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10 Tips and Tricks To Master Your Intuition | Know Anything Before Time

No one can define intuition technically. You can say that it is a sense of “strange knowing” what is right or wrong. Even, when you don’t have all the information related to the scenario. Moreover, intuition is not an analytical skill or you can’t learn it from training or research. Indeed, it is not from your conscious mind. So You should know how to master your intuition.

Furthermore, it is your gut feeling or instinct that is telling you what is good for you. That is why, You should trust your Gut Feeling. Additionally, this is only intuition that sometimes even saves your life as well. How much we pay attention to our gut feeling is a significant thing. For example, sometimes we have a feeling that there is something fishy. Sometimes we have strong gut feelings that there is something wrong here. What is this? It is intuition.

Furthermore, people who master intuition can even perceive things before they happen. In addition to this, they can understand other people and get an idea of what they are feeling about them.

However, all are not capable of attaining that high level of intuition. They only have a general sense of gut feeling telling them something is going to happen. Therefore, you need these 10 tips and tricks to master your intuition to know more about your surroundings

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All this is a feeling-based phenomenon. Later when something happens then you will know why you were feeling weird at that time. Highly intuitive people can perceive things before other people sense them.

They can perceive different energies available at any place. Therefore, they can understand what other people are thinking or feeling without facing any difficulty.

Do you wish to enhance your sense of intuition and become a master in it? If yes, then these tips and tricks are for you. Due to these useful and easy tips, you can become a master of your intuition. Moreover, you will also become able to know things in time. Let’s explore these fascinating tips and tricks that will make you master it.

1) Daily Body Scans

We cannot deny the fact that we ignore several times what our body is telling us. Indeed, we need to focus on our physical feelings and explore the fact why it is feeling like this. Practice daily body scans.

Moreover, pay attention to bodily sensations good or bad. Additionally, note that if your body is in tension without visible cause then there is something fish around you.

You should learn to understand the messages your body is sending you. These messages are not very clear and you need to practice to understand them.

2) Meditation

According to wise people, when you have scattered energy then there is less chance to connect with intuition. No doubt, the door of eternal knowledge will open in silence and calmness. Therefore, it is essential to develop a habit of doing meditation daily. It is one of the best 10 tips and tricks to master your intuition.

Meditation helps to improve intuition

You can do mediation at your convenience. Besides, you can start spending time in silence to tune yourself. Indeed, it is significant to limit distractions to tune your mind to explore the eternal world. It’s true when your mind remains busy in many places then how it can concentrate on anything?

Due to this reason, start meditation from fifteen minutes and afterward increase its time. If you do this in some natural place then nothing is better than this thing. After some time, you will note a visible change in yourself.

3) Technology Fasting

We all know that fasting is best for our health. There are countless benefits we can enjoy when we do fasts. We are giving ourselves an eating break from different types of food items for a limited time in a day. Similarly, a technology fasting is also essential for mind tuning because  technology has changed our Lives.

Furthermore, screen time is a cause of various distractions in our lives. We can’t even know when our intuition is sending an important message to us. Additionally, we are very busy checking endless lists of notifications from various media. Undoubtedly, you guys need to do a serious technology detox to clean your mind from distractions.

Moreover, smartphone is making your life worse. Try to delete digital messages from your mind. All this will allow new messages from the eternal world to enter the mind. Just keep yourself away from technology for some time to empty your mind.

4)  Ask Question

Another super exciting tip among 10 tips and tricks to master your intuition is asking questions. You need to deal with your intuition straightforwardly. In addition to this, write down a question and focus on that question.

Moreover, try to pay attention to the answers coming into your mind at that point. Now focus on what is a piece of guidance for you. Also, if nothing comes to your mind at that time then don’t worry at all.

Do you know that just focusing on a question is enough? Later, it will bring answers and guidance to you. You are doing different things that’s why you need to practice it.

5) Journal

Another great trick to becoming a master in intuition is writing. Yes, writing can explore our minds and bring things in front of us. During the day, you find no time to pay attention to different thoughts that are going through your mind.

That’s why to spare some time from a busy routine and sit in a calm or silent place. After this start writing. You need to write two or three pages about all the thoughts that are coming into your mind. Furthermore, documentation is also a sign of fascinating coincidences.

 writing helps to master your intuition

Therefore, in this way, you can connect all the dots or understand what is going on. However, again it needs practice and patience. It is not a minute’s game. You need to spend time writing your thoughts daily.

6) Drawing

If writing is not interesting for you or you feel stressed during writing then draw. There is no doubt that visual orientation like art journaling is also as good as writing. A goal of all these activities is to understand intuition and become a master in revealing these hidden messages.

That’s why hold paper and pen and draw your thoughts or vision of life. You can draw whatever comes to your mind at that moment. After completing it, look at it and focus is there any message in it or not. Sometimes drawings reveal several mysteries related to our lives. There are several movies also that are based on this topic.

7) Vision Board

You should not underestimate the significance of making a vision board in your life. Dreaming about your future is not a wrong thing. Indeed, it is best to visualize your future. Literally dreaming facts are much surprising. Just imagine your future in a way you like. Moreover, imagine all those things that you need to have in the future.

It sounds connected with the law of attraction. Well, it’s true somehow because the law of attraction is also working when we imagine things we need.

Yes, it’s true that when we set our mind free then it will surprise us. Similarly, create a vision board about your future and also focus on how you can get there.  A vision board creation is one of the great 10 tips and tricks to master your intuition.

8) Act Fast

We all know that wasting time is a bad habit. Indeed, in the case of mastering your intuition wasting time is also not good. Moreover, don’t confuse yourself and don’t try to be an overthinker. When you are getting a message or guidance from your gut feeling then write it and don’t ignore it.

Act Fast to master your intution

Later you can focus on that feeling and analyze it but you have to act faster. In addition to this, if you use ignorance then you will never master your intuition. Furthermore, a clear distraction-free zone is required to encode the messages of the eternal world reaching you through intuition.

Therefore, it is essential to give some time to understand yourself, and your inner world that is trying to say something.

9) Spend Time In Nature

Another important thing is spending time outside. It is better to go near nature and sit there in peaceful posture. Moreover, try to feel the nature and explore your thoughts or emotions at those moments. A key point is to avoid mind distractions and spend some time in silence daily.

10) Dream book

Last but not least tip in this list is keeping dream book with you. When you wake up and you think you had a dream. Now its time to write it down before you forget it.

Dream book is efficient for intuition

After this, when you get time read them critically maybe there is something in your dreams. Just don’t spend your whole time with mobile. There is a need to do other activities too.

Final Verdict

Intuition is always there to help you and provide you with beneficial information even before time. However, we are too busy with other activities and forget to acknowledge it. It’s a feeling or a strange sense that something is wrong or good for you. Moreover, you have no confirmation of that feeling at that moment.

Later events will bring proof to you that you were right at that time. These 10 tips and tricks to master your intuition will help you to understand gut feelings better. If you become able to understand what your “gut feeling” or “sixth sense” is telling you then it can do miracles. Just try to pay attention to it and practice these tips to become a master in this skill.



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