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Human Body Facts That Will Surprise You

Human beings are an amazing creation of God. That’s why the human body is the most complex thing in this whole world. There are several human body facts that you should know to understand your body. No doubt we are living inside our body and witness it every day. However, we don’t know much about it.

Do you know that our body is a biological wonder? It is unique in its creation, complexity as well as resilience. According to many experts, still, many things are still unknown about the human body. A human body world is full of surprises and trying to figure out these surprises is an adventurous journey.

Due to this reason, we are here with some amazing human body facts that will surprise you. We are sure after reading this article for once you will say “Oh man! Is it happening inside me?”

If we say that we own our body, but we don’t know it then it is not wrong. Let’s explore this topic to get some interesting details about our very own but unknown body.

Human Body Facts | Hidden Mystery of Our Body

There is no doubt that exploring the human body is not an easy task. Even experts are saying that there are still some amazing and weird things about the human body that are hidden from us. Let’s discuss some of them.

A Blink of An Eye

When anything happens very quickly we all say “It happens in the blink of an eye”. Did you ever think where this phrase came from? Our eye has a fast-moving muscle that is orbicularis oculi. It is the most fast-moving muscle of our body. Moreover, it contracts less than 1/100th of a sec.

In addition to this, your one blink lasts for 100 to 150 milliseconds. Do you know guys why you feel tired during reading? The reason behind this tiredness is less blinking of your eyes. Yes, you blink less during reading and more during talking.

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One Nostril is More Active

When we breathe, we use our nostrils alternatively. Usually, we use one nostril to keep the air moist to prevent the lungs from irritation. Our one nostril is always on rest during breathing, but we aren’t aware of it.

Yawn Is Another Mystery

All of us yawn several times during the whole day. Even various animal species also yawn. There are various theories behind yawning. Some experts said that it is for temperature regulation. On the other hand, some are saying that it signals tiredness and sleep. Some have different opinions.

Yawn Is Another Mystery

Do you know guys that we don’t know why we yawn? Isn’t it one of the amazing human body facts?

Do You Feel Taller in the Morning?

In the morning, when we look mirror then most of us say we look thinner or taller. Why? Is it some magic that makes us a little fatty and a little small during the day? No, you are not under any spell.

Do You Feel Taller in the Morning?

Our cartilage compresses during the daytime due to gravity and our organs settle down. It happens because we are not in a lying position now. We are walking, standing, or sitting. Therefore, due to a change in position, all this happens. Shocking huh? Yes, it is.

Breathing and Swallowing at the Same Time? Not Possible

Did you ever notice that when you swallow something you stop breathing at that moment? A small lid covers your windpipe when you are swallowing something. This process happens automatically. It prevents the entry of any food particles in your windpipe. That’s why it saves you from choking or aspirating.

Due to this reason, our elders say don’t speak during eating because during speaking we breathe. That’s why wind pipes become open and mostly we end up coughing or choking. So, don’t speak while eating.

Same Eye Size for Whole Life

In the first 3 months after birth, our eyes grow rapidly. The size of the human eye remains the same during my whole life. Did you ever notice why kids look so cute with their small faces with big eyes?

Their eyes reach their original size, but their face needs to grow or settle with age. All human body facts are huge surprises.

100,000 Milles Human Blood Vessels

You are thinking it is just a random number. It includes all little capillaries, arteries, as well as veins. Our whole body needs proper blood supply. All organs, muscles, skin, or nerves each and everything need blood to work properly.

100,000 Milles Human Blood Vessels

Due to this reason, our heart performs its duty 24/7 without any break. Therefore, you must keep it healthy and fresh through a healthy diet. Furthermore, you should also save it from heartbreak, it has a lot to do. So, don’t break anyone’s heart.

Bacterial World Inside Us

Let’s talk about some bacterial world that is right inside your body. Seems funny? It’s true man, 100% true. There are trillions of bacteria living inside our body and help in different body functions.

In addition to this, these bacteria help to treat some diseases. These bacteria are present in your intestines, your mouth, and your stomach as well. Moreover, when some foreign bacteria or any particle enter your body then they fight from your side.

Your body is not only yours; bacteria are sharing it. It’s a fact and all human body facts are full of mysteries.

Don’t forget that there are some bad guys in every world. Some are in the bacterial world also.

The Bottom Lines

The human body is no less than a miracle of God and understanding it completely is hard. All organs and their functions are complex and work surprisingly amazingly. Due to this reason, the human body facts are always full of wonders for us. We tried to discuss some of them. But, there is much more out there to explore and countless are still hidden from human knowledge.



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