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Why Economics is Important | Macro & Micro economics | Newsronic

Why Economics is Important

Economics deals with individuals and society decisions on the most advantageous allocation of scare resources.

The fundamental problems of economics are known as scarcity, and the thoughts that demand is more significant than the resources typically individuals have. The Economy countenances alternative on, what to produce? , how to produce? For which one to produce?

Economics is the study of how to manage the scare resources of a society with limited resources and unlimited wants of individuals.

Why is the study of Economics critical?

Economics is the study of manage individuals, groups, and nations’ unlimited demand and wants with limited resources. The study of economics not only expands the skills required to understand multifaceted markets but also comes left with sturdy analytical and problemsolving skills and with additional business expertise necessary to be successful in the professional globe village even though Economics is useful for professionals in all industries even not only in business.

Why Economics is Important  Macro & Micro economics  NewsronicTwo major fields of Economics are looking overall Economy of a country or state. One is the “Macro Economics” and the second is the “Micro Economics“.

Macro Economics:

Macro Economics deals with the whole Economy or aggregate level of Economy, for example, Firms, Industries, and all significant sectors.

Inflation and accumulation unemployment are demoralizing for a society. Economists fell out in both and avoided through vigilant economic policies such as “Policies to reduce unemployment” and “Policies to reduce inflation“.

Macro Economics contributes to reducing unemployment and make a tremendous significant improvement to economic welfare. If we have to look, the mass unemployment of the 1930’s great depression leads to political instability and the rise of revolutionary political parties across the European region.

At the time of the great depression that “John Maynard Keynes” developed his general theory of “Employment” Income and Money. He focused on classical economics had the wrong approach to dealing with depressions. Keynes encouraged the Economy to require “Expansionary Fiscal policy” which includes Higher Borrowing and Government expenditures. Why Economics is Important  Macro & Micro economics  Newsronic

Micro Economics:

Micro Economics is the study of the management of individuals’ level Economy. Moreover, Economics is imperative for an individual like every decision that individuals take involves an opportunity cost which is more precious working in the fullness of time.
A few years ago, “Behavioral Economics” has looked at the various assortments of factors that influence people’s decisions. Behavioral Economists have experienced that individuals demonstrate present partiality focus. This means insertion excess consequence on the current period and making decisions an individual’s future self may be possible to be apologetic. This includes over-consumption of disadvantage goods such as alcohol and tobacco, which are causes of failure to keep save for a pension.Why Economics is Important  Macro & Micro economics  Newsronic

Daily Life Economics:

Maybe you heard ago, EconomistsGary Becker” have explained the scope of economics in daily life, for example, routine activities, family, education, and explained these social issues from an economic viewpoint. Becker focused and emphasis on the theory of “Rational Choice”.

Why Economics is Important  Macro & Micro economics  NewsronicThere is a question “Why Economics is Important.”

Economics is apprehensive with the optimal distribution of limited resources management in society with unlimited individual’s wants.

Management the shortage of Raw Materials

Economics provides an apparatus to give the impression of being at the possible penalty that runs short of raw materials such as gas and oil. The “Raw Material” is very crucial for a country’s economy.

 Distribution of Resources in Society

This leads to the amount that’s concerned “how distributes income in society” inequality required to generate economic incentives or does inequity create gratuitous economic and communal troubles.

 Government interventions in the Economy 

A serious segregate in economics is the amount to which the government intervenes in the Economy. Free Market Economists, “Hayek and Friedman” focused on partial government intervention and free markets. On the other hand, “Stiglitz and Krugman“, argue government intervention their outcomes inequality and the beneath prerequisite of public goods.

Why Economics is Important  Macro & Micro economics  NewsronicOpportunity cost :

Economists describe the Opportunity Cost is a cost that indicates what a person gives up to obtain the incredible that’s preferred. An essential principle of economics is that every choice has an opportunity cost. The thought following opportunity cost is the cost of one thing is the vanished opportunity and consumes something. On the other hand, the opportunity cost is the value of the subsequently best alternative.


Economic forecasts are very complicated than considerate of the current situation. Conversely, although forecasts are not forever reliable, they help to give ideas to decisionmakers of possible outcomes.

Deal with an Economic Crisis :

In the 1930s Great Depression, the “Wall Street Crash” precipitates a significant increase in unemployment. In this critical situation, there was a question on how to respond. Mostly European Governments increased taxes, tariffs, and benefits. This reaction reason was “John M. Keynes” to develop a new division of economics that focused on dealing with a determined recession.

Why Economics is Important  Macro & Micro economics  NewsronicBehavioral Economics :

Individuals always behave as they do according to their wants. Governments cunningly push people into better behavior. Behavioral economics observe the reasons why there is a need to make decisions according to individuals‘ wants and choices.

Limitations of Economics:

Economics put very much value on rationality, utility maximization, and profit maximization. That is the working way of behavioral economics which are extra critical of the limitations of the “Traditional Economic Theory“.Why Economics is Important  Macro & Micro economics  Newsronic



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