily captivate your heart. Additionally, you will never find the flavor of Venezuela chocolate in any other place in the world. A diversified cuisine is also there for you. These are a few interesting facts about Venezuela and there are much more out there.



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