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Realme C11 Review in Pakistan – Is it worth in 2021?

Realme C11 Review

Realme C11 is, in fact, a replacement for the Realme C3. Presently, as a rule, when a cell phone brand takes such a gigantic jump forward, it legitimizes it through equipment (even programming) to put forth its defense. Take Samsung, for example. The South Korean major bounced from the S10 to S20 this year, letting its fresh out of the box new camera tech (and two or three other cool things) do a significant part of the talking. With the Realme C11, Realme is attempting to pull a Samsung, in the passage level portion. Even though without a strategy or any USP highlight, which is unquestionably not what you anticipated.

Each brand has its go-to showcase procedure. For Realme, which happens to take a ton of signs from Xiaomi (once in a while the other way around additionally occurs), it is propelling smartphones by the dozen, in a steady progression with hardly a pause in between. There are numerous reasons why Realme does that, and it’s beautiful, yet that system additionally has an absolute requirement. Once in a while, the brand is going to come up short on thoughts, and there’s just so much equipment accessible to try different things within the value go. Realme likes to play in; things will undoubtedly get dull. As and when the brand is confronted with this predicament, it must chalk out an arrangement B. For this situation, bouncing from C3 to C11 in naming.

Design and display

Financial plan and mid-extend Realme smartphones have glanced very comparably as of late, and fans have gotten down on the organization about this. With the Realme C11, the brand has made some perceptible visual changes, at any rate on the back. Principally, the state of the camera module has been transformed from a vertical pill to a square. The square houses two camera sensors and a LED flash. The plastic backboard has a finished completion generally. There’s a piece of plain matte end that runs down the camera module.

Realme C11 Review in Pakistan – Is it worth in 2021This gives the back a double tone finish. The strip has the ‘Realme’ marking, which is unpretentious. The Rich Green shading choice that we got is somewhat of an olive green shading, so it’s not very brilliant and looks very smooth. While the back completion looks new, we, despite everything, feel the Realme C3’s Sunrise structure glances additionally engaging in comparison. There’s no unique finger impression sensor on the Realme C11, so you’ll need to manage with the face open.

The side of the smartphone has power and volume controls, while the base contains an earphone jack, a micro USB port, and a speaker grille. The left side has a triple card opening for two nano-SIM cards and a microSD card. Up front, the Realme C11 sports a 6.5-inch Mini-drop display with HD+ goal.

Realme C11 Review in Pakistan – Is it worth in 2021It’s an entirely standard screen, one we’ve seen a few times on Realme smartphones in this section before. The presentation offers satisfactory splendor levels inside. The presentation quality is not too bad at its cost, and we can’t whine about it to an extreme. With a standard 720p goal, the picture quality is about average. The smartphone doesn’t have bolster Widevine L1, so content on Netflix and Prime Video will be in standard definition.

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The Realme C11 gets a 13MP essential camera joined by a 2MP depth sensor, which is a genuinely standard arrangement for a financial plan cell phone. It’s just possibly better on paper contrasted with the Realme C3’s 12MP double camera arrangement. For a section level cell phone, the Realme C11 does well in catching alluring light photographs. Hues look vibrant and energetic, and there’s a decent measure of detail and difference also.

Realme C11 Review in Pakistan – Is it worth in 2021We saw that the camera battles with self-adjust, mainly when catching blossoms, and the moderate shade speed can prompt insecure photographs. That being stated, we had the option to find some gorgeous close-up shots after a couple of attempts, which put forth the struggle worth it. Notably, the camera bolsters Nightscape mode, which was absent on the Realme C3.

Nightscape permits you to catch more splendid and more clear photographs in low light. On the Realme C11, standard night shots look hazy and boisterous. The Nightscape mode improves hues and complexity. However, pics will, at present, look murky. Once in a while, Nightscape will, in general, forcefully change the picture, which can view unnatural.

There aren’t numerous smartphones in this section that can promote a devoted night mode, so we’re upbeat that the Realme C11 gives us a choice even though it’s a hit or miss. The 5MP front camera oversees tolerable selfies in the sunshine, or possibly as good as you can anticipate from a passage level cell phone.Realme C11 Review in Pakistan – Is it worth in 2021

The shading looks excellent. However, selfies won’t look sharp. The front camera picture mode does a silly activity of isolating the subject from the foundation. The selfie camera does not merit utilizing during the evening as it doesn’t bolster Nightscape.

Software and performance

Realme appears to have made a couple of strides back by utilizing the MediaTek Helio G35 chipset on the C11. While it is fresh out of the box new processor, the MediaTek Helio G35 SoC isn’t close to as incredible as the Helio G70 chipset that controlled the Realme C3. Even the organization is contrasting the Helio G35 and the Helio P22 as opposed to the Helio G70. For a smartphone that is a replacement to the Realme C3, the Realme C11 doesn’t generally coordinate regarding execution.

The MediaTek Helio scored 105,251 in AnTuTu. However, we were unable to run Geekbench 5 on the smartphone since the application continued smashing. In correlation, the Realme C3 was miles ahead with a score of 191,814 on AnTuTu. On the bright side, the Realme C11 outscores the Snapdragon 439-fueled Redmi 8A, which dealt with a measly 85,700 on AnTuTu.

As far as exact execution, the Realme C11 was marginally tired to work with. Applications like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messages, and Call took a decent couple of moments to open while gaming applications like PUBG took ages to stack. Contact reaction was additionally moderate, and with 2GB of RAM ready, you can’t hope to perform multiple tasks on the Realme C11. The smartphone can scarcely keep two or three applications open out of sight, and we would advise against opening such a large number of apps on the double. You additionally get 32GB of inner stockpiling, out of which you get about 20GB to work with. While the Helio G35 is a piece of MediaTek’s gaming series, it’s not the best processor in the setup for gaming.

The most elevated design settings on PUBG, for instance, is Balanced + Medium while the Realme C3 can go as high as HD + High. This implies visuals will be entirely fundamental on Realme C11 and won’t give you much regarding subtleties. We experienced some slack and faltered all through a 30-minute meeting on PUBG, which made it truly hard to win a game.

Coming to the product, the Realme C11 runs Android 10 with Realme UI on top. It’s a genuinely clean UI even though we saw a couple of preloaded applications, including the restricted Hello application. These applications can be expelled to let loose some stockpiling, which is very required on the Realme C11. Realme UI gives clean roundabout application symbols and highlights like a framework-wide dull mode that is appreciated. Since there’s no unique finger impression sensor, face open is the main biometric alternative; there is to open the mobile.

With abundant light around, it takes several seconds for the component to perceive your face and unlock the gadget. It won’t function admirably in low light and will come up short in outright murkiness. The base terminating speaker is ordinary and commonplace at this cost fragment.

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The Realme C11 accompanies a 5,000mAh battery that guarantees a two-day battery life, and it pretty much conveys on this guarantee. This isn’t astonishing, considering the equipment is not requesting. With typical everyday use that includes messages, online life perusing, and intermittent recordings on YouTube, the smartphone will expertly take you during a time and a half.

Realme C11 Review in Pakistan – Is it worth in 2021Indeed, even on days where you wind up gaming and devouring a great deal of media content, the smartphone won’t abandon you without any problem. One hour of substance on Netflix or YouTube channels the battery just by around 5 percent. We had the option to average 7-8 hours of screen on schedule, which is extraordinary. You get a 10W charger in the case that can completely charge the Realme C11 in around three hours. In addition, you can use your Realme C11 as a power bank to other smartphones due to a big battery.

Final Words:

The Realme C11 leaves us needing additional in the presentation office. The smartphone is languid and will battle to deal with everyday undertakings. Because of higher assessments, phones won’t be as moderate as they used to be. Another approach to see this would be that smartphones under a specific spending plan probably won’t have the option to offer similar degrees of execution one has generally expected, which is what we see with the Realme C11.

At Rs 16,999, Realme had the option to dispatch a convincing spending device as the Realme C3 only a couple of months back, even though the organization needed to climb the cost later on.

Disappointing execution aside, the Realme C11 intrigues us with its secure battery life and new structure language. The rear of the smartphone looks new and breaks the dullness in this fragment. The phone likewise conveys a fair presentation and cameras at its cost. So, if your utilization doesn’t include gaming and overwhelming performing various tasks, the Realme C11 is unquestionably worth a look.Realme C11 Review in Pakistan – Is it worth in 2021

Realme C11 Review Rating:

  • Design: 7/10
  • Display: 7/10
  • Performance: 7/10
  • Cameras: 6/10
  • Battery: 9/10
  • Overall: 7/10

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