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Life Saving Facts That Can Save Your Life Some Day

Life is precious and nothing is more important than life. Sometimes we face some situations that need our quick response. If we are unable to respond properly then we may lose our lives also. Seem terrifying? Somehow it is. That’s why we bring some life saving facts for you that may help you someday.

We all know that life is very busy and we are running towards our goals. In such a fast-paced world, it’s natural to ignore some pieces of random information. However, you don’t know when you need it. Even, these random facts have precious information that can save someone’s life.

You should think about it because still, you have time to equip yourself with this knowledge. Let’s move towards those precious facts that will help you in case of emergency.

Life Saving Facts

These life saving facts contain essential knowledge that can help us to make the right decision in any difficult situation. Moreover, these random pieces of information also help you to save someone’s life.

Walking & Mobile Usage

We can’t deny that everyone has a mobile phone in his hands. Furthermore, people are using their phones no matter what activity they are doing. Due to this reason, several times this habit cause severe accidents.

You should know that the brain is unable to handle both mobile use and walking at the same time. Moreover, these both activities require high cognitive performance of our brain. That’s why we can’t focus properly on both activities.

We can face accidents due to “inattention blindness”. Many people lost their lives due to this negligence.

Sinking Car

If you are trapped in a sinking car then don’t waste any second. Don’t panic just try to break the window or open the car door before the water pressure increases.

Sinking car


One of the life saving facts includes a remedy for choking. Don’t try to cough or drink water during choking. There may be a chance that this action can block your windpipe more. Try to perform the Heimlich maneuver or ask anyone to do it for you.

Stop Bleeding

You should know how to stop bleeding to save your or anyone’s life.

  • Apply firm pressure on the wound through your hand or any cloth to stop bleeding.
  • Try to raise the injured portion above the heart to reduce blood flow towards it.
  • Another way to stop bleeding is by applying a pressure bandage. A firm bandage around the wound can stop blood.

Dealing With Burns

First of all, you need to check the degree of burns.

  • First-degree minor burns
  • Second-degree burns with partial thickness
  • Third-degree full-thickness burns

You should cool down the burns by running cool water over burn surfaces. Moreover, you should run water for at least ten minutes to reduce pain and damage. After this, you should cover wounds with a clean, non-sticking cloth and call for medical help for severe burning case.

Snake Bite

  • Don’t panic and seek medical help
  • Keep that part below the heart to prevent speedy venom spread.
  • Avoid any movement and clean the wound
  • Don’t apply ice or a tourniquet
  • Moreover, don’t let the victim to sleep
  • Monitor the vital signs till medical help arrives

What to do after a snake bite?

Stay Calm

One of the best life saving facts is staying calm in high-pressure situations. Always try to stay calm in any situation. Don’t panic at any cost. This anxiety can be dangerous for you or others as well. Moreover, when you stay calm you can think better and make better decisions.

Limits of the Human Body

We all are different from each other both mentally and physically. Even, the twins have different tolerance levels. Some general assessments of human body limits include:

  • A human being can survive 3 minutes without air
  • A man can survive 3 weeks without food.
  • No survival more than 3 days without water
  • Human beings can tolerate extreme weather conditions for a few hours without any shelter.

Rip Current Survival

Life can bring any difficulty at times without any prior notice. So, if you face a rip current, then there are some points that you should remember to save your life.

  • Don’t panic and stay calm
  • Don’t try to swim in the opposite direction. It will make you tired.
  • Moreover, you can suffer from breath shortening.
  • Swim parallel to the shore
  • If can’t swim then float and conserve energy
  • Wave hands to ask for help
  • When you come out of the rip current, move towards the shore.

These rip currents are very dangerous. You need to educate yourself to deal with such a situation.

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One of the most important life saving facts includes CPR performance. If you know it then you can save someone’s life in any emergency.


  • Call for medical help
  • Do responsiveness check
  • Tilt the head to open the airways
  • 2 rescue breaths can be helpful
  • Perform chest compression
  • Push the middle of the chest area fast and hard
  • Continue CPR performance until medical help arrives.

Be prepared for Anything

When you are planning a trip or going to some new place then you don’t know what is waiting for you. A wise man says that always be prepared for anything. Moreover, it is essential to keep some significant things with you. These include a first aid kit, your allergy or painkiller medicines, vehicle tools, extra light, or some dry food items.

Ask Help from One Person

No one can deny that the crowd never helps anyone. In case, you face any problem and several people surround you. Never expect the public will help you because everyone out there is thinking someone else will help you.

Ask Help from One Person

Try to point out one person and directly ask for help by waving towards him or calling him.

Final words

Life is full of challenges. We should know how to deal with difficult situations in a good way. These life saving facts can help sometimes to save lives as well. Furthermore, we should try to gain knowledge or training to face any emergency. It will be helpful for us and others as well.



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