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5 Things That Hold You Back From Achieving Your Dreams

Dreams is a fascinating word. We all have different types of dreams. Do you know that there are two types of dreams? The first one belongs to the category of dreams that we see during sleep. The second type of dreams are those that we see with open eyes. Dreams that we see with closed eyes are out of our control.

However, dreams that we see with open eyes for a bright future need struggle. That is why, we should know the things that hold you back. You need to work hard to fulfill your dreams and make them your reality. The flame of our life is a dream and without any dream, we are just existing in this world not living.

When we are living our dream, it means we are living our best life. Dreams give us the energy and strength to live a life at its peak. There is no doubt that the journey of achieving your goal is not always easy. Indeed, you will face a wide range of hurdles and problems. All these things nearly make it impossible for you to make your dream true.

Moreover, some obstacles can even knock you out. Therefore, you need to know 5 things that hold you back from achieving your dreams.

5 Things That hold You back from Achieving Your Dreams

Furthermore, you must gain all essential knowledge about all possible hurdles on your way to success. When you are fully aware of the things that can stop you then you can prepare yourself better.

Due to this preparation, these obstacles and hurdles lose their power to hold you back from achieving your dreams. Let’s discuss 5 things that can stop you from moving forward on the path that leads you toward your destination.

1) Fear

Do you know who is your biggest enemy? Oh, you start counting enemies around you. We can understand this feeling of having enemies that always try to destroy us. Be strong to fight with them. Well, we are here talking about “Fear” . This is your biggest enemy that is living inside you.

No doubt, this is fear that holds you back from taking the first step. Due to this fear, we are not able to pursue our dreams and make them reality. Also, you can suffer from several Phobias, it may be fear of rejection, failure, disappointment, and the list goes on. You should also know some facts about Failure.

Fear is your biggest enemy

This is fear that has the power to paralyze ambitious souls also. You need to analyze the situation fearlessly. Furthermore, explore what will happen or what will be the outcome of your step. Believe me, you will see that it is not as bad as your fear is showing you. In addition to this, you can also get support from any mentor.

Moreover, you should set realistic goals. Be brave and forget about failure. If you will fail then stand up and try again after changing strategy. Just keep in mind that if your strategy fails you are still alive to achieve your target.

2) Expectations & Pressure

We cannot deny the fact that undue pressure from family and high expectations can ruin self-confidence. Moreover, when we hear about other’s achievements and continuously scroll through their social media then it increases our self-doubts. These could be the things that hold you back.

You should remember that everyone has his journey. Everyone is going through different circumstances. Therefore, it’s time to limit the interference of other people in your life. You know your dreams and also know your strengths. Try to enhance your abilities through proper education and training.

Additionally, always try to be with those people who encourage you and support you. Positive people can even open doors that you never knew about them. That’s why choose your company wisely. Also, avoid other people, and what they are saying is not valuable to you.

3) Shortage of Resources

Sometimes, we face a shortage of resources and opportunities that we need to pursue our dreams. In this case, also no need to panic. Moreover, it’s time to analyze the whole situation and make a list of all the essential things you need. We can say write down the ingredients that you need to make your dream recipe.

Due to this list, you will get clarification on what you need. It includes a certain level of knowledge, support from others, visiting someplace if needed, and much more. After this see how you can overcome this shortage of any of these resources.

Shortage of Resources

Furthermore, if you need knowledge then gather information from the internet, attend webinars, workshops, or whatever you need. On the other hand, for external support, you can ask for mentorship or discuss your plan with any wise person to ask for expert opinion, etc.

In short, you can do whatever is important to fill this shortage. Just never sit idle and let this shortage hold you back from achieving your dreams.

4) Excuses

We all heard one sentence several times from our teachers “Don’t make lame excuses”. Indeed, you guys also listened to it from your elders or teachers. Excuses can indeed make us vulnerable not to pursue our dreams. Furthermore, these excuses are the reasons that we are also giving to ourselves for not struggling to hit our targets.

That’s why there is absolutely no need to make excuses. Moreover, it makes you perceive even small stones like a huge mountain in your way. Due to this reason, you stop yourself and start making excuses easily. However, now it’s time to stop giving reason and start struggling and face every hurdle with a brave heart.

5) Wrong Beliefs & Negative Self Talk

No one can deny that negative self-talk and a wrong belief system can destroy your all dreams. Just be kind and always motivate yourself that you can do it. Nothing can stop you from transforming your dream into reality. Dreams are significant to achieve our Goals. That is why, You should also know the Facts About Dreams.

Wrong Beliefs & Negative Self Talk

Furthermore, you have to break your negative belief system and fill your mind with positive thoughts. All these positive vibes can double the chances of your win. Now promise yourself that you will remain humble with you and never blame you for any failure. Just combine your energy and start again. Your destination is waiting for you.

The Bottom Lines

If you wish that your dream comes true you should avoid 5 things that hold you back from achieving your dreams. These five obstacles can easily stop you and will never let you move forward. That’s why develop firm determination and never let your fear knock you out. Live your dreams with high motivation and a positive attitude.



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