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South American Fun Facts That Are Strange & Astonishing

South America is famous for its diverse cultures as well as unique wildlife. Additionally, several fascinating wonders also belong to this land of South America. No doubt it’s a mind-blowing destination that can give you an alluring experience upon visiting it.

Therefore, some South American fun facts are there to show the diversity and natural beauty of this continent. South America is the 4th largest continent of this world filled with endless natural wonders and wildlife scenes that can captivate the hearts of travelers.

Let’s start an enthralling journey to explore this fascinating continent in more detail. We hope you are also curious to know more about it before your holidays.

South American Fun Facts

No one can deny that South America is a home of matchless beautiful species of birds and animals. You can find strange cultures and amazing norms there. All these things are enough to amuse you. Additionally, some facts can astonish you as well.

No Doorbells At ALL

Our homes have doorbells. When someone visits us, he or she presses the doorbell to inform us that someone is at our door. Now you are thinking why we are explaining this because it is an obvious thing in every home. No, you are wrong my friend.

The homes in Paraguay lack doorbells. Surprised? Yes, there is no doorbell at all. When visitors come to their homes, they clap their hands. Moreover, this clapping seems more polite than doorbells there in Paraguay. Isn’t it strange?

That’s why you should note this tip. When you visit anyone at Paraguay you have to clap to announce you are at their door to visit them.

World’s Second-Largest Swimming Pool

Do you like swimming? Obviously yes then you must visit Chile to enjoy swimming in the world’s second largest pool. Moreover, this pool covers an eighty thousand square meter area to provide you with a mind-blowing swimming experience.

Its depth is about thirty-five meters and it needs two hundred fifty million liters of water. An additional fact is that it took six years to complete. Even, the imagination of that big swimming pool gives an amazing feeling.

Largest Salt Flat In the World

Bolivia become a must-visiting country in South America because of one specialty. The largest salt flat in the whole world is present in this amazing country. It covers ten thousand five hundred square kilometers area.

You can see yourself in the world’s largest natural mirror in the form of this salt flat. On the other side, you can get ten meters of thick salt vast crust in the dry season.

Home of Different Languages

One of the South American fun facts is about its language diversity. We all know that South America consists of three territories and twelve countries. Despite this fact, it is a home of more than four hundred fifty different languages.

Due to this reason, it is a linguistically diverse continent of the earth. However, the Portuguese and Spanish are the two main languages of this region. In addition to this, German, English, Japanese, Italian, and French are also common imported languages there.

World’s Highest Capital City

Another fascinating thing is the presence of the highest capital in the world. Bolivia’s city La Paz is at a height of about 3640 meters. If people consider LA Paz as Bolivia’s capital, then it is the highest one all around the globe.

Airplane Like City

The capital of Brazil, Brasilia is an amazing city. If you view it from the above then you will see the shape of an airplane. Furthermore, the buildings of Bureaucrats appear like the wings of this airplane. On the other side, the building for ministries shapes the aircraft’s main body. Indeed, it is an example of innovation and creativity.

Galapagos Islands

Do you know where the magnificent Galapagos islands are located? No? South American Fun facts are inspiring more than fun. South American Galapagos islands are full of fascinating wildlife and natural mystical forests.

Galapagos Islands

In addition to all this, the Galapagos islands are famous because of their connection with Darwin’s theory of evolution. Besides this, Charles Darwin also gets inspiration from these islands after finding unique flora and fauna.

The Amazon River

We know the name of the Amazon River. However, most of us don’t know why it is popular in the whole world. The most interesting thing is the fact that nine countries of South America have this river. Yes, it passes from these nine countries.

The Amazon River

Indeed, a ship expedition cruise is an amazing way to explore the Amazon River. Moreover, you will get a chance to watch wildlife scenes, strange sounds, and sights during these seven days of exciting cruising experience. No doubt, it is rich in biodiversity as well as culture.

Panama Canal

The South American fun facts list is incomplete without the name of the Panama Canal. A marvel of engineering is known as the Panama Canal. It allows vessels and ships of every size to travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Panama Canal

Moreover, the Panama Canal will take a toll on the vessels and ships according to their size and kind of cargo. Due to this thing, the Panama Canal earns a heavy amount every year. Moreover, heavy ships pay large tolls up to fifty thousand dollars and swimmers will pay the lowest toll.

The Bottom Lines

South America is a vast continent full of amazing sites and inspiring wonders of nature. People from all around the globe visit it to explore the natural landscapes and beauty of wildlife.

Moreover, some places such as the Galapagos islands are worth visiting to get an exciting and strange experience. Additionally, you will also find some astonishing facts related to the cultural diversity of this continent.

A wide variety of languages and strange cultural norms will welcome you there. The South American fun facts are not enough to tell you the whole story of this magnificent continent. You need to visit it to get a really marvelous experience.



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