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How technology has changed business | Impact of Technology on Bussiness


Technology has immense importance in every phase of life. It is playing a massive role in making progress and getting knowledge of every sort.

Technology is rapidly developing the business industries and companies in the last decade. At this age, with the help of technology, there is happened more success and advancement in every business in the whole world. Businesses are growing more and more and getting great achievements of success through their products and also make their products more effective and efficient with the usage of technology.

Over the last decade, technology has greatly revolutionized the area of business industries. Technology has totally changed overall the business strategies that are very helpful and useful for the industries.

In this era, Technology has huge changed in business and proved itself very useful for the business growth and development and has altered the chains and cycles of firms and industry. It’s created new ways and tools that are working very bravely for Economic improvement.

There are a lot of numbers of businesses in the whole world that grow their services and products with the help of technology and increase their business. Approximately, all countries in this global village are running their business at the national or international level due to the technology. Technology has changed totally the schedule of business sectors. Tech industry is also a different and huge business industry which is playing an enormous role as own that’s why this industry is impacting on other business sectors and increasing their products, services, and many other things.

Technology has revolutionized the business strategies and structure in various positive ways which is very creative and useful for the progress of the business.

Technology changed Marketing:

If we have to look, Marketing and Publicity is the backbone of any business industry. With the help of technology, there is made new trends of technology in business like digital marketing, social media marketing, Outbound marketing strategies and the one new and latest part of technology is E-commerce (electronic commerce). If any company or business has strong marketing of their product and services then get more costumer and more costumer means more sales. This is a structural way of growth and development of business.

Marketing is a huge and important part of Business which engages overall the business. In a technological way there are further different kinds of technical tools of marketing.

Digital Marketing:

Now a day, Digital Marketing is also very much an important part of the growth of a business. Digital marketing helps save more time and focus on marketing and advertisement within minimum range of time. This is also known as “Modern Marketing”. A few years ago the Marketing techniques of a brand or a product were included in those areas like Pamphlets, Brushers, Banners, Flaxes and many other ways and also there were door to door marketing techniques. But at this age, Digital marketing has hugely revolutionized in that techniques and gave a new concept of marketing with the help of technology which is very useful for the business industries.

Digital marketing is a very fast field and a powerful part of any business. It is vastly spread in the further technological fields like Organic social media, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Email or content marketing, video editing, and adding.

Organic social Media platforms:

By the helping of organic social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other social sites are playing a vital role to enhance the publicity of a product in a special range of social public. These are organic social media platforms. So many people are spending their time with social media tools. These are some of the most important channels for brand publicity.

That’s why every large and small business uses these tools for their brand publicity and marketing between the social individuals.

Search Engine Optimization:

There is a question, why a business definitely needs SEO? SEO is important for many businesses and brands for their digital properties. It is the primary source of website traffic and high ranking which engages the web at the top level of searching. SEO makes a buying cycle with buyers and sellers in a digital way. SEO builds strong and trust worthy relations and makes more possibilities of engagement and traffic of business brand and website. High-quality search engine optimization is always discovering and advertising new opportunities for a business brand. Not only discover but also to shine.

 Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a procedure of Drop Shipping. It is also the latest marketing tool which is very preferable for the brand advertising and publicity of any business. In the old way, Affiliate marketing is known as influencer marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other business products. It is also the best way to increase marketing, advertising, and promotion of a product or a brand of a business. There is a prime example of eBay and Amazon business sites are type of Affiliate Marketing.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is the oldest way, its approximately 40 year’s old method and more possibilities to say that it has started when the world went online. It is a very secure and safe way of communication. Email or content marketing is explained as the inbound way of costumer connections where over the customer contact easily and feel free any kind of scam. It is basically used for customer representative services which are playing a very vital role to build good relations with costumers and promote the business products.

Video Editing and Adding:

Video adding and posting is also a very superior way to the promotion of a product of a business or brand. There are also many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many others. YouTube is a large place where many businesses are promoting their products and services in the way of video ads posting. A lot of people who are surrounding there are using YouTube in their daily routine and watching many video ads of different brand’s products and making their sales. As it is, Facebook and other sites are also working in the same scenario and playing a very vital role in this way.

Technology changed Business Management:

Management and Accounts holding also a major part of each and every business and its also improve by the great help of technology. Information technology has made many advancements and different software and tools that are very helpful and easier to use for the management of accounts besides this other management of a firm or business. Nowadays, many multinational or international large scale businesses using a new computer the software’s tools and techniques, and working remotely for one and another with the help of networking technology, data science, and many different jobs. Also, there is a system of workers incoming and outgoing record save with the help of Biometric technology technique which is very helpful to create a time obediently system.

Firm’s accounts and balance sheets are managing very good quality with the help of different accounts and data software’s for example Fresh book, Quick Book, Sage Accounting and beside this Oracle, Sap and Microsoft is maintaining data of different Businesses. Businesses can save their assets, data and record of the important transaction with the help of technology that’s why it would say, technology does not need of any business but in this the modern age, Business is based on Technology.

Technology changed Transaction system and security:

Technology is booming at least last a decade in every field of life. There became also some changes and advancements in the nature of the financial transactions which made the payment transaction system very safe and easy. Business owners are giving the dues of their workers through digital transactions like online banking which is considered the best way. Also their payments and other expenses of the business are paying by digital transaction and it is also very easy to national or international transactions at different financial transaction platforms, for example, PayPal, Money Gram, Western Union and many others. There is also a big problem with cybercrime where the cybercriminals use different methods for different kinds of crimes but the internet functioning is highly strong and secure that’s why it’s secure all kind of transactions and save from every cybercrime or Fraud.

Technology increases the standard of living and also has a seniority level in every ground life helping us to do better and enhancing how to whole Global Village can connect on one platform.



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