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10 Psychological Effects Most of Us Don’t Know About

The human mind is an intellectual and fantastic machine. It is full of interesting paradoxes, phenomena as well as psychological effects. Psychology helps you to understand the workings of your mind. Additionally, how it is affecting our actions, decisions, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Its impact is subconscious as well as conscious.

Furthermore, the mind is a subject of constant research by psychologists, philosophers as well as scholars. All of them are trying their best to understand the complex world of mind. However, a mind world is full of twists and turns with some extraordinarily exciting surprises.

A combination of conscious and subconscious phenomena that are happening in the mind signifies our behaviors. Therefore, there is a need to explore how different factors affect our perceptions, cognitions as well as behavior patterns.

No doubt, if we understand mind paradoxes and brain twisting then we perform better. Besides this, we become able to enhance our personal growth and development rate. Therefore, you must explore 10 psychological effects most of us don’t know about them.

10 Psychological Effects Most of Us Don’t Know About

These 10 psychological effects will surprise you. All of them are connected with your life but you don’t know about them. Moreover, your behaviors and actions are under the influence of these psychological effects. Therefore, You should Train Your Brain after knowing these psychological effects.

These effects will give you a unique insight into your mind world and how it is impacting your daily life. Let’s delve into the world of exciting psychological effects of the mind to learn some fascinating secrets of the mind.

1) The Pygmalion Effect

The first one is the Pygmalion effect. A psychological phenomenon that has an interesting and positive effect on your life. This phenomenon is all about a good combination of expectation and performance.

When someone treats you well and tells you that you can do great things then these are his expectations and belief in you. This belief in your capabilities and strengths will give you positive energy. Therefore, there are high chance that you will achieve high goals.

The Pygmalion Effect

For instance, if a teacher focuses on one student and increases his morale by saying yes you can do it. Moreover, tells you that you have talent and also gives you challenging tasks to become smarter. Due to this moral support and expectations from the teacher, you also believe in yourself and perform well academically.

2) A Spotlight Effect

Another interesting psychological effect is your misconception about yourself. This effect determines your tendency to think that people are paying too much attention to you. Moreover, your belief that your behaviors, actions as well as appearances are too important for other people. People are only noticing you and you are under the spotlight always.

This Effect influences on your World Experience. All these things make you extra self-conscious. Furthermore, people with this kind of thinking pattern show two types of behaviors. First, they will think that they are too superior and classy as compared to others.

The second one becomes too self-conscious and thinks that even a small mistake will make them subject to people’s judgment. That’s why they try to pay too much attention to themselves. Both of them think that people are only staring at them. In reality, there is nothing like that, people are busy with their activities.

3) A False Consensus Effect

One of the 10 psychological effects most of us don’t know about is the false consensus effect. This is nothing more than a cognitive bias. Due to this effect, you are overestimating that your behavior, beliefs, and opinions are more common among people.

Moreover, you are just exaggerating the importance of your views and beliefs. For instance, if you belong to a vegan community then you will think its percentage is large. Do you know what is Veganism? However, in the world, less amount of people have a vegan lifestyle in reality. You are just under the influence of a false consensus effect.

4) The Tetris Effect

Another psychological phenomenon will occur when you are too involved in a thought process or activity. Due to your high involvement rate, this will start influencing your routine life. In addition to this, you will see those things or activities in your dreams too.

Moreover, this effect got a name after the Tetris video game. People even can see falling blocks when they are playing video games. When they close their eyes or during sleep they used to see patterns of blocks falling. It will happen after spending too much time on this Tetris video game.

5) A Native Realism Effect

It is another cognitive bias that will let you believe that you are perceiving reality correctly only. Your perception is correct and objective. Besides this, you will also not focus on other perspectives.

In addition to this, you will think that other people are misinformed and they are not seeing reality correctly. Your bias and all misperceptions about your viewpoint become the cause of various conflicts and disputes.

A Native Realism Effect

For example, members of 2 political parties will only consider their viewpoint correct. According to them other one is not good and has no information at all. In short, this effect occurs when you perceive yourself as the only correct person in the whole world.

6) Google Effect

One of the interesting 10 psychological effects most of us don’t know about is the Google effect or digital Amnesia. This phenomenon signifies your ability to forget the information because you are counting on the internet excessively. Indeed, the internet enhances human ability to forget information because he can find it on the internet again anytime.

You can take an example from your life also. Do you remember your best friend’s phone number? No? We already know that you will give this answer. Your smartphone contact list has your friend’s number. That’s why there is no need to remember it by heart. Indeed, people are relying too much on the internet.

7) Hawthorne Effect

Another interesting psychological effect of this list is the Hawthorne effect. According to this psychological effect, a person can change his behavior when you monitor him. Indeed, it is a fact. When people know that someone is observing or monitoring them, they behave differently. They try to behave in more socially acceptable ways than usual.

For example, when the manager is observing the performance of workers then they work harder. However, they are not doing their work in the same way in normal situations. No doubt, it’s true that people tend to change behavior when you focus on them.

8) A Birth Date Number Effect

Do you prefer your birthday number above other numbers? Yes, or No? People usually have cognitive biases about their birthdate. Psychologists called this bias a birthday number effect. Moreover, it’s your subconscious tendency to select the number that belongs to your date of birth.

In 1997, Japanese psychologists studied this phenomenon for the first time. People all around the world have this tendency. Moreover, age, gender, and personality will influence this phenomenon.

A Birth Date Number Effect

Do you think why people are preferring their date of birth? No? Ok. We will tell you the reason behind this effect. Birthday is a reminder of our self. This date belongs to us and makes us valuable. Due to this reason, we never forget our birthdate. Additionally, we prefer to use this number at various places in our lives.

Similarly, the number-letter effect also a person’s preference for the letters of his name. Also, you can observe that people are using their name initials several times. Some people consider their names as their lucky charm as well.

However, people suffering from a lack of self-esteem, low levels of self-love, or hate themselves will not have this tendency. These are just hating themselves that’s why things belonging to them are not important to them.

9) The Hostile Media Effect

This psychological effect is also connected with your cognitive biases. According to this effect, you are perceiving media coverage as biased as per your interests and beliefs. However, media coverage is objective and well-balanced.

For example, if you are supporting any political candidate then you will find media bias against him. You will think that the media is supporting the opposite candidate more than your candidate. In addition to this, you will find news against him unreal or unfair. However, the media is neutral and news is just some facts nothing else.

10) A Serial Position Effect

Last but not least effect in the list of 10 psychological effects most of us don’t know about is a serial position effect. We all are experiencing in our daily life routine.

A Serial Position Effect

When we visit any market or any other place then we remember things in a certain way. We tend to remember things in the beginning or the end more than the middle ones.

The Bottom Lines

Our mind is an amazing thing. There are a lot of surprises hidden in the mind world. Even, researchers and psychologists are researching on mind to explore the exact power of our mind.That’s why there are still various things that are unexplored about it. Due to this reason, 10 psychological effects most of us don’t know about are quite interesting to know. Moreover, these will also provide us with some information about us.



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