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How To Do Ego Work? | Why It is Important for You?

Our ego is an important component of our mind and personality. It is associated with our behavior, actions as well as feelings. The ego is “I”. It is our pure self. In addition to this, it is responsible for planning, reasoning, and acting logically in life. It represents our “Self”.

Furthermore, ego is a way to interact with your outside world. It helps you to create your uniqueness. It helps us to become rational and logical people in our life. That is Why we should know  How To Do Ego Work?

What actually Ego is

We are giving responses to environmental stimuli based on ego. In other words, the ego is responsible for your mind’s peace. Moreover, it will also save you from doing something bad or risky as well.

Now, here are some questions. Is your ego working properly? Do you need to do ego work? How to do ego work. You will get all the answers here in this article.

When You Need to Do Ego Work?

First of all, you should know that when you need ego work. Indeed, it is essential to know that now it is time to do some ego work.

Need o Ego Work

You need ego work when:

  • Life lacks joy
  • When you feel an emotional disturbance
  • You find yourself in a toxic relationship
  • When you feel something is missing.
  • You are having difficulty in connecting with people.
  • When you are “Stuck”

Now, it’s time to heal your inner invisible wounds through ego work. Ego work is shifting your consciousness. We all know that shifting anything such as a house, furniture, or any object needs time and patience. The same story is with consciousness. If we say that it is more complex then it is not wrong.

Furthermore, the shifting of consciousness also needs repetition. We all know practice makes man perfect. Here is the same scene with ego work practices. Let’s explore the ways of ego work and how to do ego work easily and conveniently.

Do Ego Works?

Ego work is good for you and by doing this you are allowing yourself to experience something new. In simple language, we can say ego is your highly vigilant guard. It is active 24/7 and scans outside the environment.

Furthermore, the ego considers anything as an “Enemy” that creates conflict with the ego’s concept of self. Therefore, by doing ego work you are giving your guard (ego) some rest and trying to figure out a certain mindset. You are now trying to feel, decide, and act without your ego state of mind.

Indeed, you are not detaching yourself from the ego, it is a component of your psychic apparatus. Just allowing new things to enter your conscious awareness. Just you need to focus and follow instructions properly.

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Step 1: Ego Introduction

A soft ego is responsible for inner peace. It is a significant step because the ego becomes soft due to observation. On the other hand, the ego doesn’t like being observed by you. That’s why the first step is going to be a little uncomfortable for you. But patience is the key to win.

The first thing that you have to do just after waking up in the morning will only take you one minute.

  • Sit in a comfortable posture in a quiet and peaceful place without distraction
  • Take a deep breath after closing your eyes.
  • Say this affirmation “I am safe & I am experiencing myself in a new way separate from my ego”

This is how to do ego work at initial level. In this way, we are allowing our brains to relax. On the one side, you will feel a little relaxation. But, on the other side, you feel uncomfortable experiencing yourself in a new way. You will feel resistance from a fearful ego. This first time you are taking control of decision-making away from ego.

Step 2: Encounter Friendly

In this step, you have to be aware of the words you are saying after “I”. You are talking about yourself about triggering your ego. That’s why it is a friendly meeting with your ego. It’s your first conversation and the ego is witnessing it.  Moreover, you should focus on every word you are speaking after “I”.

Furthermore, there is no wrong or right way to let your consciousness flow without any interruption. We all know that repetition can make things easy to remember or come into our consciousness.

Step 3: Ego Name

Now, it’s time to see the ego as a separate being. It’s time to give our ego a separate name. Due to a separate name, you are considering your ego someone else. Therefore, it is essential to name it.

After giving a name, you both are separated now. You will observe that your ego is coming and going several times during the day. You are at observation and need to practice this stage for two weeks.

This is a breakthrough in this practice. Now you are aware of the situations that can trigger your ego. You are now fully aware of the triggers that let your ego react.  In this way, you are creating your authentic self.

Step 4: Meet Triggered Ego & Accept

When you search for how to do ego work then it means your ego is a cause of your frustration. You wish to get rid of it. Step four will teach you to meet your triggered ego and calm down by accepting it.

Practice calmness to overcome Ego

For example, if in any situation your ego is trying to make you angry then you need to stop. At that time accept this emotion and say yes, my ego is here to protect me.

However, I am not going to let this event spoil my mood. I am not going to combine life events with emotions. There is no need to come into conflict with your ego just let go of the things and practice calmness.

Step 5: Do the Opposite

To practice calmness, you need to do exactly the opposite of what you do to bring calmness to you. For example, you need to watch a YouTube video that triggers anger or frustration without experiencing these emotions.

In addition to this, you can also go and talk with someone you hate talking to and try to keep yourself calm. In this way, you are softening your ego and practicing self-calmness and peace. This practice is transforming and effective for you.

The Bottom Lines

Everyone needs to do ego work to experience peace of mind. Unfortunately, people don’t know how to do ego work. Due to this reason, we discussed some useful steps over here to help you. You can’t even imagine what kind of superb change it will bring to your life. No doubt you will experience endless mind peace and your inner world become super calm.



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