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5 Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety | Best Coping Skills

Are you suffering from anxiety? Obviously yes. If you are here then it means that anxiety is creating disturbance in your life. Don’t worry these 5 ways to overcome your anxiety will help you for sure. However, there is only a need to understand anxiety first.

Anxiety is our natural response to any environmental stressor. It is a worry or stress about anything in your life. Everyone has a list of stressors in his life that can cause anxiety. Moreover, You should know The Shocking Truth About Stress. So that, You can find out the things that make you anxious to find the solution to this problem.

Moreover, when you become anxious then you’re breathing and heart rate increase. Also, you feel sweating, and cough, and in severe cases a person can suffer from panic attacks. Therefore, it is essential to overcome anxiety to live a happy life. There are some ways and strategies that can help individuals to overcome these feelings of stress and worry.

5 Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety

Anxiety can make the life of any person worse. Additionally, an anxious person is not capable of performing anything skillfully. Furthermore, it has bad effects on individual mental and physical health as well. However, there is no need to worry about anxiety. Several effective strategies and techniques can help you solve this problem.

1) Find Stressor & Challenge

Whenever you feel anxious thoughts then try to find the cause of these feelings of worry. Individuals have different causes and reasons that are responsible for their anxiety. You need to find out the source of your worry.

Now it’s time to challenge these thoughts by the question why I am feeling like this. As a result, you will try to give yourself a reason. Now, focus on it is it a logical worry or just an overthinking? Furthermore, our negative overthinking is making things more problematic for us. Remember one thing past is no more, the future is not yet, so try to live in the present moment.

On the other hand, some people feel anxious about public performances or going to crowded places, etc. During this situation, you need to think that they are busy in their activities and no one is paying attention to you. No one is judging you and if they are judging then also it is their thinking. You should maintain your confidence by not paying attention to people.

2) Mindfulness Practice & Meditation

A list of 5 ways to overcome your anxiety is incomplete without mentioning meditation and mindfulness training. We all know that meditation can do wonders indeed. Likewise, when we do mindfulness meditation and practice then we will feel that our anxiety is reducing.

Mindfulness Practice & Meditation

Moreover, you can use any technique or method that you like to meditate. One thing is important that is consistency. You need to practice daily without any gaps. This is also significant in the maintenance of Physical Health. In addition to this, you can start from fifteen minutes and then you can extend the time as per your convenience.

A simple and easy method that everyone can do is as follows:

  • Find a peaceful place (better if it is near to nature)
  • Sit comfortably and put your hands on your knees
  • Close your eyes
  • Empty your mind or at least don’t pay attention to your thoughts. Let them come and go.
  • Take a deep breath
  • Imagine yourself at a beautiful place full of greenery and attractive natural scene
  • Start deep breathing
  • You can repeat any word or mantra at this level
  • If not then just focus on your breath
  • Do this for 15 minutes then extend the time.

3) 333 Method To Reduce Anxiety Instantly

There is no doubt that the 333 method for anxiety is best to relieve anxiety instantly. Moreover, you can use this method anytime and anywhere without any issue. It will help you when anxiety overwhelms you.

Furthermore, in this technique, you need to name the 3 things that you are seeing at that moment. After this name the 3 voices you are hearing. In the end, move 3 parts of your body such as foot, hand, and head. It entirely depends on what you are observing or selecting to name them.

This technique has the power to divert your mind instantly. No doubt, this technique works very fast and provides you with instant relief from anxiety.

4) Distraction

One way among 5 ways to overcome your anxiety is mind distraction. Anxiety is full of stressful thoughts and worries. Therefore, it’s time to give your mind another task to distract it. When your mind becomes busy doing something else then you’re feeling of anxiety will also vanish.

Moreover, it’s a pro tip that busy people will suffer less from anxiety, depression as well as other psychological issues. Do you ever think about why they are not facing issues? The answer is they are not leaving their minds free to think or worry.

That’s why keep yourself busy with any task when you start feeling anxious. You can do anything that you love to do. This thing will distract your mind and you will experience instant relaxation.

5) Physical Activity & Adequate Sleep

No one can deny the fact that exercise keeps us mentally and physically healthy. Try to do physical activity during the day. You can fix the time of your workout according to your schedule.

Exercise can relieve anxiety.

On the other hand, you need to focus on your sleep as well. People don’t know that sleep deprivation can not only cause anxiety but also create various other mental problems as well.

That’s why take good care of your health through exercise and take a good night’s sleep. All these things will help you to calm your mind and you will enjoy mental peace.


Anxiety is a great problem that can disturb your life easily. That’s why we tried to help you with these 5 ways to overcome your anxiety. Anxious people only need to act wisely and try to keep themselves busy. You can do book reading, planting, etc. Just distract your mind and do meditation daily. Take good care of your health and eat a plant-based diet more. Just believe in yourself and focus on a positive perspective of everything.



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