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10 Ways to Make Time Go Faster? Easy & Quick

Sometimes it seems that the clock is not moving. It seems that this time will never pass and we will remain at this place for ages. Do you also feel like this? If yes, then you are at the right place and this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you how to make time go faster?. Some pro tricks can make your life easy and your time passes quickly.

No doubt these tips are easy and help you to make yourself comfortable in boring situations. Moreover, you can get the benefit of these tips anytime and anywhere. You can choose any method as per your convenience and likeness. Let’s move towards the tips because we know you guys are eagerly waiting to know all those amazing tricks.

How to Make Time Go Faster?

Some techniques can support you to pass your time faster no matter what the situation is. Furthermore, you can use them at your workplace as well. Let’s discuss some fantastic tricks one by one to make them easy to understand.

1. Stop Looking at the Clock

First of all, you have to stop staring at the clock. Just stop counting minutes. It will only enhance frustration or boredom. William James, a famous psychologist says:

“A day full of excitement, with no pause, is said to pass faster. On the contrary, a day full of waiting or having an unsatisfied desire for change will seem a small eternity”

No doubt we have clocks everywhere on our mobiles, laptops, office or home walls, and wristwatches due to this reason it’s hard to stop looking at the clock. However, if you wish to get proper knowledge about how to make time go faster? Then you have to stop monitoring time.

You can stop time indicators if you are using anyone of them. On the other hand, you can do your pending project or start learning something new. When you engage yourself in any activity then you can distract your mind from time. You can do anything whatever you like to do. Just try not to pay attention to clocks.

2. Split Up Unpleasant Tasks

We all know that when we are doing something that is not interesting for us then time passes super slow. A simple solution is to stop doing such tasks. However, the reality is we have to do these things.

Now, the question is how to make time go faster in such tasks. We have a solution to this problem also. Just split up such boring tasks. Fix time for such tasks. For example, do them for half an hour then start doing something else. After this, you can continue this difficult task again. In this way, these tasks will not frustrate you.

3. Mental Challenges

Life is unpredictable and we face different situations at different times. Let’s imagine you are in a traffic or standing in a long queue, etc. In such a situation, you cannot do anything else and will feel boring.

Don’t worry you can take help from mental activities. For example, you can choose a category like food, animals, musical bands, etc. Try to find 5 names of anyone in this category that starts from a specific alphabet.

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Furthermore, you can try to remember things from previous festivals like dresses or any interesting person you met there. Several other kinds of things can help you to make your time go faster.

4. Busy Hands Trick

Are you still wondering to know how to make time go faster? Then, another interesting tip is here for you. It is true that when we are doing something with our hands then our minds stop thinking about anything.

Due to this reason, when you feel time is passing slowly then choose any activity that involves your hands. You can do planting, sew, knit, or start making any craft. In addition to this, you can write something like poetry, stories, articles, blogs, or whatever you like.

You can also start writing dairy about your daily tasks or other interesting things. All this can instantly release your boredom and time flies.

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5. Become a Growth Admin

This technique not only helps you to pass your time but also helps you to grow. You have to engage yourself in self-reflection. Try to know yourself more and find out in which area you need to grow. It is the best answer to the question of how to make time go faster?

Just try to explore yourself better such as your weaknesses or strengths in general. What skills or things do you need to learn to perform better in your life? Also, what habits do you need to change to enhance your success rate? What are those factors that need your attention?

All these questions need a lot of time to think and answer. It is a great way to kill time and also bring improvement in your life as well. Try to become your growth admin in your life.

6. Do What You Enjoy

No one can deny that time flies when you start doing something you like or having fun. When we engage ourselves in some fun activities then we feel that time is passing quickly. That’s why we all used to say at the end of a picnic, party, or friend’s gathering it ends so quickly. Time flies guys when we are happy or doing something exciting.

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However, you can’t do all activities at all places. You need to choose an activity as per the environment. For example, if you are waiting at the bus stop or in a market queue then you can start talking with the people around you. If you like socialization then it works best to kill time.

On the other side at the workplace, you can challenge yourself to do any task more quickly and efficiently. Overall, you need to find or create some fun activity that you enjoy at that moment. How to make time go faster? Just do what you enjoy.

7. Listen to Podcasts or Music

Another tip is about listening to music or podcasts that can help minutes to fly. Moreover audio also does not consume much energy. Additionally, there is no need to pay full attention to it.

Do you know that instrumental music can enhance your concentration and focus as well? You can listen to it when you are doing boring homework or dealing with frustrating tasks. Music can create a beautiful environment and a person sink into it unintentionally.

Audio storybooks can entertain you. The story will engage you and you will forget about time. On the other hand, podcasts or audiobooks related to some skill can help you to learn something and also pass your time.

8. Learn Something New

We all know that learning something new is exciting. New things or skills can engage our minds. No doubt countless things are exciting and interesting to know or learn.

Think about what suits you perfectly. Then try to find a way to start learning it. You can choose any skill, new language, cooking, painting, crafting, and much more. If you guys think about how to make time go faster at a place where no phone is allowed then you can use paper. You can write phrases of a new language or steps of any skill on a piece of paper.

Now, you can read it anytime anywhere, and continue your learning process. It’s the best way to kill time and also enhance your skills. Guys, learning new things is an exciting challenge. It has the power to indulge yourself in a flow state of concentration and you forget counting minutes.

9. Create Time Blocks

Time blocks can help you maintain your interest whole day long. Just you need to break your time into blocks. For example, you have to spend a whole day in the office. Now, it’s time to divide time such as you have to work thirty minutes before the next meeting, etc. Just you have to break time into little chunks and so different tasks in every chunk or block. This trick will maintain your interest and also save you from spending hours on one boring task.

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10. Meditation

The last but not least tip involves meditation. We all know that meditation has countless benefits for our mind and soul. It brings peace of mind and positivity to our lives. Isn’t meditation the best option when we search for how to make time go faster? No doubt it is the best solution for every problem and also heals ourselves. Therefore, you can do meditation whenever you find time or feel bored. You can choose your favorite technique of meditation.

The Bottom Lines

A difficult question is How to make time go faster? When we feel that time is slow then we need some ways to get rid of frustration and boredom. In this article, we tried our best to give you some interesting and easy tips that will give wings to your time. You can choose any of them as per your preference. Even, you can use different techniques in different situations.



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