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Facts About Virtual Reality That Are Really Astonishing

The technology of virtual reality is illuminating every field of today’s business. Everyone is enjoying the benefits of this fascinating technology.

All businessmen and other users are equally using it for different purposes after learning the Facts About Virtual Reality. Due to this reason, the growth rate of the market of VR is increasing with every passing day.

Nowadays customers are getting an exceptional experience through virtual tours. Due to the latest technology online businesses are also rising day by day. Therefore, the market becomes more competitive for companies to enhance their sales through more innovative ways.

All these things enhance the use of virtual reality in the world of business. On the other side, the Gen Z is crazy about VR. Despite the popularity of VR, still some facts about virtual reality are unknown and hidden.

Let’s explore this world of virtual reality to find some astonishing facts about this fantastic world.

Facts About Virtual Reality

Every day you can find something new about this virtual world of VR. According to recent research, many people show their high interest after only two minutes of VR exposure.

virtual reality is mesmerizing people

On the other side, the researchers found out that more than fifty percent of people showed their interest in the purchase of virtual reality technology after an informational session.

There is no doubt that virtual reality has the power to make people crazy about it. People are extremely attracted to it. Another study finds that 79% of people who try virtual reality once want to try it again and again.

If we say that virtual reality is mesmerizing people then it is not wrong. The gaming world is taking full advantage of virtual reality to enhance its business. According to a rough guess, there is an expectation of 500 million VR headset sales by 2025. No doubt the world of virtual reality is amazing.

The term “Virtual Reality” is Not New

Do you know that virtual reality term was first used in 1987? Yes, it’s quite new information for most of us. Especially for those who come in contact with virtual reality recently.

In 1987, Jaron Lanier who is the visual programming lab founder used the term “Virtual reality”. Jaron also developed his virtual reality equipment range as well.

First Virtual Tour User

In 1994, the first time they used the term “virtual tour”. Do you know that the real estate industry used this technology for the first time? In addition to this, you should also know that Queen Elizabeth II was the first user of the virtual tour.

Virtual Reality & Field of Medicine

Some more information about the facts of virtual reality includes its functionality in the medical field. Healthcare institutions also incorporate virtual reality for diagnosis as well as treatment.

Virtual Reality & Field of MedicineAdditionally, healthcare professionals are creating 3D virtual models through software with the help of diagnostic images and ultrasounds. Due to these models, surgeons can locate the exact surgical location and prepare better for surgery.

On the other hand, Virtual reality therapy has also become popular among people due to various benefits. People are recovering from anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorders, etc due to this VR therapy.

No Single Person Contribution to VR Invention

Another interesting thing about virtual reality is that it is not invented by a single person. The contribution of several people is behind the success of this technology. If you wish to give credit to the main contributors then you should give it to five people.

Five people are major contributors to the invention of today’s Virtual reality. These five people are Jaron Lanier, Ivan Sutherland, Morton Heiling, Myron Krueger, and Douglas Engelbart.

Virtual Reality is Not Just Gaming

When you talk about virtual reality then most people think that it is all about gaming. No, it’s not true. A virtual reality is much more than just a gaming platform. Gaming is one of the practical Facts About Virtual Reality.

There is much more out there to explore about the virtual reality world. Furthermore, you can experience virtual travel tours, watch reality virtual documentaries and many more programs are there.

Google Cardboard Program

Damien Henry and David Coz are behind this Google cardboard platform invention. Google always encourages its engineers to spend 20% of their work time on their innovative projects.

That’s why these two engineers also invented this platform during Google’s “innovation time off” program.

Moreover, the google also supported that project. That’s why Google’s cardboard platform is now a part of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Is Boosting Tourism

You can’t even imagine how much the travel industry is getting benefits from virtual tours. It is one of the best facts about virtual reality. Due to virtual reality, travel agents, hotels, and businessmen are showcasing places to their potential customers.

Virtual Reality Is Boosting Tourism

Furthermore, the virtual tours mostly include tourist attractions that grab the customer’s attention.

Human Eye Resolution

Every day is a day of new advancement in the virtual reality world. The Varjo company is trying to take this virtual reality technology to the next level. They are trying to introduce human-eye resolution, high software compatibility, and integrated eye-tracking features as well.

Their main goal is to see the virtual world just like they are seeing their real world through real eyes. Also, they are enhancing their research, technology, design, training, and simulation to achieve their goal.

NASA is Using VR

NASA is Using the technology of VR

NASA engineers are also using this technology of virtual reality to make better connections with their space devices. On the other hand, NASA engineers are also trying to invent ways to control robotic arms through operator’s gestures.

The Bottom lines

Our world is under the control of the latest technology. A great wonder of the latest technology is virtual reality. We can say without any doubt that the facts about virtual reality can make you surprise.

All businessmen are using it to enhance their growth rate. The gaming world is also making progress due to this. In short, people are using it in every field including the medical field.




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