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How To Motivate Yourself | Powerful Strategies & Mind Tools

Motivation is another name of energy that initiates you to perform well in life. No doubt you need motivation to do anything even a smaller task need it. Every step to improve your life needs a high level of self-motivation. Self-motivation is your ability to make progress without any influence. That is Why, You Should know how to motivate yourself.

There is a need to understand motivation and what it is. Motivation is an urge or desire to do any task or accomplish any project in your life. Moreover, it initiates you to set new goals and to struggle to achieve them. It is clear that without self-motivation we can’t complete anything or hit any target in life.

We all feel energy less and we don’t feel like doing anything or completing our work. You are not alone in this situation. Everyone goes through it many times. Now the question is how to motivate yourself. You just need to know how to bring back your spark of energy that will lead you towards your success.

How To Motivate Yourself?

Motivation is an essential element of our life to achieve anything or to accomplish any task. Besides this when you don’t feel any desire or energy to do anything then life will leave you  behind. There is only a need to learn some powerful strategies that will maintain your energy and initiate you to achieve your goals.

External Motivation

An external motivation will act as a booster for your internal motivation. That’s why nothing is better than a target date. You should fix a target date on the calendar. No doubt when you have a deadline in front of you then you will work faster.

In addition to staying motivated, it will also help you to track your progress in your task. Moreover, you will also know how much is remaining and how far you need to go. Always keep one thing in mind it is good to set realistic goals. You should not fix a target that is beyond your capacity. Furthermore, avoid giving you extra time. Just fix a realistic target to accomplish your task.

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A WOOP Method

A WOOP method is an ideal technique that will help you when you think about how to motivate yourself. Indeed, a mind-blowing method that will help you to solve any problem or overcome any hurdle.

A WOOP Method

A WOOP stands for four significant elements such as wish, outcome, obstacle, and plan. Now, you need to understand how these words help you.

  • The first word is a wish, which means what is your desire or wish?
  • The second is the outcome. It means what will happen when your wish comes true? What you will get when your dream becomes true.
  • The third is an obstacle. The most significant factor of your journey is obstacles. You must know what is the biggest obstacle in your way.
  • Forth and final word is plan. Now, you have to plan wisely to remove your obstacle smartly.

A method of WOOP helps you to study your whole way of achieving targets as well as obstacles. Additionally, due to this method, you will plan a whole process and remove hurdles to hit the target. Therefore, this method will keep you motivated and energetic. You become more wise

Smaller Tasks

Another essential thing is to set smaller goals. The longer goals seem more frustrating and decrease your motivation level. Therefore, it is important to set small goals or divide huge tasks into chunks. Furthermore, this will give you an unintentional sense of accomplishment.

When you achieve your small targets then you will become more motivated and will do more. For example, when we complete our first task of the day then we feel the urge to do more tasks.

Set Goals in The Morning

If you don’t know how to motivate yourself then start motivating by setting your goals in the morning. Do you know that the start of a month, year, or day is full of positive energy? People feel fresh and new at the start of a new day, month, or year. Therefore, when you set your target at the start of a new day then you are more likely to achieve it.

Stay Positive

A positive mindset is key to a successful life. When you fill your mind with positive thoughts then it will boost your energy level. Moreover, you will feel more motivated to hit your target. When you think about your goal or any project positively then your thought pattern will make them easy.

Stay Positive to Stay Motivated

Likewise, it will enhance the chances of accomplishing tasks with less effort as well as with interest. Just there is a need to bring some positivity into your life. It will enlighten your life and always keep your motivation level super high.

Practice Gratitude

Another essential thing is gratitude practice which will make your life easier. Gratitude or appreciating blessings that you have in your life keeps your moral high. For instance, count your five blessings every day.

You can spend 5 minutes within a day to think five things about which you feel grateful. After this, you will feel that you are filling yourself with self-motivation.

Good Mood, Good Energy

A good mood will help you when you become confused and don’t know how to motivate yourself. It is also a good strategy because a good mood means a high level of internal energy. When you are happy or in a good mood then your working ability becomes double. Moreover, you can complete your tasks within less time as well.

Good Mood, Good Energy

Therefore, it means a good mood is essential to have high self-motivation. You need to spare some time from your busy schedule and do whatever cheer you up. Furthermore, these activities will enhance your self-motivation level.


Motivation is the most significant factor in our life. We can’t perform well without it. Therefore, you need to keep your motivation high to become successful in your life. Do you know that high-life achievers only have one quality which is high self-motivation?If you don’t know how to motivate yourself then enhance your motivation level through the above-mentioned strategies.



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