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How To Hide Your ChatGPT Conversations Without Deleting Them

All of us know that technology is introducing exciting things. Artificial intelligence (AI) facts are one of those fascinating things. AI is present in all fields nowadays. Everyone is getting benefits of this technology and using it to do various tasks. ChatGPT is one of the AI tools that become popular among people recently.

Moreover, people are using it for several purposes. A highly advanced AI-powered assistant is always ready to provide you with innovative and creative content. People from different fields are using it. People also find it difficult to Hide Their ChatGPT Conversations Without Deleting Them. In addition to this, people are also chatting about some sensitive or personal topics.

You know some chats are more private and we don’t want someone to read them. Now you are thinking that disabling or deleting chat history is the only solution to this issue. No, there is something else also that you can do.

Open AI can understand your problem. That’s why it provides you with a handy solution to hide your chats without deleting them. Let’s discuss how to hide your ChatGPT conversations without deleting them.

Ways To Hide Your ChatGPT Conversations Without Deleting Them

People sometimes use ChatGPT on the web and sometimes they use it on their iPhones. Therefore, they need a solution to hide their chats from both places. Here we will discuss both ways to solve your problem. You just need to follow all instructions for perfect results.

Hide ChatGPT Chats on the Web

If you are using your ChatGPT on the web then you can hide your chat easily. You can archive your chat from the sidebar. Archiving your chats is the best thing you can do to hide them. It will remove all chat history from your main screen. Moreover, there is no fear of deleting it or destroying chat data permanently.

Archive your Chat

In addition to this, you can check it anytime whenever you want. Just you need to learn the method of archiving chats to sort out this issue. Just focus on the following steps:

  • First of all, you need to visit
  • After this log in through the openAI account details
  • Now, you need to use side bar to choose the chat that you are going to archive
  • Click ellipsis (…) next to your desired chat.
  • Menu open that contains many options
  • Click on the “archive” option to archive the chat
  • This action will disappear your chat instantly

Moreover, you can use the same process for any chat you want to remove from your main screen. Now, you know how to hide your ChatGPT conversations without deleting them.

Hide ChatGPT Chats on iPhone

Nowadays people are crazy about their mobile phones. They use their phones to do everything. When they use ChatGPT on their phones then hiding their chats becomes a big problem for them. If you are also worrying about this then don’t worry, we have a solution to your problem.

Hide ChatGPT Chats on iPhone

However, the solution is for iPhone users. A feature of archiving chat is only available for iPhone users right now. The openAI also announced that the feature will be soon available for Android users as well.

Let’s discuss the steps of archiving chats in the chatGPT mobile app.

  • On iPhone, you need to sign in openAI account
  • Top-left corner contains 2 lines, tap them or sweep right for the chat screen
  • Now press a little longer the chat you need to hide from the main screen
  • A menu appears with various options
  • Click the option of archiving from them
  • A pop-up appears and asks for confirmation
  • Now, again choose the archive

When you archive your chats then you can see them in the sidebar. Furthermore, if the archive option is missing then try to update your app.

How To Access The Archive To View Chats

First, you were searching to know how to hide your chatGPT conversations without deleting them. Now, you are thinking about how you can access those hidden chat items. Again, there is no need to worry about it. You can access them anytime whenever you wish.

How To Access the Archive Chat

Follow these steps:

  • Your openAI account name is present in the bottom-left corner of a web screen page
  • A menu appears and you will choose the settings
  • Tap “Manage” written next to archived chats
  • It will open a list of all chats that are present in your archive.
  • Click the chat, if you want to read or continue.
  • You can unarchive chat also from the unarchive option given next to the trash icon.

In the case of mobile apps, you need this procedure:

  • Click ellipsis (…). It is in the sidebar next to your name
  • Open settings menu
  • Choose archived chats
  • A list of chats appears in front of you that you are hiding from the sidebar
  • Click any one of your chats
  • Then click view
  • You can click “unarchive” to send back the conversation to the sidebar

You know guys that archiving your chats is much easier than deleting a whole history of chatGPT. All you need few seconds to send any chat to your archive. Furthermore, you can access it anytime within no time. However, you can’t select several chats to archive at once. You have to archive chats one by one.

Final Words

Artificial intelligence is always at your service. Nowadays chatGPT is very famous among people due to its innovative content-creating ability. People are getting solutions to various problems just by chatting. Sometimes these chats are all about crucial and sensitive topics. That’s why people don’t want to keep them on the main screen.

They also don’t want to delete their chats. That’s why you should know how to hide your chatGPT conversations without deleting them. We tried to provide all the information in this case in a very simple way to sort out this problem. All this information will help you to archive chats rather than deleting them.



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