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How To Read People – Different Techniques & Tricks

We meet a lot of new people due to our personal and professional purposes daily. Sometimes we wish to know what people are thinking about us. We want to know their intentions. That is why, We should know some Facts about How To Read People.

People deceive others through their words. However, we are not superheroes and also don’t know magic to know what going on in someone’s mind. Now, there is one way left behind that is body language.

Therefore, it is very important to focus more on people’s unconscious behavior to know their real intentions. Furthermore, the ability to read people can help you understand different people. It will save you from possible danger as well. That’s why it’s essential to know how to read people different techniques to find people’s real intentions.

How to Read People

There are some techniques or tips that can help you to read people. It is true that reading person’s mind completely is not possible. Even, the best and most excellent mind readers are also only eight percent right in their statements.

According to Albert Mehrabian, a UCLA professor fifty-five percent of the things come from people’s body language. On the other side, their tone of voice also conveys nearly thirty-eight percent of things. They only say seven percent of the things they want to say.

Eyes Movement

All of us know that eyes are the windows of our souls. There are several things that only eyes convey to us. Indeed, eyes always speak the truth. Therefore, you should focus on the eyes of the person in front of you. If a person is looking straight up or towards the right then it means he is lying. This activity activates the person’s imagination.

Furthermore, if he is seeing towards the left then he is collecting thoughts and is busy collecting ideas. Additionally, if he is not looking towards you and avoiding eye contact then there is something fishy. That is the way How to Read People trough Eyes Movement.

Their Emotions Are Forced

They are interacting with you with no real emotions. You can find it due to their facial expressions.

Emotions Are Forced

If one part of their face is more active than another then it means that their emotions are fake. They are hiding their real emotions from you.

Palm Movement

How to read people different techniques also involves paying attention to palm movement. A palm movement also tells what he is doing. If a person’s palm is facing upward then it means that he is asking or demanding something. On the other side, if the palm is facing downward during their movements, then it means a person is ordering or demanding.

Distance of Person from You

The distance of a person from you is also telling something to you. If a person maintains a great distance between you and him then it is not in favor of you. Moreover, if you move forward towards the person during communication and he moves backward then think about it. It means that the relationship is not normal.

Jaw Clench

If you are seeing that a person is having a jaw clench then think about it.

Jaw clenching is a sign of Stress

You should think that they are under some stress and they are thinking about something.

Head Nodding

A sign of head nodding is telling something to you. Sometimes you are talking about something with another person and he nodes his head excessively. When they are nodding their head too much then they are not paying attention to you. You should try to slow down and tell things differently.

Situational Context

Another important thing is to focus on the situational context. What a person is doing or acting in a situation? Furthermore, their actions represent their real feelings. If their feet are facing towards the door then they are not interested. On the other side, they are touching their face then they are uncomfortable.

Individual Context

All gestures and emotions of a person are a sign of something. Their expressions are everything they going through during this situation. That’s why you need to keep an eye on their gestures.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

Do you know how to read people different techniques involve the significance of your gut feeling.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

When you are meeting someone and you are not feeling good then you must focus on your gut feeling. Furthermore, your gut feeling is trying to tell you that there is something not right.

Separate Biases from Objective Observation

Another important thing involves the significance of objective observation. There is a chance that your subjectiveness decreases your objectivity. There are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Confirmation Bias

In most situations, you are trying to find points that confirm your opinion. Try to focus on the points that also contradict your opinion as well.

  • Halo Effect

You can find someone attractive or nice at one sight. It’s time to stop yourself and try to explore more about other person’s personality.

  • Attentional Bias

How to read people different techniques tells you that attentional bias is harmful for you. It means that you are intentionally trying to find the similarities between you and another person.

  • Anchoring Bias

In addition to all these things, you are paying too much attention to the first impression of anyone. In reality, things are going in the opposite direction. However, you are focusing on first impressions and forcing yourself to accept that everything is ok.

All these things signify your business. You are not paying attention to real facts. There is a need to observe people objectively if you need to read them correctly.

Practice is The Key

We all know that nothing is possible without practice. Similarly, in the case of reading people you need to practice techniques of observing them smartly. After this, you will become an expert in it.

The Bottom Lines

We can’t deny that knowing people is a difficult job. Even, the best mind readers are not sure about their judgment of other people. That’s why people deceive each other because we can’t able to read their minds. However, some signs of their body language can help us to understand them. How to read people different techniques are also there to help us to know more about people. You need to practice them to become a master in them.




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