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News Ronic Provides its Visitors complete Privacy protection from external attacks and keeps their data Protected from other visitors or external aggression. News Ronic takes the personal information from their use for some purpose if in case of any problem contacting you. Which personal data can we get from the User?

Why News Ronic Getting your Personal Information:

In case of any illegal Activity or external attach, we contact you and tell you about your data protection through your personal information. That is our first responsibility to protect your data, Don’t worry. Your data will not share with any other social media or third party.

Children’s privacy:

Our company cares about children’s privacy. If you are not 18 years old, then our site gives you any content to the User.


News Ronic generates the cookies when you visit our Website. These cookies help our site store your browsing behavior. When you again visit our  Site, we show you your interest in data at the top of the list. That is your choice; you can off the Cookies at any time. News Ronic provides these facilities For our visitors.

Third-party Verification:

News Ronic connects our site with the Google re-captcha, which can Verify the incoming User is a Human or a reboot. These phenomena detect you with the help of (Signing or pitcher) testing from the incoming User.

Comment Privacy:

News Ronic provides their incoming User comment privacy if you want to show your comment to the community. If you’re going to hide your statement from the community, both Facilities are available on our site.

Suggestion About Privacy Policy:

Your Suggestion is vital for improving our Website for the incoming User. If you face any problem, then please tell us through Suggestion.