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The Shocking Truth About Stress That You Should Know

People usually think that stress is bad for their health and mental well-being. We agree that it is true to some extent but not 100% true. Stress indeed harms our physical and mental health.

However, the need is to understand the stress a little more deeply. The shocking truth about stress will surprise you. Moreover, it will also give you knowledge about how you can benefit from your stress.

Life without stress is not possible. If someone is thinking about this then he is living in a heaven of fools. We all wish to escape from stressors. However, these stressors are everywhere to welcome us. But stress is good. Yes, it is good only if you know how to use it to get the best results.

Stress can make you a genius, healthier, and stronger person. All types of stress are not equal. There is a need to upgrade your awareness of stress.

The Shocking Truth About Stress

The truth is stress can bring some shocking good things in your life.  However, it doesn’t mean that you complicate your life to enhance stress. Chronic stress is harmful to your mental well-being. There is a difference between good and bad stress.

Believe me, a little dose of stress can be beneficial for you. So, before you label Stress a “bad guy” let’s have a look at the other side of the coin.

Enhance Cognitive Functioning of the Mind

Can you believe that stress can increase your cognitive functioning? You will answer that stress can only destroy our whole mind. No, it’s not true. A moderate stress level can enhance your brain performance.

Stress can inhance Functioning of Mind

All this happens due to a strong connection between your brain neurons. Stress enhances the ability of neural communication as a result your performance increases. On the other side, it also increases your focus, attention, and memory as well.

According to the researchers of Berkeley’s university stressful events cause stem cells of the brain to multiply and produce new cells. Due to this reason your mental functioning increases and you will perform more efficiently.

If you are not sure about this then it is better to evaluate yourself. You come to know that your work performance increases under stress. In addition to this, you will find yourself more focused and attentive during stressful days and it is the shocking truth about stress.

You Will Become Tough Cookie

Everyone hates stress. We also don’t want to be in any stressful situation. No doubt such situations can consume our minds too much. If we flip it and then see then we can see a different thing. Stress helps us to become a strong person.

No one can deny that facing a stressful situation is not a happy thing. You are perceiving this situation as the worst thing because you don’t know coping strategies. Is it true after facing a difficult you come up with more confidence and with more skills?

Believe me that stressful difficult situation lets you learn something new. You become more trained to face similar situations in the future more effectively. Are you not ready to believe me? Ok. Tell me how you faced a problem in your past. Now fast-forward your life and come to the present moment. Tell me how you dealt with the same thing recently.

Stress enhances your Sense of Control

We are sure you handle this time better because you know now how to handle it easily. It enhances your sense of control. In this way also stress works and helps you in your life.

Stress Can Protect You From Infections

Furthermore, moderate stress can protect you from many infections. Shocked? the shocking truth about stress can surprise us many times. Yes, moderate stress indeed becomes the cause of the release of “Interleukins”.  An interleukin chemical can boost your immune system and protect you from various infections.

Stress Can Protect You From Infections

However, this is not true for the twin brother of moderate stress whose name is chronic stress. Chronic stress decreases the performance of your immune system. In addition to this, it also enhances inflammation.

Next time when you are feeling stressed due to anything then think about its benefits. If there is something like viral flu around you then your “good stress” will protect you.

Stress Enhances Child Development

We all know or even witnessed some incidents in which women dealing with severe stress and depression deliver premature babies. There is no doubt that during pregnancy severe anxiety and stress are not good for both mother and child. Chronic stress can impact negatively on mother and baby’s health.

On the other side, the mild to moderate level of stress is quite good for child development. Again shocked? Yes, the shocking truth about stress can enhance the early development of children and provide them with more advanced developmental skills.

According to the John Hopkins research the babies of women who faced mild stress during pregnancy have advanced developmental skills by the age of two.

Don’t misunderstand the findings of this research. Researchers are not saying to give stress to pregnant women. They are trying to say that if you are facing routine daily life stress then don’t worry. This kind of moderate stress will not affect your baby’s health.

Final Verdict

Stress in the dictionary of most people is a bad guy. But, after reading this article you are now aware of the shocking truth about stress. Stress also has various good points as well as health benefits. A significant thing is to change your mindset and try to see situations from another point of view. After this, you will know that the coin always has two sides. One is positive and one is negative. Furthermore, you need to find out what is good stress and which one is bad. When you develop this skill then you can enjoy the benefits of stress as well.




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