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Unseen Hotel Facts | You Must Know Before Your Next Trip

Hotels are the places where we can stay during our travel. However, all this is not that simple. People take a break from their busy schedules and hectic routine life. They plan a holiday trip for some relaxation and a fun time. Due to this reason, they reserve hotels for their safe stay at the new place.

Hotels become more and more luxurious and comfortable over time. These fascinating places are continuously evolving and improving themselves. There is no matter how much you travel. Still, there are some unseen hotel facts that you don’t know. It is important to know them before planning your next trip. Let’s delve into these interesting facts a little more deeply.

Unseen Hotel Facts

No one can deny that sometimes staying at a hotel is a fun experience and sometimes we regret staying there. Our happy staying experience at any hotel depends on various things. Hotels are sometimes not as good as we expect from them. Moreover, some facts about hotels around the world are hidden from us.

Hotels Hold Grudges

We can’t forget our bad experiences in life. Similarly, the hotels also hold grudges against those guests who created problems for them in the past. There is a chance that you forget about your past issue with that hotel but the hotel will never forget it. This is one of a few Unseen Hotel Facts.

Hotels Also Hold Grudges

On the other side, they will recognize you during the check-in registration process due to your past entry. Therefore, it’s easy to guess the result. You will not get a room there.

Try not to create trouble for the hotel staff. These guys are going through many harsh things. You should try to make things easy for them. If you are facing any problem there always try to use good language during your interaction with them.

Do Famous Hotel Chains Own Several Hotels?

What do you think will be the answer to this question? You will say “yes”. No doubt the logical answer must be “yes”. However, the actual answer is “No”. Shocked? Wait, let us explain to you.

All huge hotel chains such as Hilton and Marriott own only a few hotels. Now, you will say what about huge lines of hotels under their name tag? All other hotels other than their own hotels are either franchises or management contracts.

They are giving their names to those properties that can fulfill their standard of hospitality. It is one of the unseen hotel facts that you should know to upgrade your knowledge about this industry.

Oldest Hotel of The World

Do you ever think about the oldest hotel in this hotel industry? If such kind of information is interesting for you then you should know it. The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan is the oldest hotel in the whole world.

You will be surprised after knowing that the age of this hotel is 1300. So, what are you thinking about? Create some inspiring stories in that oldest hotel on your next trip.

Wanna Share Breakfast with Giraffes?

All wildlife fans will love to stay in the Nairobi hotel. They will help you to enjoy your holiday trip in the company of wildlife. Especially, the giraffes will be your breakfast companion.

giraffes Share Breakfast in the Nairobi hotel

Therefore, don’t think of bringing a little breakfast just for you. You have some guests at the breakfast table. Moreover, you can enjoy spending time or creating beautiful memories at Ngong Forest.

Add Some Salt to Life

Salt is a significant ingredient in our food. Moreover, salt occupies a place in the various quotes that represent our lives. What if you can stay inside salt? Seem funny? Don’t laugh, please. It’s true. If you don’t believe me then you must visit Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. You will find this fact one of the most astonishing unseen hotel facts.

There is no doubt, it is a 48500 square feet magical world of salt. You can explore this enchanted world where you will get everything made from salt. Yes, everything is made from salt, actually it is furnished and made up of salt.

Furthermore, this entire world of salt is ready to amaze you. Beware, you can’t taste this salt because hotel staff will not allow you. Therefore, there is no need to try to taste the sofa or walls of your bedroom.

Fairyland of Ice & Snow

Sweden Ice Hotel is a fairyland of snow and ice. There you will find yourself in the mysterious and magical world of ice and lights. You will get an unforgettable experience of staying in a hotel entirely made up of ice.

Sweden Ice Hotel is a fairyland

In addition to this, you will sleep over ice block beds and enjoy drinks in ice glasses in its bar. What about the amenities of a hotel room? Unfortunately, you will not get a power point or mobile charger point in your bedroom. People can charge mobiles in the hotel living room.

Moreover, the hotel staff will not allow you to book more than one night’s stay at this hotel. You should also know that they rebuilt this hotel every year from zero point. Why? It melts during spring and all parts are gone. They rebuilt it again with tons of ice blocks. As we told you unseen hotel facts are quite astonishing for us.

Final Verdict

The hotel industry is the most emerging business of today. It doesn’t matter how much you travel or explore the world. Several unseen hotel facts are out there to surprise you anytime. Some hotels are wonderful and unique and you can’t even explain your experience with them.

There are various places all around the world that can leave you in an endless world of amazement. One thing is significant that we must share with you. Whenever you stay at any hotel try to give some tips to maids. It will bring some smiles to the faces that are behind your comfort during your stay.



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